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The statist {Democrat} party began from President Thomas Jefferson's first election and James Madison combined leadership.  At the time Federalists used the name "jack ass" when describing the first Democrat President Andrew Jackson.  That is how the party gained the mascot of the donkey, that also fits a definition of 'jack ass'.  First the title of the party is Democrat-Republican but obviously that changes.

Andrew Jackson is a wealthy popular individual known for winning several duels, a very successful army general, and a defender of democracy.  Historians often view his legacy as mixed for his support of Slavery and Indian Removal policies.  However, as a veteran of the Revolutionary War, he understood how demonically evil all national banks are by default.  His 'libertarian' political views is how Democrats gained the nickname of 'liberal'.  Even though now they are anything but liberal.

The other political party, the Republicans began as a grassroots effort lead by President Abraham Lincoln in Illinois.  Ex-Whigs and Ex-Free Soilers, anti-slavery activist, and modernizers that are basically unified in their opposition to the then dominant Democrat Party.  The primary slogan for the new party is "Free Labor, Free Land, Free Men" but it has always been a party with many factions vying for control and power.

So while the early Democrats are very much Libertarian in their political views for small and limited government, the plantation owners have switched to the opposite political spectrum.  I am writing today to congratulate all Democrats on successfully keeping the descendants of slaves under heal peacefully.

Without a single shot fired, whip snapped, or fist thrown welfare, medicare, social security, and other statist government programs have destroyed many more families than just the descendants of slaves.

With welfare women are encouraged to have children without fathers.  With social security and medicare the elderly are encouraged to avoid allowing their children to take care of them.  This may sound all too easy but history has proven these programs are very successful in keeping the poor to remain poor.

Together with Teacher Unions the Democrat Party has continued President Andrew Jackson's pro slavery policies by successfully destroying the public education system.  They encourage teachers to be lazy because they will always have their job.  they promote teachers based upon how morally and ethically corrupt they are.  There are 'good' teachers but they are looked at with disdain and distrust.  Anyone who thinks they want to actually help someone get an education is 'encouraged' to think it is all hopeless and 'give up'.

So this is what the statist {Democrat} party truly excels at.  They have continued the pro-slavery policies of their first President, Andrew Jackson.  By destroying the public education system they make it very easy them to make a 'fool' of the now ignorant poor and descendants of slaves.  They are made a fool of by thinking the party President Abraham Lincoln and other anti-slavery activists began are 'racist' and against the poor.  I mean, they even fooled black people to vote for Senator Robert Byrd, an ex-KKK 'community organizer' for almost a century. laugh

The truth is that the statist {Democrat} party is just what the old system of plantation owners evolved into.  They have successfully kept the poor and descendants of slaves under heal peacefully.

The sad part of this is that statism is filled with failure in its future.  Statists have killed and murdered hundreds of millions of people.  Far more than Hitler and the Nazi's ever dreamed of with their death camps.

Capitalism has risen more people out of slavery and poverty than any other economic system.  Yet, statists like President Obamanation make it their life mission to destroy capitalism.  The irony here is oppressively thick.  However, there are far more players than President Barack Who-Is-Insane Obama.  The effort to destroy America and capitalism has been underway for nearly a century.  The recent bubble in the US housing market began because of government interference in the 1970s.

The Federal Reserve Bank has been working to destroy America ever since it was created in the 1920s.  Recently they have been speeding the process up by monetizing the US dollar ridiculously.  Every day they print billions of dollars and make existing dollars worth even less.  They seem to have expected the dam to break already and are wondering why the world has refused to abandon the U.S. Dollar.

The real first President who started all of this is President Woodrow Wilson.  With power a President fails to have, he changed our entire government.  He made the Presidency and the Senate a popularity contest when the Founders of our Nation knew that is absolutely wrong.  The House of Representatives is the only popularity contest.  That is why the system has hundreds of representatives.  The idea is that they would be held to account by their constituents.

