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    I'm not even sure who Ann Coulter is or how she makes a living, but she has been on TV a lot over the past few days defending presidential hopeful Herman Cain in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.  Monday on the Sean Hannity show she was comparing conservative and liberal African Americans and said that "our blacks are so much better than their blacks."

     Huh?  Say what?

     At least Coulter didn't say our "coloreds" or our "nigres."  But either way, her poor choice of words reveals a condescending, plantation-style mindset that no American should find acceptable.  The kind of ignorance Coulter so proudly displays should have been "Gone With the Wind" a long time ago.  

     With America's slavery history, doesn't she know or care how insensitive and insulting it is to call any black person "ours?"  It was kind of like when Rick Perry kept calling Cain "brother" in one of the debates.  And of course, being the kind of "brother" that he is, Cain didn't bother to call Perry up on that.  That was the perfect time to mention the Perry family vacation spot at NiggerHead Rock, but oh well, another opportunity missed by one of "their" blacks.

     But back to the hateful and ignorant Coulter.  In my view she gives voice to and personifies the attitudes of many on the right when it comes to African Americans:  Black people are still some sort of inferior race that owes what little we have to the "good white folks" who we'd be lost without.  To them, Herman Cain is the ultimate "house Negro" because he hates blacks as much as they do.  He bends over backwards to say and do things that are pleasing to them that make them feel justified in how they treat and talk about black people. And in return, they act like they like him and would even vote for his as President.  Too bad it's more than likely one of the people he's trying to please who leaked the story about his alleged sexual transgressions to the news media.

     When Coulter says "our" blacks are much better than "their" blacks, she's speaking in codes.  What she's really saying is that blacks like Cain and Clarence Thomas are more "acceptable" because they're in lockstep with their conservative views -- even those that villify and scapegoat black people.  They can point at blacks like Cain and Thomas and say, "See, they criticize blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, gays and Muslims, too. Therefore, how can people say we're racist, homophobic and Islamophobic because we accept these blacks guys?"

     I don't expect Cain to be the Republican nominee for President.  They're simply using him to try to convince people they're not racists.  But it's not working.  It only exposes them for the devious hypocrites they truly are.

     One day Cain will wake up and realize that his Republican benefactors don't really respect him as a man.  Even then, he'll cling to them like stink on sh!t, just like the true house Negro he is.  All Cain is to them is the Anti-Obama.  They can't stand either one.

     Heaven help America if any of these Republicans is our next President.

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