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Public Policy Polling. 10/28-31. Likely voters. ±MoE 3.8%. (no trendlines)
Q. Question 1 would reject a new state law requiring new voters to register to vote at least two business days prior to an election. If the election was today, would you vote for or against Question 1?

Would vote for it: 48
Would vote against it: 44
Not sure: 7

Goal Thermometer

With the referendum in just six days, this race should be considered too close to call. While restoring same-day registration has a narrow advantage, it is built on the support of young voters. Those under 30 favor same-day registration by a margin of 61-39, but their turnout patterns are more difficult to predict.

Protect Maine Votes, the organization leading the charge to restore same-day registration, writes over email that opponents of same-day registration have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000 on television and direct mail since Friday, with more on the way this weekend. That is huge for Maine, and far outpaces what Protect Maine Votes will be able to run.

This is a good chance to fight back in the Republican war on voting. Further, in a state like Maine, your donation goes a long way. Please, contribute $5 to Protect Maine Votes on Orange to Blue.

Originally posted to Chris Bowers on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 11:55 AM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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  •  Question wording a tad tricky (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    VeloDramatic, TheCrank

    I can see how people could read incorrectly.

    Ergo, polling numbers - where the wording question isn't plain - can be a little on the inaccurate side.

  •  That is confusing (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    redrelic17, VeloDramatic

    I had to read it a couple times.  

    It needs to be added at the end:

    If you vote for question 1, question 1 will be overturned, allowing same day voter registration.

    If you vote against question 1, question 1 will be upheld, requiring voters to register 2 business days before an election.  


    you don't vote! . . That should do it for the under 70 crowd there.

    DENOMINATE A NEW wind power, ag, alt meds, & healthy prostitution services 4 GDS BARTER secondary US consumables CURRENCY NOW

    by stargapknight1 on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 04:48:09 PM PDT

  •  this is helpful (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    i think, to explain why it's important.


    (which for some reason dk does not support)

    Love is the source, substance and future of all being. --St. Francis

    by ksingh on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 04:58:01 PM PDT

  •  Thank You DK!!!!! (0+ / 0-)

    I'm one of many working on the campaign in Maine and Yes, we need the help, Yes we appreciate the support and Yes, We Will Win and send the message loud and clear that this travesty will not stand. We collected 80,000 signatures in three weeks (huge in Maine) to get it on the ballot and winning will say Mainers and the country will not put up with everything. It's down to the last few days and again, Thank You So Much for your donations!!! Thank you Chris and Joan for raising this issue up!

    Let your hopes, not your hurts, guide your future.

    by philinmaine on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 05:17:27 PM PDT

  •  OK, did my $5 worth. n/t (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Ahianne, TheCrank

    C'est la vie, c'est la guerre, c'est la pomme de terre.

    by RunawayRose on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 05:42:38 PM PDT

  •  This is especially important for (0+ / 0-)

    folks in other states that still have same-day registration. The GOP is after it as part of the nationwide voter suppression effort. Your state will be next on the hit list, and if we don't overturn this in Maine, they'll have that much more ammo to use.

    Up till now, if a duly registered voter's name was not on the Sec. of State's list on election day (due to clerical error, DMV not processing motor voter aps promptly, etc.), the voter could simply re-register on Election Day. Under the law passed by the legislature this year, those voters (along with would-be new voters, people who have moved, etc.) will need to vote a provisional ballot. These special ballots are not counted unless the vote is close enough to trigger a recall. They are "less equal" than other ballots. (And they'll also create extra work for the clerks, and confusion on Election Day.)

    And needless to say, if one is to purge the voter rolls and have them stay purged through Election Day, getting rid of same-day registration is a necessary first step.

    Mainers, please step up to volunteer. Mainers in Exile and others who want to take some action against the GOP's voter suppression efforts, please click on the link in the diary and donate!

  •  I hate 'vote for it to vote against it' props... (0+ / 0-)

    ...I'm fairly sure a large portion of the voters are not entirely sure whether they're supporting or opposing a given law based on whether voting FOR a prop means they're voting to REPEAL a law or vicey versey.

    Some people are intolerant, and I CAN'T STAND people like that. -- Tom Lehrer

    by TheCrank on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 09:47:51 PM PDT

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