The Founders of the United States of America learned from Rome that the populace can be stupid.  A populace becomes especially stupid as it becomes more decadent and secular.  That is why each of our three branches of government were selected by different methods.

The Senators are selected by a state's legislature.  Said represented state has the right to recall and replace any Senator.  Each state only gets two seats in the Senate.  The reason each state only gets two seats is to eliminate any given population center from 'governing' the rest of the union.

The House is a popularity contest and selected by popular election.  The number of representatives each state can have depends upon their population level.  Each representative is only supposed to represent a standard number of citizens.

The President of the United States of America is elected by the Electoral college.  Each state legislature selects their representatives in the electoral college.  The number of electoral voters for each state are based upon the population of said state.  That is why "Florida" is so influential in Presidential elections.

Some say we need term limits for our Senators.  I argue instead we need to get rid of what President Woodrow Wilson did and return to the government our nation's 'Founders' created.

This is all a comedy though and has a happy ending.  The reason is because our nation is truly blessed with the Force.  The Divine gave us Obama because we needed to see where we were headed.  This way we know we need to turn around, and that is what the Tea Party is all about.  Washington, D.C. has separated itself from the populace for so long they fail to know what the Tea Party is.  It is a multi-headed hydra, chop off one head? two more will spawn.  The Tea Party is a Force of nature and is sweeping the nation regardless of the statist {Democrat} media and party's terrorist tactics.

Statists like to use "but your President Bush and Reagan did it too"... well first they most likely are taking it out of context but in the cases that they are right? wrong is still wrong.  It is irrelevant what political party is doing it.  Big government has always failed, is failing, and will always fail.  The only variable is how long it takes for the house of cards to fall down.  Small and limited government is what has lead to America becoming the greatest nation in the known history of Humanity.

Some point out silly things like Slavery, Indian Removal, concentration camps for Japanese Americans.  They are absolutely right 'statists' like President Andrew Jackson and Franklin D. Roosevelt have promoted and encouraged slavery, Indian Removal, and other mistakes of the past.  However, the American ideal has always been to remember and learn from the past and do better in the future because of them.  We aspire to be better than we are.  We believe the rights of the individual are paramount over any government.

Social Security has ALWAYS been a ponzi scheme.  It used to take the taxes of over a hundred citizens to pay for one person on Social Security.  Now it takes three, and that is why it is destined to fail.  If any company attempted to do what the federal government has done? they would be thrown in jail for several consecutive life sentences.  The government's failure to manage the money has only brought the inevitable to happen sooner.  What makes Social Security worse than a ponzi scheme? it is forced upon us.

This is also why freedom loving people tend to despise statism so much.  Because, those attempting to utilize this failure of government always end up FORCING their ideas upon people who want nothing of it.

I like Rick Perry so far and I find the lame media's attempt to attack him as comedy as well.  Rick Perry is stupid?  Yet Obama thinks there are 57 states and he is a genius.  Obama attends Reverand Jeremiah Wright's sermons religiously for twenty years;  Wright officiates Obama's wedding;  And blesses Obama's two daughters... yet Obama fails to know what Wright thinks?  And again this guy is a genius?  Even if you think he is lieing, that in itself is stupid.  Lies always catch up with you in the end.

Well if Rick Perry is stupid then I am beginning to believe he is the kind of stupid America needs to get us out of Obama's ingeniousness.  However I like the sound of President Michele Bachmann more and the idea that the first female president will be a celebrated Tea Partier.  I am donating to Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign.  Of course that is true sign of who you are really for, who are you willing to give dollars too help their campaign?

If you really think that statism is the way to go? swim to Cuba.  or move down to Chavez since he is such a stand up guy.  Above all else, cease failing at attempting to turn America into something it refuses to be.  Statism has always had a short shelf life on this continent and it will always be so.

Be and live the change you want.  May the Force be with you, always.

Originally posted to Angel's Corner on Thu Sep 08, 2011 at 03:45 PM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls and Thursday Worst Diary Competition.

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