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Okay, I admit I’m a poll freak—reading everything on everyone, all the time.  I’m particularly fascinated with the “weird,” random poll questions because they reveal the biases of the pollster in my opinion.  Good ole, Rasmussen has polls backfiring all the time but they still pedal their conservative propaganda with creative headlines.  They recently polled Americans on their feelings about more infrastructures and found:

“Sixty-three percent (63%) of Americans now believe infrastructure money should be spent on more inspections and needed repairs.  However, nearly one-in-four (23%) say the money would be better spent rebuilding all roads and bridges. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure which course is better. This reflects a slight shift in support to rebuilding over inspections and repairs from prior surveys.”

Hey that’s great!!

America supports the need to spend on infrastructure—wohoot!! But wait, look at their headline: “62% Lack Confidence Government Will Spend New Infrastructure Money the Right Way.”

The “right way?”  Huh? What does that mean? Great job burying the fact that 63% of Americans want their infrastructure repaired.

Similarly, Fox is an absolute master of stupid, leading, right-wing questions but this one totally backfired.  They asked:

“President Obama is scheduled to unveil a job creation plan in early September. Do you think the Obama administration:

1. Knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to encouraging job creation

2. Has a pretty good idea about what it’s doing when it comes to encouraging job creation,"

3. OR Has no idea what it’s doing when it comes to encouraging job creation”

Wow what a perfect set-up to blast Obama with: He has no idea what he’s doing.
However, the findings reveal, 45% says he’s has a pretty good idea, 9% says he knows exactly and 42% say he has no idea.  So 54% of Americans in the Fox poll believe the president has at least a pretty good idea how to create jobs.  Woohoot, right?

Wrong again, they’ll report: only 9% of Americans have confidence Obama knows how to create jobs!!

Propagandist them all!


The Fox poll get's so much better. They have now done a little summary of their findings under this heading:

"Fox News Poll: 60% Disapprove of President Obama on Job Creation"

But again, check out their actual findings in their own text:

1. "While voters disapprove of the job Obama is doing on the economy and job creation, they see plenty of blame to go around."

2. "Voters place the most blame on uncompromising lawmakers in Washington, as some 60 percent think they share “a great deal” of responsibility for the economy."

3. "Voters are also more likely to blame Wall Street than themselves; 54 percent think greedy corporate executives are greatly responsible, while 44 percent blame American voters for electing the country’s current leaders."

4. "By an 18 percentage-point spread, voters are more likely to place a great deal of blame on former President George W. Bush (46 percent) than on President Obama (28 percent) for the current economy."

So, for their "headline skimming" audience, the message is that it's all Obama's fault when their own poll shows the exact opposite.

I gotta give it to those guys, they really are good propagandists.

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