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This video has just been released, showing Chancellor Katehi attempting to pacify students with an apology, and being met – ultimately – with indignation.

At the end, someone yells, "This is an on-site decision. Get rid of Pike." At which point the shouts begin as she exits.

Note: A longer video of her address is below the fold.

It's clear that the students are not backing down from their plans to initiate a general strike (tentatively set for November 28) and to occupy the quad with tents. It's also clear they are not accepting belated statements from administration officials at this stage as sufficient, regardless of the message.

Noteworthy is that the police presence at the rally was virtually non-existent for a massive crowd in the many thousands. This fact stands in stark – and ironic – contrast to the riot police force that sparked all of this when it tried to target a group of about 50 students with chemical agents and raised gas canisters.

The scenes coming out of UC Davis are breathtaking, as are the statements.

The UC Davis English Department is calling for the immediate resignation of Katehi as well as the disbanding of the UCD police department. The video below shows this call before the students, as well as students calling for Katehi's resignation:

Many students remained after the rally for a general assembly, which lasted over three hours. At the conclusion of the general assembly, the tents -- as well as a 30-foot dome -- started popping up. (See the updates below the fold.)

Students are still Tweeting about developments, and you can follow this Twitter stream established by a Washington Post blogger made up of UC Davis students.

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UPDATE 1: There is news that police brutally suppressed a solidarity rally at Baruch College against tuition hikes. According to a student on-scene, 100 students, seated, were met with force. The New York Times is reporting on the chaos of the protests and of the police violence.
UPDATE 2: The general assembly at UC Davis has created a long-term encampment committee, and there are reports of tents that have already been erected.
UPDATE 3: as of 3:15 pm PST, the general assembly has ended, and students are now pitching tents as well as (reportedly) a 30 foot dome!
UPDATE 4: Here is a photo, from Occupy Davis, of tents in Central Park:


UPDATE 5: Um, holy sh#t. The dome to which I referred is an actual, geodesic dome students are building:


UPDATE 6: Here is a powerful speech at today's rally given by one of the students who was pepper sprayed:

UPDATE 7: University of California President Yudof met with chancellors of all 10 campuses:
University of California President Mark G. Yudof convened the chancellors of all 10 campuses today (Monday, Nov. 21) and asserted that they must do everything possible to protect the rights of students, faculty and staff to peaceful protest.

He reiterated that he was appalled by the images of students being doused with pepper spray at UC Davis and jabbed with batons at UC Berkeley. "We cannot let this happen again," he said.

During a teleconference, Yudof told the chancellors he had directed senior UCOP staff to move immediately on several fronts to:

• Examine recent incidents involving use of force on UC campuses.
• Organize a thorough examination of police procedures, protocols and training.
• Put in place a structure to assemble recommendations for longer-term practices to ensure the safety of members of the UC community engaged in peaceful protest.

UPDATE 8: This is a wonderful photo taken from above of the UC Davis rally today:


Below are a series of videos that have been released from UC Davis.

This is another breaking video of thousands of students chanting, before Katehi took the stage, "Whose university? Our university?"

Here is a longer video of Katehi's address to students, from farther away. You can get a sense of the student discontent as this goes on:

And here is video of Katehi exiting the rally:

Originally posted to David Harris-Gershon (The Troubadour) on Mon Nov 21, 2011 at 01:50 PM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Occupy Wall Street, and Progressive Hippie.

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