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In the last couple of weeks here, I've posted in several diaries that I fully expect to see riots here next summer, like the ones that took place in London, Manchester and Paris (and the peaceful demonstrations in Tel Aviv). Nothing has changed my mind about this...but after receiving an e mail from a good friend and professional colleague tonight, I'm only more convinced now the shit's going to hit the fan bigtime here next summer.

I was kind of surprised to receive the e mail because he doesn't complain too much about anything. His wife is a retired NY State employee, they do well, not as in previous years, but still good enough.

Or maybe I shouldn't have been surprised..because his eBay account (one of his "hobbies") is one of the highest rated, and he can't move anything these days. I mean, anything.

Anyway, the e mail after the jump.

Today (Monday) we spent a good portion of the day preparing for the upcoming 3-5 days of continuous rain (if we can believe the weather report) by installing a pump at the back door of the garage. The water table has risen so much in our area lately, that the water just seeps into the garage and basement through the back door. There's not much more we can do, except hold out breaths and pray that we don't get flooded again.

In the past I have solicited the assistance of [deleted] for most of my plumbing needs. They are a small privately owned company, whose building was transported from the NY Worlds Fair to [Dutchess County], NY via train 55 years ago or so. They have been quite helpful in the past, and again displayed their expertise by installing a choke valve on my pump, to prevent backwash from keeping it running continuously. Great people with great service....this is the type of business I/we fully support.

During our conversation with the store owner, he lamented as to how bad things are these days. In fact, in Dutchess County (where our principal residence is) real estate agents have stopped putting signs out displaying properties for sale, because they have become a target of sorts, with people breaking in and stealing the copper piping. One unfortunate home owner near the store was hit twice within a couple of months. Additionally, he stated that everything was for sale in Dutchess County. This latter statement no surprise to me, but the first part was.

In the past, you would have NEVER heard of such a blatant display of criminal activity such as this. However with the current state of the economy, particularly in NY (not including NYC, which is its own animal), such criminal activity is on the rise. More people are getting desperate as unemployment approaches higher levels, with very few companies hiring, in addition to a number of businesses just going OOB (out of business). If I was still in the beverage industry, calling on over 200 accounts per week, I would have my finger on the pulse of the situation in more accurate fashion. However, from my conversations with a few store owners/ managers, albeit brief, my take is that this economy is getting worse, not better, with no  end in sight. This morning, even Walmart  in Troy, NY seemed rather slow.  I also took quick notice of some of their shelf inventory lacking in merchandise. They are probably tightening their spending habits a bit, resulting in less product on their shelves. At least this was my immediate impression. This also appears to be a new and consistent trend amongst Drug Store Chains as well.

When will this get better? I predict not for at least 2-3 years at the earliest. It will take this long to recover, IF the recovery begins within a few months, which is unlikely.


In the past few weeks, friends hear on the news that things are getting better, but it's not getting better for them. I know things aren't getting better for me, but my personal situation is a cosmic storm of sorts generated by the economy; the economy is driving it, but it's hardly the only thing going on. Things went sour for me independently of the economy going sour, so I'm fighting this perfect storm...but enough about me. I'll survive it. But a lot of people are in the same situation and without the resources I can draw on to survive.

My point is something like this-if an upper middle class family is complaining about how bad things are, what's it like for the 90-95% below him on the economic totem pole? And at what point are people going to take to the streets and say enough's enough (like what happened, most famously, in Tel Aviv, or more violently, in London?)

And the wealthy complain about being the victims of a class war? As the GOP becomes even more delusional with each passing day (Bill Maher calls them the "Crazy Party", I think it's gone beyond that, it should be called the "Institutionalized Party"), I start to wonder about the increasing number of white working class Republicans, you know, the ones who listen to talk radio, the ones who constituted the 29% who thought Witless was a good President, the so-called Tea Party (I call them the "hired help" Wing of the GOP), who are starting to realize what a bill of goods they've been sold by their pundits. Even the ultra-right Washington Times published this op-ed which floored me.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg predicted riots next summer. Duh. It's not going to be just NYC either, it's going to be everywhere. And it's not going to be pretty. Don't be surprised if this gets spun into "terrorism" by the MSM and/or the Government.

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