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I've spent the last few days seething in smoldering radioactive RAGE.  Yes, I hate the teabaggers, because they are racist.  Yes, I hate anyone who has more stuff than I do because they are greedy and it should be ours.  But there is a deeper level evil infecting this nation.  There is an underlynig cause to all this RAGE...

Why are some people so rich and others so poor, the gap between the two widening every day and entrenched in our political and societal institutions?  There is a reason.  Why is it that everyone (outside the government) who enriches my life with cool software or convenient home utilities has the shameful secret agenda of also enriching themselves?  There is a reason.  And the reason is because they're allowed to.  

Because mankind is inherently evil, people will always be searching for ways to make their lives better.  This nation was founded on the "liberty" to do so, and the result was the most prosperous civilization in the history of Earth but also the most unequal society on Earth.  The virtue of equality is the only ideological principle worthy of a nation like ours.  Equality must be ENFORCED, as it will never be voluntarily adhered to.  This is what RAGE is for.  To enforce.  To take the money stolen from us.  To keep the money from the hands of the greedy.  

This RAGE will not be easy.  We are up against human nature.  Honestly, our track record of alternatives to the "free world" are not really attractive. But RAGE isn't pretty, it isn't supposed to be.  RAGE controls, and people need to be controled to enforce equality.  

Liberty has had it's chance.  Look where we are.  >9% unemployment, >14 trillion national debt, workers with no unions, and worst of all- the GAP.  33.8% Of the wealth generated by the people of this country belongs to just 1%. Should people have the liberty to do these things that generate such enormous wealth when others cannot do the same?  I say RAGE.  I say fuck their liberty. Shut up and take your equal place among the proletariat!  No more classes in this society.  We need a ruling body to enforce absolute equality.


There is no protest that will cause members of this corrupted society to voluntarily give up their economic liberty.  Fortunately, RAGE is more than protests.  We can, through the democratic process, create the ruling body to enforce equality. Elizabeth Warren is a perfect candidate, and Obama simply needs to be freed from the worries of re-election to be an effective equalizer.

Hope and change is still alive my friends.  I think back to that night Obama was elected, a crowd in front of the white house cheering and dancing and waving an old red USSR flag.  It was a special moment in history that brought a tear to my eye because it was a promise, that finally we too could have equality.  We've suffered for so long with inequality.  Obama knows this.  By "fundamental transformation", he wasn't talking about the last 3 years.  Give him a chance or you're a fucking racist.

We need to support candidates for the Democratic Party (the one with the (D)).  Let's not get side-tracked voting for CPUSA candidates.  Those are just spoilers that the GOP runs to take votes away from our side.  The Democratic party is fully on-board the push for fairness and equality and deserves our full support.  CPUSA just stole the Democratic Party agenda anyway (look at and see for yourself).

Spread the word.  Act locally, think globally.  Actually, act globally too.  Facebook and Twitter are great ways to speak truth to corporate greed, and you can twit a twat as soon as you think it with your iPhone.  If the corporate pigs stole all your money and you don't have an iPhone, you can always visit a coffee shop to use one of those old computers and enjoy a latte while you rail against corporate greed.  Its time to stand up and be heard!  No more economic liberty!  No more inequality!  Prosperity unevenly distributed by haphazard liberty is no prosperity at all.  RAGE against unequal prosperity! RAGE against liberty!

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I've just been informed that the Days of RAGE are actually a publicity stunt to promote Id Software's upcoming title "RAGE".  So I guess disregard this diary.

Originally posted to TPErik on Sat Sep 24, 2011 at 04:24 PM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls.


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