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I am writing this diary on behalf of  indiemcemopants and at his request. He has posted two recent diaries about his rather serious medical situation.

The two really pressing concerns he has are finding some really expert care with pain management and evaluating the need for neurosurgery for his spinal problems. If he has such surgery he wants to get the best surgeon he can.

His situation is a good bit more complicated than somebody who has had a moderate injury requiring some neurosurgery. He was born with some significant neuroligical birth defects, specifically spina bifida and hydrocephalus . This required surgeries from the beginning and he has shunts installed from that. As he grew he developed scoliosis or curvature of the spine. When he was 15 surgery was performed in an effort to relieve that problem. Unfortunately things went wrong resulting in damage to his spinal cord that left him with paraplegia and he has been in a wheelchair ever sense. There was additional hardware installed during that surgery. He is now having complications which appear to be related to that. They are described in the first diary above.

He lives in a small town in Alabama. His past experience with the medical services that have been available to him there has been less than possitive. He has decided to try to find alternative care. He is prepared to travel to a different part of the country if necessary.

I am seeking the assistance of people on Daily Kos who have medical knowledge and connections that could help him to get connected with the best possible care and treatment. I was a social worker in the field of developmental disabilities for 20 years. However, that was quite a long time ago and my knowledge and information contacts are not current. I do know from experience that finding specialized medical care can be complicated and inside contacts are extremely useful.

Anyone with advice, information or suggestions can post them in the comments of if they would prefer they can contact me at:

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Originally posted to Richard Lyon on Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 11:35 AM PST.

Also republished by Angry Gays, Milk Men And Women, KosAbility, LGBT Kos Community, and Income Inequality Kos.

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