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The Occupy Wall Street protests are demanding a crackdown on the way big money has corrupted our government. Instead our corrupted governments cracked down on our Right to Peacefully Assemble to call for an end of the corruption, as guaranteed by the Constitution.      

Officials around U.S. shared advice on Occupy protests

...officials from nearly 40 cities turned to each other on conference calls. They shared what worked and what hasn't as they grappled with the leaderless movement that began Sept. 17 when scores of people demanding a crackdown on corporate greed staked their claim to a Manhattan park and sparked a nationwide movement.

Instead of attacking the rampant corruption in government, government officials attacked the protesters instead.

While riot police sweeping through tent cities in Portland, Ore.; Oakland, Calif.; and New York City over the past several days may suggest a coordinated effort, authorities and a group that organized the calls say they were a coincidence.

A coincidence? I'm not ready to buy that line.

On Oct. 11, police chiefs who had been dealing with the encampments for weeks warned that the homeless would be attracted to the food, shelter and medical care the camps offered.

So the main threat the occupations posed was providing food, medical attention, and a place to camp to the homeless. Apparently police don't want the homeless to get a free meal or medical attention from political activists when it might come with a political message. But for religious groups trying to push a particular dogma while providing meals are still acceptable to the 1% and their enforcers in the Police Departments.

Of course this is nothing but a flimsy pretext to launch attacks on a movement that threatens the 1% prerogative to try and take all the marbles for themselves.

I am camped with Occupy Seattle. Yesterday we marched in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in New York. Here is a video showing some of the brutal treatment my fellow Occupy Seattle protesters had to endure.


S.P.D hosed us down with so much pepper spray that they ran out and had to call the station to send more.

For much more about what happened during our march yesterday read JustJennifer's moving new post:Occupy Seattle - Message From Minster Who Was Pepper Sprayed+


McGinn apologizes for pepper spray, asks for police review

“For the last six weeks, Seattle has been working to address issues raised by the Occupy Seattle movement and its protest actions. My instruction to police and other city departments has been to protect free speech rights, protect public safety of protesters and the public, and protect other legitimate public and private uses of property,” McGinn said in a statement.

Originally posted to Lefty Coaster on Wed Nov 16, 2011 at 12:03 PM PST.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street and Progressive Hippie.

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