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Gradually the exploits of Detective Inspector Anthony (Tony Baloney) Bologna have eeked their way even into the mainstream media.  It has become well known that he engages, in violation of policy, in an O.C. (Pepper) Spray attack on four defenseless women without provocation.  His actions also catch several of the officers in blue off guard and impact them with the mist of the spray.  He then violates policy further by callously walking away leaving the women to lie on the ground in agony without the required medical assistance.

What has not yet been told and can now be exposed is that Inspector Bologna engages not once but twice in such indiscriminate attacks.  Moments after the now infamous spraying of the four women Bologna works his way down 12th Street toward University and for no reason begins to spray a person with a video camera (the view of this video), simple bystanders, and others for no apparent reason.  Again his attacks deploy long continuous streams of spray directly affecting unsuspecting officers as well as the innocent victims.  And then, once again, this ranking officer slinks away into the background leaving his victims to fend for themselves.

Below I post an excerpt from this second video of this second attack.  My impression is that both attacks were meant to keep people from witnessing and documenting several unexplainable arrests taking place in the middle of these two locations.  I follow that with that same segment slowed down so you can both see the direct line of fire and the spray hitting both the officer (first) in arm and chest, then the camera gets sprayed, then a bystander, then the camera again, and then other bystanders.  You also get to see Detective Inspector Bologna's face - and his expressions - head on and without obstruction as in the now infamous video.  Slowing the video down serves to capture the moment for all to see that this is an unequivocal abuse of the use of force according to NYPD policy by a supervising and superior officer.  

Watch his facial expressions which seem to display anger, perhaps rage, at some moments and what appear to be joy or amusement at others.  This second video, particularly when added to what has come out about the first incident, should send a chill down any honest American's skin.  Can this really be happening in America?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.  And that is the core issue beneath the surface of these demonstrations and protests and the movement it is trying to inspire.  Our system has become corrupted.  So much so that ranking police officers act with callous disregard not only for the health and safety of the public as well as their fellow and subordinate officers but also with absolute confidence their violations of law and policy will go unnoticed and unpunished.

We, the People of this Nation, have a responsibility to ensure this heinous act gets sufficient attention for swift and significant accountability to be brought to bear on those who have abused their power and authority.

Unedited Video Clip

Slowed Down Portion of Bologna's Attack

Do not sit silently by while these acts of terrorizing citizens take place.  File a complaint with the authorities at all levels.  See the relevant diaries for information on where to lodge your complaints and how.  Post that information in the comments section to share with others.  And post your complaint for all to see and to build a record of the communications with the authorities to keep them accountable.

4:33 AM PT: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do these six (slideshow) tell us about Anthony Bologna's state of mind?

9:41 AM PT: I have just made a FOIA request of the NYPD for the three required documents if Pepper (O.C.) Spray is discharged.  Please let's coordinate a mass campaign for everyone to make this similar request.  Here is a link to the request I made which you may use as a model for yours.

FOIA Request NYPD Bologna Reports

9:47 AM PT: Request Document (PDF):

Here are also the three forms you should expect (or not) to get back filled out regarding the use of force and medical care and arrests associated with the use of Pepper Spray.



Pay particular attention to this latter document.


9:48 AM PT: Photobucket



    12:46 PM | | #
    NYPD Internal Affairs To 'Look At' Pepper Spray Use On Wall St. Protesters

    New York police commissioner Ray Kelly says Internal Affairs will “look at” the use of pepper spray on Wall Street protesters, the New York Times reports.

by evergreen2

10:34 AM PT: MEDIA UPDATE: The Story is starting to catch on.  evergreen2 reports that Sam Seder has posted the story and the videos:

12:15 PM PT: ANOTHER MEDIA UPDATE: from evergreen2

New York Magazine picks up the story.

A Second Video of NYPD Officer Anthony Bologna Using Pepper Spray Has Surfaced

12:40 PM PT: We have REAL MOMENTUM going - keep it up.  This is the moment to be heard.  NPR has finally spoken up, events are being planned, petitions being signed.  


Keep checking downstream - evergreen2 has been doing a great job of giving updates - and if you see anything about this story - please post it.

Thanks for being who you are, and doing what you do.  You give me hope.

1:48 PM PT: NY Times and NBC have now run the story.  I want to add something I think is important here.  This issue IS connected, not sidetracked, with the MAIN issue of this movement:

Is there a direct connection to the ISSUE of this movement/protest and the issue of Bologna's abuses.

You bet there is.

Greed and lust for power have taken root and festered in our system - not because of the idea of our system - but because of its corruption.

Those with power and authority are not held to account - and thus they misuse that power and abuse that power.

Let's start CHANGING the system one step at a time.  First step: accountability for the abuses of Bologna.

Another key lesson to be learned:

Those rank-and-file officers can find solidarity - as victims of both levels of abuse (the system and Bologna's).

When the time comes - they should start speaking out against his abuses and how it harms them and incapacitates their ability to do their job.  They should answer truthfully to any investigations.

They can learn, through this, that it is not only OK - but it is both right and NECESSARY (for our country and community) to challenge the abuses of authority and to demand those who abuse it be held to account.

There is a real message here of incredible significance and deep relevance to this movement.  It goes to its fundamental core.  (Now NPR - there is an "agenda" and a "demand" - and you got your "controversy" - how about covering it now).

2:42 PM PT: BREAKING NEWS: Guardian UK posts first hand video of woman caught in both attacks.  Has frontal view of Bologna's first attack.

Originally posted to Charlie Grapski on Wed Sep 28, 2011 at 12:02 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous Dkos.

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