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Yesterday I was interviewed by Fox News.

    I met the clown at the protest in the first video below 4 days ago, you can hear my voice in the background asking "Who are you with?" to the clown masquerading as a Fox News employee as a woman righteously berated him. Real life trolling, he had nothing on him or his cameras identifying himself as a Fox News employee. I literally couldn't tell if he was trolling or just stupid. Image Hosting by
   It takes a hell of a troll to work for Red Eye on Fox News. It's a comedy show hosted by people who can't buy a laugh in a comedy club. Brought to you by News Corporation, where teabaggers are sane, and anti-corporate corruption protestors are smelly stoners. Fail and balanced. Apparently, we don't have enough fatassed teabaggers shouting directly at Obama to be considered part of "The Real America"

Watch as much as you can stand to. Your 2 minutes hate begins below

   This took place last week.

   Next, Megyn Kelly discussed the NYPD protestor pepper sparing incident, and did everything she could to make protestors look capable of violence that could have justified an attack from the police.

"Did Police crack down too hard? We'll have a fair and balanced debate up ahead."

    One the first "opinion" throws out the "Oh, who can tell?" false equivalency argument. Then the hack guest suggests the protestors may be guilty of some kind of equivalent aggression, where in he said "Nor am I saying that this whole group somehow is subject to excessive violence of force." Yeah, you just did, right before you said "I'm not saying." YOU just did, it's like when some says "I'm not trying to be a dick" and then they use that as cover to say something a dick would say. Fail. It's like someone who prefaces a racist joke with "I'm not trying to be racist.", you just know that something really racist is about to come out. It's a really lame excuse.

    Then the Fox talking heads  hypothesize about what a cop should do if someone tried to grab a police officers' gun or spat in his face. Never mind the fact that no such thing has happened, not even close, but lets sell you the narrative that these anti-corporatism protestors might be on the edge of terrifying violence at any moment. ooga booga booga.

   Megan tries as hard as she can to sell the "What if?" side of the women who were pepper sprayed, as if "What if?" they deserve police abuse. At least her guests were sane enough not to go down that road. Both guests insisted the police officer involved was way out of line.

   Then Megyn ends by telling her teabagger audience in coded language that protests are good, if you are the right kind of protestor (hint: Conservative) but if you are violent (which this protest is NOT) then you shouldn't protest. If being the qualified word, as in if Fox was a real news organization, I won't berate their network to their faces when they interview me.

   Now, may title may be slightly misleading, as Fox did not directly ask "What if #OccupyWallStreet is violent after all?", they just implied it a lot. On air. For all of America to see. If the narrative Fox wants to sell doesn't exist they will just invent one anyway and report on that, you know, to balance out reality with industrial grade News Corp horse shit. You can see them framing #OccupyWallStreet as 'the other', an unaccpetable and potentially dangerous enemy as well as a bunch of dirty f#$%ing hippies who are only to be scorned. Fair and balanced like a thumb on the scales.

   Fair and balanced means if the moon is reported as a FACT of being a hunk of rock, let's debate the "what if" of if it was made of green cheese.

Which brings me to yesterday.

More below the fold.

Megyn Kelly was right. We've been here for a week

   Yesterday, I was interviewed by who I believe was Griff Jenkins. Griff isn't such a bad guy compared to the other clowns he works with, but that's like being the smartest guy in the three stooges. But I let it rip on Griff badly. No video yet, but I can share the experience.

   The first question they asked me stuck with the violence meme. I was asked if we were inspired by the protests in Greece and how do I think this would end. I told Griff he was asking a loaded question and said that we don't see an end, but the beginning of a conversation we should have had two years ago when we decided to inflate the flat tire of our economy and continue to drive on it. We need change.

   Now I am paraphrasing a bit here, because I don't remember ad verbatim what I said next, or what my next questions asked were, but I told Griff that I was glad they we're giving us the same amount of coverage they were giving to the Department of Justice's investigation into News Corporation, his parent company, and I reminded him that News Corporation continued to employ Glenn Beck AFTER he called the first black President in American history "A racist who hates white people and white culture." I said Fox News is a Republican propaganda machine.

   When I was asked if I had a specific message for Greta Van Susteren I told her to stop distracting us with birth certificates and Solyandra and their nonsense and start talking about what we need to do to help the working class.

   If I can get video up from a friend who recorded it, I will post it for you. I doubt Fox will air any part of my interview unless it is to cast me in a negative light, but I would consider their scorn my own badge of honor.

   It is Day 11 and we are still here. The American media is giving us coverage based on the police brutality we have encountered, or they are openly scorning us, as The New York Times and Fox News have done. We are doing something right.

   And as I fight for this cause, the cause of social justice, I have all of you with me.

   Today I am posting a link for myself, if you'd like to help support what I am doing at Zuccotti square it would be very appreciated. I will post up the other contact info and links I have compiled as well in the hopes that you give us your continued support.

   I know why Fox is now attacking #OccupyWallStreet. It is because we are an island of Athenian Democracy in a sea of Oligarchy, and rallying the peasants against the Fox led class war on the working class is the last thing Fox can tolerate, especially now that the media has gone from ignoring us to reporting on the violence we have unjustly faced. First they ignore you . . .

   So, on behalf of those of us here at the anti-teaparty at #OccupyWallStreet, I would like to say to the people at Fox News, Go fuck yourselves.

If you'd like to support my writing and help me out, please make a contribution via Paypal. . .

You can purchase your copy of "Americana: By Jesse LaGreca" by making a contribution of your choice to me with Paypal

If you'd like to help out the protests directly . . .

1. Get this message out there. Can we do it? YES WE CAN!

2.    Use the twitter hashtags #OccupyWallStreet and follow on facebook and twitter accounts related to the ongoing protests. Help put this video on your facebook pageand any other social media that you use. Make it viral.

3.    Make a donation to WeAreTheOther99%'s media fund. They need funding to stay active, and without huge corporate interests backing us up like the Teabaggers have, the only way this works is with your small donations.

4.   Go to and make a donation to our General Fund to support the ongoing protests.

5.   Get the word out about these protests of Wall Street's greed to everyone you know. Raise awareness, even if it is via word of mouth, every little bit helps.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

This is Jesse LaGreca, reporting on Day 10 from the frontlines of the class warzone, wishing you peace and love to you and yours, and reminding you that they only call it class war when the working class fights back.

   We are not alone, watch Amy Goodman cover us on "Democracy Now". Now we have the world's attention. I do not know what comes next, but I am going back again today for day 11 to be a part of the history unfolding live. As the woman attacked by the NYPD told "Democracy Now", "I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere, they need to do a lot more to move me."

Me too. That goes for all of us.

The people, united, can never be divided.

 Image Hosting by

Peace and love to all.

You can follow me on the Twitter Machines @JesseLaGreca

11:23 AM PT: Ok, I met Susan Sarandon and did an interview over the phone with Nicole Sandler, formerly of Air America, regarding the ongoing protests. I will return later with more info.

Crowds are big, again. We're getting used to this. Lots of new faces. Hank did an interview at our "Conversation with the top 1%" table with a lot of press watching. In a dramatic motion Hank pulled out a large bag of socks we purchased and handed them out for free in front of the press to show how donations are being used to help the protestors. Every little bit helps, and we can make a little go a long way.

    We are having an orchestra stop by later, from what I hear, to serenade us in our stand against greed. I'll say this, we have some amazing musicians here, and they keep our confidence up. The battle drums of the class war remind me of something out of a movie. In this surreal world, it is the little things like these that remind me what this fight is all about.

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Sep 27, 2011 at 05:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, DKOMA, Protest Music, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Street Prophets .


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