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Welcome to the launch edition of Earthship COPernica.

Please visit eCOP Week One for current Earthship.

eCOP launches into orbit November 27, beaming down full spectrum 24x7 coverage of live events, news, side events, videos and radio shows from the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban, SA.

COP17 promises to be an historical event as these talks represent the last chance to ratify the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol. Just days before the conference, a group of developed countries announced plans to abandon Kyoto and begin work towards a new climate treaty which would not go into effect until 2020.

Hold onto your seats. It's going to be a rocky ride.

Over this two week period, exploratory vessels from, the Global Campaign for Climate Action, Post Carbon Institute, Oxfam, WiserEarth, tcktcktck, Transition US, Ecoequity, and environmental artist Franke James are sharing resources to provide background information, interviews, and breaking news on the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17).  eCOP is also sharing content with the People's Conference C17 and Occupy COP17.

This collaboration provides a variety of channels of educational and inspirational writing and art; radio and tv shows; and a savvy integrated social media team.  

Throughout the talks, Earthship COPernicus will be docked at The Durban Daily. Each day, one or two diaries will focus on events related to COP17.

Live and Interactive from COP17

Join OneClimate. Beginning 30 November (3pm Durban, 1PM, London 8AM New York), OneClimateTV will be Broadcasting live.

Evolving Social Media Kit

CGIAR Climate
CIFOR Forests
SEI Climate
Occupy COP17
Richard Klein

Schedule (tentative)

Schedule (ALL TIMES EST)

Sunday: ECOP Launch. Kelly Rigg: Darwin Comes to Durban: Overcoming "Survival of the Fittest" Mentality at UN Climate Talks
Monday Morning Durban Time: Franke James
eCOP: Why would Canada censor artist, Franke James? See “Banned on the Hill”
Monday: 28 November WarrenS Opening  Meatless Mondays: A Meatless COP Beach-babe-in-fl, Daily Tck
Tuesday: citisven: ecocities. Janet Redman, Institute for Policy Studies

Wednesday:  Gender @ COP17

Thursday envirowriter. Daily Tck

Friday: Oxfam. Daily Tck

Saturday WiserCOP & Daily Tck

Sunday December 3rd. CGIAR: Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2011. Oceans Day.  Heading into Week 2. TBA

Monday: Bill McKibben: The People Speak; First Global Climate And Health Summit

Tuesday: WiserEarth: WiserAfrica: ICT and Climate Change. Daily tck

Wednesday: Occupy #COP17. Daily tck

Thursday: NRDC

Friday:  Road to Rio

Saturday: Reflections & Moving Forward

3rd December

Agriculture & Rural Development Day

COP17 Side Events

3 December: Oceans Day

4 December: Climate of Change: East Africa Famine Relief Concert

Mountain Day

COP17 Starter Kit...

eCOP Primer

eCOP Video Shorts

Amplify Africa


Coverage@Kos:Global Warming and Climate Change Tags

Global Warming
Climate Change

Relevant DK Groups (To be determined)

Climate Impacts

Climate change impacts nearly every facet of life on Earth, and TckTckTck’s alliance of nonprofit partners are working to address a broad spectrum of issues, both social and environmental:

    Public Health
    Water Access
    Food Security
    Poverty Alleviation
    Green Jobs
    Social Justice
    Wildlife Protection
    Forest Preservation
    Healthy Oceans
    National Security

Writers @ Daily Kos have been covering these topics for years. If you have a diary you'd like to add to eCOP earthship, queue it to the Durban Daily group and we'll publicize.


Food Security Links Us All (CGIAR)

Australia, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, France, UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil – what do these countries have in common?

Quite a lot, according to their 13 Commissioners who today release the summary report Achieving food security in the face of climate change.  The Commissioners, all high-level scientists who are well linked to policy processes, have spent the past nine months reviewing the evidence on what actions have the best chance of creating the agriculture and food supplies we need in the coming years of rapidly changing climates, demographics and dietary preferences.

Help us build a ‘Radio Wave’ for climate action: Radio Wave publicized via Oxfam International

"People Power" (radio version) by 350RadioWaves.  Uploaded with Gobbler

NRDC: How Climate change Threatens Health right in your backyard.

Serious Threats Where You Live and What To Do About Them

Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing the nation, but few people are aware of how it can affect them. Children, the elderly, and communities living in poverty are among the most vulnerable. Click on a state on the map for more information on climate-health threats, actions being taken to prepare communities, and what you can do.

Occupy COP17: Climate Justice; NOT Climate Markets

OccupyCop17: Climate Justice General Assembly

Governments of the world are, for the 17th time, assembling to discuss how we react on an international scale to a changing climate. During these last 16 years a sane response to an unsustainable global culture has not been found.


On Monday, November 28th at 11am, as representative from 192 nation-states begin their talks, we will also meet.

UKZN to accommodate alternative COP17 civil society events


The establishment of a parallel space at COP negotiations each year responds to the marginalisation civil society frequently experiences at these events and the lack of progress that has been made by international governments in addressing climate change.‘The People’s Space’ will thus serve as the space in which the people of the world can make their voices heard and where civil society can work towards creating another vision for addressing climate change by building a strong movement of like-minded activists and ordinary people from around the world. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has been identified as the site of this year’s COP17 alternative space, known as the ‘People’s Space’, where national and international civil society will come together around the global issue of climate change.

Hat tip - Climate Progress

Photo Credit: Earth - Following a Polar Ice Melt  Photo by Kevin M. Gill.Earth as it would appear should the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melt, raising ocean levels by an estimated 67.5 meters (~221.5 ft). The Greenland ice sheet is estimated to contribute 7 meters to global ocean levels. The Antarctic ice sheet would contribute 60 meters if fully melted. Additional glaciers and ice caps in the margins of Greenland and Antarctic peninsula would contribute an additional 0.5 meters. Roads were added for reference. Sources: ETOPO1 Global Relief 1 arc-minute elevation raster data provided by the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center. Satellite imagery provided by the NASA's Earth Observatory Blue Marble project. Estimates of ocean level effects from polar ice found on Wikipedia. Rendered using jDem846.

Originally posted to The Durban Daily on Fri Nov 25, 2011 at 06:15 PM PST.

Also republished by DK GreenRoots, Amplify Africa, Citizen Journalism, Beyond Kyoto, Ocean Advocates, EcoJustice, Team DFH, Inherent Human Rights, SFKossacks, Nuclear Free DK, and Deborah Phelan.

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