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Republicans are entering a much-deserved world of hurt for booing an active duty US soldier during the Fox debate the other night. Yesterday, President Obama called them out for it. Today, it was Biden's turn. From Sam Stein at the Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON -- Appearing on ABC's "The View," Vice President Joseph Biden said it was "reprehensible" for members of the audience at the most recent Republican presidential debate to boo a soldier simply because he was openly gay.

"I did have a visceral response to it," Biden said
. "I'm not sure if it's because my son spent a year in Iraq. And I know my sons and all the kids with them -- kids, they're grown men -- I don't think they give a damn whether the guy firing a rifle to protect them is gay or straight. I don't think they care about that. Look this kid risked his life. This kid is there for them. And I, quite frankly, I thought it was reprehensible."

Biden, notably, didn't needle the Republican presidential candidates themselves for the episode. When it was noted that none of those candidates spoke out about the booing at the time it happened, he sat there in uncharacteristic silence. But in bringing it up during the show, he joined President Obama in highlighting and elevating that specific moment.

Video after the jump...

Let's make sure this unpatriotic display by the the GOP will herald once and for all the end of the erroneous meme that Republicans are the bigger supporters of our troops.

As I think Markos said yesterday, the Goposaurs in fact haven't given a hoot about our fighting forces unless it stokes their self-serving neocon agenda. Bush Jr. brought them into an unneccessary war, wherein Rumsfeld didn't even give them proper armor to survive. Not to mention these a-holes have been trying to cut veterans' benefits for years.
So let's keep reminding people how quasi-treasonous this latest GOP transgression is. They have little or no defense for it, especially now that a majority of Americans, including a plurality of conservatives, supported the repeal of DADT.
We should join POTUS and V.P. Biden in making the GOP rue the day they BOOED AN ACTIVE DUTY US SOLDIER.

Originally posted to Animal Nuz on Tue Sep 27, 2011 at 10:28 AM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

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