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How's the coverage of Occupy in you area?


Fox TV News covered our action yesterday at Bank of America in Santa Fe, NM.  (It misses the march that followed  where we   committed Civil Disobedience and  moved from the sidewalk into the narrow streets of the historic Plaza area. Of course since no police were in evidence during the 2.5 mile march Fox probably would not have like that.)

The embed code for the Fox News video is incomplete, but here is the link :

Here's a critique  posted on Occupy Santa Fe Facebook page by a guy we stood next to yesterday at Bank of America action:

Lee Einer

The following e-mail was just sent to KQRE.COM-

I participated in yesterday's Occupy Santa Fe march, and have participated in several other Occupy Santa Fe actions.

While I appreciate your recognition that Occupy Santa Fe is non-violent, your coverage gave the false impression that this places Occupy Santa Fe in contrast with other Occupy movements across the nation that have been assailed by police violence.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Occupy movement is a non-violent movement. Occupy Santa Fe is behaving no differently in this respect than Occupy movements across the nation. Responsibility for police violence against Occupy protesters in Oakland, Atlanta, Berkeley, New York, Boston and most recently UC-Davis rests solidly with the the police and those who give them orders. Your coverage yesterday implicitly shifted the blame for those outrageous and unprovoked attacks from the aggressors to the victims, and that is not acceptable.
Recognition is due for the lack of police violence against Occupy Santa Fe, but lets give credit where credit is due - to the Santa Fe Police Department and Mayor David Coss.

Lee Einer
Las Vegas, NM
56 minutes ago · Unlike · 2

What Fox missed, and would  have loved to have captured, was when one 60 something went up to the Bank of America Manager and private security guard and began engaging them. Could not hear all of what was said since they were up by the Bank of America building entrance and we were out at the sidewalk.  The manager seemed to be trying to get the guy to move on when up drives a car into the parking space where the Occupy guy was standing and came very close to him. The very tall driver, wearing a suit, then got into it with teh Occupy guy then began to walk away.  The Occupy said something and the driver turned around menacingly and shook his finger and told the Occupy guy to shut up.  The manager very clearly and loudly   told the Occupy guy that if he did not leave he would 'have him arrested.'

Giving the Media Feedback
The Fox news clip also got some positive comments on the  Occupy Santa Fe Facebook page.  Its easy to be a passive non-critical consumer of TV news, but we all should dedicate a little time each day to give feedback to the media like this guy did imo.  

The militarization of police and the use of inordinate force on Occupy Protesters should be opposed.  

Moved Your Money Yet?

Overheard numerous Occupy participants sharing that they had moved their money, and while we were picketing Bank of America Lee had shared that he had moved part of his money to the

The Permaculture Credit Union

The Permaculture Credit Union pools the financial resources of people who believe in the ethics of Permaculture - care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment of surplus for the betterment of both. We apply those resources to earth-friendly and socially responsible loans and investments.

 The history of financial institutions is one of focus on the bottom line which results in overexploitation of the earth's resources. Now, an innovative new financial institution - Permaculture Credit Union - has been established to allow its members to share their excess with other members of like mind who would use it for green and sustainable projects. The Permaculture Credit Union is perhaps the leading green credit union in the United States. We welcome new members seeking to deposit their money with a green bank or green credit union, or seeking green loans.

Sounds much better than having your money in a TBTF bank that feeds the Wall Street casino!

Chant: "All night all day, Occupy Santa Fe!"


We marched round outside the   island of Bank of America land a couple of times and showed our signs to the four abreast cars in the drive through.





After about two hours of mostly positive honks and waves
from passing cars we marched to the Railyard Occupy camp via the historic Santa Fe Plaza.



Worried about the 'Debt Crisis' ?

The chanting was getting a little ragged as we went further along the route. One woman began a new one.  In a quavering voice she led us to say:

Want to solve the 'debt crisis' ?

Tax the Rich, End the Wars !

I really drug up some volume for that one.


Famous Santa Fe Indian Artists Applaud Our March Around The Plaza


Made Front Page Santa Fe News

Occupy Santa Fe also received front page coverage in the Santa Fe New Mexican this week.  This article also tends to make the camp seem like just a bunch of Dead Head DFH migrants and homeless who conflict with those who make up the General Assembly and the work groups.  

While inaccurate in its statements about who founded the camp (see the comments section), it does provide something of a window into the conflicts that many Occupy groups around the country must surely be facing. (Note: My wife and I spent almost 100 days in our dome tent in Africa last summer and though that was awesome, sorry,  we are not camping at Occupy Santa Fe. Hat goes off to the brave souls that are spending the night in temps that have been in the 20's and 30's over the last week.)

Here's the link to the online version of the front page article in the Santa Fe New Mexican. Please read the comments and comment yourself if you have time. Commenters slam Occupy, the Democratic Mayor of Santa Fe, and the Santa Fe Police for allowing the camp.

 I had to out myself in order to be able to respond  online to the mostly negative commenters. Again, please add your own comments there is you feel like it.

Schism patched, Railyard occupiers in for long haul

While Occupy camps around U.S. face closure, Santa Fe protesters are settling in for the winter

Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican
Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 11  


Media Coverage  of Occupy

What kinds of Occupy coverage are you seeing in your locale?

 'Fair and balanced' ?  



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