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Greetings, Cranky Users! Because of my personal circumstances, I've been not posting Cranky User diaries during a time when a lot of changes have been made here at the Great Orange Satan.

I have NO interest at all in discussing who has or has not been, or should or should not be, banned, suspended, or deprived of rating ability (although you are welcome to discuss whatever you wish in the thread). But we would like to get caught up on the little technical improvements and problem fixes that have been made recently. And there are still some persistent complaints, such as those often made by users who keep their profile's comment preferences on shrink.

To open the renewed efforts of Cranky Users, though, I've been urged to recap what we've discussed since we entered the brave new world of DK4 in February. Below the squiggle, please find a reference list of what has been covered in past Cranky Users diaries. After first summarizing ALL of them, I have reconsidered and included here only those with tips that are still useful. There are more diaries in the all-inclusive list than I remembered, and most of the earliest ones are about long-repaired bugs. The edited list is suitable for hotlisting for such time as you have a yen for ¥ or would wait on line for a...

Earliest first! Note that, the earlier a diary is, the more likely some of its details about how the site is working are no longer accurate.

  • Flame the Parliamentarian: How to use groups.
  • Wednesday Edition: Sorting lists by using Search; using strikethrough (this); naming your Daily Kos "blog".
  • GroupThink: Understanding the difference between publishing and re-publishing to a group.
  • Sunday Kvetching: hand-typing links; searching a page with Ctrl-F.
  • Character Study: Special characters using ampersand codes; html tags <s> or <del>, <strong>, <em>, <u>, <big>, <small>, <sub>, <sup>, <blockquote>, and <center>; making that orange squiggle. Link to Julie Waters on posting photos.
  • Color My World: Making tables; making colored boxes.
  • No Comment: Ways to hide comments; about the "[new]" comment indicator.
  • Little Boxes: Cache, and clearing it, explained; use of ad-blocker software; the mobile site; keyboard shortcuts.
  • Out of Line: Header and Teletype typestyles; making horizontal lines in color.
  • Back from the Dead: Linking to a YouTube starting at a point other than the beginning; pressing ENTER with comment preview; searching with Ctrl-F; simple photo captioning; link to diary-technique reference diary by fiver.
  • Them Bones: the advent of Bony Mojo; marking Personal Message threads as spam.
  • Ready to Publish Now!: Ordered and unordered lists (numbers vs bullet points);; displaying full urls as links.
  • Seek and Ye Just May Find: Search: pauthor and compound search terms.
  • Join Together with the Ban: Linkable search results; the triciawyse accidental autoban.
  • CNFTT: Links that open in a new tab; forcing a page reload that bypasses cache.
  • Juuuust right!: Daily Kos Photo Cooperative.
  • One with Everything: Photo width tricks for comments; putting a link in your sig line; video of the NN11 session on DK4.
  • Mr. Mojo Risin': "Display hidden comments" profile option; more on photo widths.
  • On the Rocks: Using YouTube embeds as audio players that don't show a picture.
  • Perseids: Expanding/shrinking individual comments and subthreads; embedding a YouTube to start at a time later than the beginning.
  • Aluminum Nut Rivets: Lifespan of comments; following someone with no diaries.

So, my Cranky friends, it's good to be back in this place of cheerful crankiness. Thank you for visiting! As always, please use the thread to bring up your issues with the site, ask questions, help others, or just say funny stuff. Below, we introduce our revised Big Box o' Links, now with 100% more Help Desk! We were pleased to note that the new Help Desk, with its emphasis on people being able to answer one another's questions, is not unlike a big Cranky User diary, except sadly devoid of LOLpix. But we love it anyway!


Just to make this a better reference work, long after publication I'm adding some links to other people's diaries that are especially useful for Daily Kos writers:


☀ For more stuff sort of like this, the Cranky Users group.

☀ For lots of official detail about the site and its workings, the DK4 FAQ (frequently-asked questions).  The main Daily Kos FAQ is still here.

☀ For help with bugs and technical problems, the fabulous new HELP DESK! You can search for others who have already reported the same issue, post the issue yourself, submit it privately, or even answer questions posted by other users. And, you can check out the "knowledge base" for information both general and specific.

☀ You can still use the contact form to get a response about site problems of a non-technical nature (such as issues with rules and banning/reinstatement). Please select an appropriate radio button when filling out the form.

☀ For immediate catharsis, complain in a Cranky Users thread. These threads are regularly scanned by kos and developers, but it's not a guaranteed way to bring an issue to the attention of these folks. But sometimes you just need some sympathy from other cranky people! (And sometimes, other cranky people have advice that can help you.)

Our thanks to kos, the development team, and the Dkosopedia contributors for their vigorous efforts to deliver a site that works well and to help us know how to work it!


Originally posted to Cranky Users on Tue Oct 04, 2011 at 12:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by J Town, KosBusters!, WeeklyBUG, and New Diarists.

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