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From a multitude of sources and leanings, the 'Occupy' movement is being covered, and scrutinized. Only a couple months in to the movement, it has gone from a relatively small group of disenchanted occupying New York to hundreds of cities around the globe.  Amazingly, no recognized leadership is being claimed by the occupiers, as if they're waiting on the leadership to come to them.  Well, maybe that's the point.

" is their right, it is their duty ..."

Even before the occupy movement started, recent years have seen an increase in civil uprisings against their respective leaders.  Movements declaring "we're tired of your shit!"  The occupiers in this more recent movement are basically saying the same thing.  They are also proving to everyone that they do not individually have to agree on everything, but they all agree on one thing: the system has been corrupted by profit and power.  It's difficult to argue that.

Watching or reading the coverage by multiple news media, we are bombarded with phrases of police brutality, vandalism, prolific drug use, rape, incoherent statements, mis-education the point that the overall message is being stifled.  This is much more than just a faction rising.  This is not a liberal or conservative propaganda machine, nor is it just a bunch of hippies and sympathizers.  This is a movement by the people against the corrupt, despotic state of bought leadership who have shown little or no concern for the well-being of its citizens.

To them:

Although i personally prefer a more civil and formal approach to addressing grievances, it is difficult to find blame in much of the behavior of the occupiers.  Many feel there is little option left and time has passed to regard civilities.  They have been pushed in to corners and see no point in regarding formalities to address the grievances anymore.  We will listen or they will get louder.  They have forgone respect for process because processes can be bought.  They have lost respect for elected offices because they also can be bought.  Even when groups have tried to be civil and do things 'by the book,' they have been 'allowed' to protest in the corner, removed from public.  Riot police are called in to 'keep the peace' at a peaceful assembly, then videos and testimony show law enforcement beating protesters.  

The reason the occupiers are not listening to your ordinances and warnings is because you haven't listened to them.  They are trying to tell you that "of ...for the people" has been replaced by "show me the money."  Do you really expect them to respect you?  I, for one (of the 99) do not respect you, and i will without hesitance throw my voice in with the occupiers and, we will not stop occupying until you get the point.

To us:

This movement gives me a more ensured hope that my faith in humanity is not a lost cause.  To see such a wide demographic in solidarity is inspiring.  The voice is empowering, knowing that "We the people" still has power.  I proudly stand with my brothers and sisters declaring in protest the injustices of greed in power.

With that said, i must also say this: it pains me that there are some in this movement giving credence to the claims by some that this has turned into mobs of lawlessness.  If we are going to stand in accord fighting injustice then we must be that example of behavior we desire to see from them.  Violence ...vandalism ...rape -- there is NO excuse for these activities, and i beg of everyone to do their part in ensuring these things are not part of your occupation.  To those who are the offenders, GET OUT!  i have no qualms with the cops nabbing your ass.  Your actions are a disgrace to the movement.  Also, we cannot be a hindrance to the rest of the population (the rest of the 99%), for they too are trying to ensure their security and stability.

i would beg of everyone to please educate yourselves on all these issues that we have individually.  Work with or form solution groups in your areas to not only tell the 'powers that be' that there is a grievance, but how we can make the changes that will "...form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity ..."  It is time to show them we are more than a bunch of factional deviants.  We are Americans, and we vote.

We are 99%


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