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(Cross posted. I tried to find a video but none is available yet. Video updated!. Title edited from original to be more clear on the post content.;) )

Has anyone else seen the new ad by Karl Rove's American Crossroads attacking Elizabeth Warren? I did, this morning, and all I could do was think: thanks, Karl Rove...?

The ad hits Warren about her support for the Occupy movement (and talking about her contribution to the seeds of the movement, the idea that the middle class and the American dream have been under attack, something Warren has been fighting against for decades). The ad labels the movement as socialist/radical/yadda yadda yadda.

Is Karl Rove aware that he's running the ad in Massachusetts? I'm just wonderin'. Maybe he's getting senile in his old age. And he is aware, I have to assume, of the polling that shows more Americans support Occupy than not? Or that 2/3rds agree that income inequality needs to be addressed and the system as it is is not fair? The numbers are likely a lot higher in MA, since, as we keep getting reminded (by the "red speck" who's running for President, if nothing else) that our state is one of the most liberal in the union.

If I were Scott Brown, I'd beg Karl to please...stop helping.

Seriously, if what's come out of the MA GOP, the Brown campaign, and the Republicans in general thus far is indicative of their future attack strategy...I am not going to say it's cakewalk because nothing ever is and one'd be a fool to underestimate the underwear model...but geez. Make it a bit competitive at least!

Update: here's the video! I will also make the point that if Scott Brown wants to win a real term next November, he has to tack to the middle and look moderate, and divorce himself from the radical right. It's his only chance. However, this goes in the opposite direction - and his campaign will be tarred with the same brush, as these sorts of ads go into the general mindset as "from the opposition" - they don't make such distinctions as "oh that was an independent Karl Rove ad, and I'll judge Brown accordingly." That just doesn't happen.

UPDATE 2: Wow, I seriously think this is the first time on the recommend list. I am flattered and thanks all! If you think this is good, you really should check out all the other stuff going on with video and media in this race so far - you'll get a huge laugh. My local blog post on LiL on his rude video tracker has a bunch of links which I will repost here: MA GOP's first volley, an out-of-context statement fail, my and my fellow podcasters' Warren interview taken out of context (the "hick moment" hilarity), and a second MA GOP video release that was just...well you can see. :)

It has been one crazy roller coaster ride here, and you can literally smell the desperation from the MA GOP and Brown.

UPDATE 3: Just to be clear, as discussed on the front page, this is not just a web ad attack no one will see. It's a $600K ad buy on television in MA. I first saw it during the channel 7 morning news broadcast, fairly early this morning.

I'm pretty sure my fellow MA voters are a lot smarter than to be fooled by this sort of thing. When faced with a strong, progressive, active candidate for high office, they generally respond with enthusiasm. Warren won't take this lying down, and she WILL be showing up to campaign, unlike a certain previous nominee I could mention. A year out, and her campaign volunteer kickoff meetings around the state have been packed. In Lowell last Sunday (Lowell not being a bastion of progressivism) there was at least a 100 but I think far more. Other meetings were also full of 100s of eager volunteers.

I can't help but be a little confident in this race - my experience with previous races is telling me that this is Scott Brown's race to lose, and he is so far from a shoe-in that I'm surprised he's not a little more active in the race.

Brown publicly states that he won’t start campaigning until next year, when he will be seeking his first full, six-year term after winning a January 2010 special election to replace the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

With hard work, and the grassroots help that is already building far past anything I've ever seen at a year out from the election, she'll win. I consider Scott Brown a seat warmer...Massachusetts was just waiting for the right person to take on the legacy of Senator Ted Kennedy.

UPDATE 4: OK, this whole Rove interferance with my beloved state has prompted me to do more than be a Warren organizer, which I totally plan on being. I have decided to RAISE SOME DOUGH! So, if you want to contribute to Rove er, WARREN against Rove! to help offset these sorts of crazy-eyed attacked, please consider doing it through my brand new ActBlue page!! Thanks! My modest goal is $500 by the end of December!

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Originally posted to lynne1 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 at 05:36 AM PST.

Also republished by Massachusetts Kosmopolitans, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Occupy Wall Street.

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