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New film has emerged from Occupy Oakland repression in which two tour Iraq vet Scott Olsen suffered a fractured skull from being shot with a tear gas canister from 5 to 10 feet away. In the film the highlighted officer can be seen backing away from the barricade and lowering his weapon.

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3


A poster at Occupy Marines Facebook makes the following comment:

you can see Scott Olsen standing, with his BACK TOWARDS THE COPS moments before being shot

Watch close- the guy who shot him can be seen backing away from the fence and lowering his shotgun (he musta been less then 5 feet from Scott when he shot him in the head....) he then goes behind two other cops and THROWS THE FLASH BANG himself at the people trying to save them. (the other two cops don't move, but this guys steps back and then forward just as the flash bang is tossed - other two cops in that section don't even twitch as the flashbang is tossed)

Same Guy shot him and then tossed the FlashBang at the people trying to save him.

Footage by Matt Kresling.  VIMEO Frame analysis by Raleigh Latham.

An investigation should be able to determine the identity of the officer who nearly killed Scott Olsen.  Please call Mayor Jean Quan to demand that criminal charges be commenced, or resign.   A brave citizen-reporter stood stock still to get the footage and was probably a good target himself.  Thanks to this we have the film. Time to unleash the power of the Netroots.


phone: (510) 238-3141
fax: (510) 238-473
contact form
contact page

Send this evidence to Nancy E. O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney
1225 Fallon Street, Suite 900
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 272-6222.

Military active duty, reserve and retired forming Facebook groups in support of Occupy Wall Street, "Occupy Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Police, to provide OWS Convoy Escort":

UPDATE: Taking the liberty of posting Zwoof's synched montage of aerial and ground views of assault, here:

My take: at :33 Scott hits the ground, you can just see him going down.  In the ground view you can see him just behind the girl in orange.  The moment before there is a muzzle flash, and it does look like close range, 5-10 feet I'd say.  You can look at the point in the aerial where you can tell Scott is from the crowd gathering around to help, then back it up and just see the flash in the police line a moment before.  

I cannot capture the flash at this resolution and speed but one end of the arrow is where it comes from and the other end where Scott hit the ground.  Range indeed as witness says seem to be very close, maybe 10 feet.  This to me supports the conclusion that the officer was pointing at Scott's head.  He was certainly pointing at head level,  not up in an arc.  In training for these weapons officers are made fully aware that heads shots at close range from these weapons is lethal, and they are never supposed to be fired in any way other than an upward arc.

Originally posted to Ralph Lopez on Thu Oct 27, 2011 at 04:01 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, The Royal Manticoran Rangers, California politics, Anonymous Dkos, and Anonymiss Dkos.

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