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at two different times .   Tonight , I got something from the campaign and last week
got a conference call I couldn't take from Illinois campaign headquarters.  What does
the President care what I think?   He isn't listening to me.   I will include the two letters here and was impressed with FLOTUS letter from last year.  President Obama's
letter felt like a form letter with links.  As I am lying here tonight with the flu and my husband is visiting his dying brother at the hospital as he got a ride from our minister because the day before payday gets a little antsy and he was in pain and couldn't drive anyway. I was not nor am I still in a very good mood.

Theletters  were from Presidential Correspondence and maybe a lot of folks get them but I dont think so.  Are they from the President and First Lady?  I don't know, but it is from someone who is up there reading the mail.   I like to be addressedbyname  Mr, President.  Former President Clinton wrote me a couple of times and it had the watermark seal on the letter and was personal.  It was addressed to me and called me by name,   The First lady called me by name.  President Obama called me friend, addressed some of my concerns on the Banksters and provided some links.  Well...that letter did not impress me.  I can google links however I did appreciate the phone number he gave me.
Tonight, I kinda went a little bonkers on a letter I received from the campaign signed
Barack.  The letter had a subject matter of Frustrated.  The letter

went own to explain the frustration of trying to work a bipartaniship deal on jobs and wanted me to stand with him,  A letter I am sure many of you received.  Tonight..I answered that letter.  I never answer the Campaign letters but tonight I answered that one and today I called The White House  switchboard and asked to speak to whomever was in charge.  Preferably the President.  The person said,"In respect to what:.  I said, " I don't know".  Disability issues....not the access board but claims at the VA taking so long.  How about a public option?  Someone there in the Cabinet who can talk to me about The Gulf Oil Spill and BP, or how about that mess at the DOD fooling around with  military pensions.  How about someone I can speak with about Environmental Toxins and the Presidental Task Force for Americans with Disabilities,is John Young still at the Old Executive Building? Mr. Duncan available?
The switchbaord operator listened and knew I had some names and said, You probably
need to speak to the Disability Task Force and I can give you the email address,  I said
I can look that up thank you.  I have google.

I finally said, "Look the President answered a letter from me and I want to talk.  I want to respond to his response.  If he can't take my call today then I will call tomorrow and every day until someone listens.  This is not my first call to the White House.  I used to talk regularly up there to the Clinton White House.  You know what?  They received my calls.  I dont know why but I have had more than one call back from 1600 PA. Avenue. Please understand, I am not a kook..I am a supporter but I want to be heard.There are many of us who want to be heard.

 I was even invited to dinner up there at the Naval Observatory so I am sure my FBI file is on somebody's list up there.  God knows I used to speak with the Access Board, The VA and the Disability Task Force consistently back in the late 90's and 2000.

I am one of the people of We the People and I want my voice heard and I want the
man in charge to hear it.  Thank you.  I hung up.

The letter I wrote back tonight pretty much said the same thing only with more direct
reason.  His letter subject matter Frustrtion......and it addressed nothing I was frustrated over but talked about the bipartianship of a jobs programs.   My response was as follows:

Mr. President,
   The definition of insanity I heard was doing the same thing over and over expecting different result.  Your bipartianship approach to people who want you to fail and me to fail is IMO, insanity.   You want to talk frustration.  Fine.  Frustration is being sick and not being able to afford to go to the doctor.  Frustration is waiting on an aid and attendent claim  decision for a disabled vet to go into the 9th month for the caretaker.
Frustrated is looking in the couch at the end of a month for lunch money for your 6 yr old because the bar has been raised for free lunches and you make just enough to fall through the cracks.  Frustrated is getting used to banks screwing you around while youguys keep bailing.and I am again back to the bankers...Frustration is losing your home and your car when the GDP did not see a need for a COLA.  Frustration is worrying over tampering with social security and Medicare.  Frustration is youbeing nice to people who are exploiting our military and talking down to our gay and lesbian community.  Frustration is allowing these people to walk free who have committed war crimes.  Jobs..OK...we are on your page now...YOU bet I am frustrated to see my friends with degrees not even get a job at McDonalds, my son lose his business, my family still looking for work after  a year or so and benefits being cut every single day.
THAT MR. PRESIDENT is real frustration. Trying to make the food last until the 3rd from Month to month or saying "No kids, we can't afford that ..." Taking in extended family to keep them from being homeless.  Yes Mr President that is frustration.  Frustration is having my religion hijacked by a bunch of zealots who quote scripture like the Devil in Hell does and make me ashamed to say I am Christian.  Well, I am not ashamed because I believe, I am frustrated because they have stolen faith and riding it around like a hobby horse to get into power.
Then I signed it

Here are the Presidential Correspondence letters.....The one for Obama I just am not that impressed with at all.


The White House - Presidential Correspondence

August 30, 2011

Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing.  I have heard from many Americans about financial reform and the unfair practices of financial institutions, and I appreciate your perspective.

For too long, Wall Street firms were not held accountable, financial dealings were not transparent, consumers and shareholders were not given enough information and authority to make decisions, and Government did not have the appropriate tools to close down failing financial firms without bailing them out.  That is why I went to Wall Street before this crisis hit and called for common-sense reforms to protect Americans and our economy, and why I am proud to have signed into law the most comprehensive package of financial reforms in decades, including the strongest consumer protections in our Nation's history.

Wall Street reform brings greater security to hardworking people on Main Street—from families looking to buy their first home or send their kids to college; to small businesses, community banks, and credit unions who play by the rules; to shareholders and investors who want to see their companies grow and thrive.  One of the central aspects of reform was the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will empower all Americans with the clear and concise information they need to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families.  This bureau will crack down on abusive and deceptive practices, ensuring that Americans are not unwittingly caught by overdraft fees or unfair rate hikes, students who take out loans have clear information, and lenders do not cheat the system.  It also gives Americans free access to their credit score if they are denied a loan or insurance, or given a higher interest rate, because of that score.  To learn more about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how it can help you, or to file a consumer complaint, please visit:

These new consumer protections build upon the landmark Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (Credit CARD Act), which I signed during my first year in office.  This law helps American families and businesses by requiring card issuers to give fair notice about payment due dates and changes in fees.  It also bans most rate hikes within the first year of opening an account.  To learn more about credit card reform, visit:

Because of these reforms, the American people will never again be asked to foot the bill for the excessive risk-taking of some on Wall Street.  There will be no more taxpayer-funded bailouts.  By laying the foundation for a stronger, safer financial system that is innovative and competitive, our Nation will reach a more secure and prosperous future.

Thank you, again, for writing.  To learn more about how financial reform affects you, please visit:  For more information on consumer protections, credit management, and retirement planning, please visit or, or call 1-888-MYMONEY.  


Barack Obama

Michelle Obama's letter

This was dated July 2010
The White House - Presidential Correspondence


      Thank you for your kind note. It has meant so much
to receive warm wishes like yours, and I hope you know
how much we appreciate your support.  

      The President and I share your hopes and optimism
for what lies ahead for our country at this important
moment in our history.  And so, in the spirit of the many
generations of Americans whose labor and service made
our Nation great, I encourage you to find a way to continue to
strengthen our country by serving your community.  Your
continued engagement is vital as we move forward

      Thank you again for writing.  I wish you all the


Michelle Obama

Neither letter will let me copy and paste the presidential seal on it but it is there.


I had written Mrs. Obama with appreciation for helping our military and veterans.
I had written President Obama about BB& T and the Koch brothers and the nightmare
of their business practices...along with the greed swallowing the country up with
the taxes not being paid by the top 1 percent.
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