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This is a Live-Blog covering the eviction of Occupy Los Angeles scheduled to begin at midnight-in about 1 hour from now.

This post will be updated with images & news as they come in.


Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa announced on Friday that City Hall Park would be closed at 12:01 a.m. on Monday. Those who refuse to leave may face arrest.


The Christian Science Monitor has characterized it in the following manner:

Arguably the most peaceful and orderly large Occupy Wall Street encampment – a nearly 500-tent occupation on two flanks of Los Angeles City Hall – is scheduled to be evicted at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

...It wasn't clear why Villaraigosa chose this moment to act.

The full text of OLA's response, Para Todos Todo, Para Nosotros Nada: For Everyone, Everything, For Us, Nothing, is here.

OCCUPY LA still has a PETITION up to urge cessation of the planned eviction tonight. Please consider, even at this late hour, signing it in solidarity.

Call or drop the mayor a line to share your views on this eviction:

Antonio Villaraigosa: (213) 978-0600 or (213) 978-0721

Will post updates as they come in.

UPDATE: 11:05 PM
It was just reported on Stream that a police commander claimed General Services was coming into the park at midnight tonight expecting the park to have already been cleared of occupiers.

confirmation from Channel 5 reporter confirming that LAPD Commander Smith said they expected people gone by midnight & were prepared to arrests 100s.  

 Stream reporter amazed by the sudden appearance of "thousands" of people suddenly marching into the plaza. Reporter doesn't know where the march originated.

UPDATE 12:01 AM (Start of Eviction period)
LAPD Officer without riot gear interviewed on Stream. He says LAPD isn't on tactical alert insofar as he knows. Says people in the park after midnight are now subject to be arrested, but won't say when.


No heavy police presence at the plaza yet. 12 Helmeted police appear in the street trying to keep traffic flowing.

UPDATE: 12:40 AM
Oakland's own OakFoShow on the scene in LA & also broadcasting live. Image below from his Stream at12:30 AM.

Estimation of approx 100 police (with some dozens in riot gear) dispersed in several groups on the scene now. Police begin forming a perimeter...Temple & Spring blocked off-as is Spring.
LAPD just requested all media to assemble on the South Side. This collecting of the media away from occupiers is eerily reminiscent of the media herding that has happened elsewhere. I still hoped somewhat Sunday morning that the mayor would better angels of our nature, but now not so much.

Please check out Seneca Doane's excellent diary,
Los Angeles, you don't have to do this, which illustrates what this may end up costing if an alternative to force isn't employed.  

Various reports (including from Jim Lafferty) have come in of police officials (& the mayor) claiming that the camp won't be hit in the next few hours if people stay out of the streets. Occupiers, however, are citing what happened in Portland after similar assurances. Police are still in the street with helmets, but not the wearing the full riot gear outfit. Occupiers in the 100s remain awake.

LAPD Commander Smith just announced that at 4:00 AM they will arrest every occupier remaining in the street.

Most occupiers have returned to the park, but some want to remain in the street to be arrested. One occupier yelled out, with ironic acumen towards the notice of eviction from the park, "Now they want us in the park!"

LAPD Commander Smith: "We're hoping everyone is in the park now."

Armed with Failure to Disperse notices, LAPD sweeps most remaining occupiers from the street. An officer announces-

"I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly...vacate 1st & Main Streets...subject to arrest...may include the use of less than lethal weapons...members of the press are obligated to clear the street"

LAPD Commander Smith: "We're hoping everyone is in the park now."

Armed with Failure to Disperse notices, LAPD sweeps remaining occupiers from the street. An officer announces-

"I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly...vacate 1st & Main Streets...subject to arrest...may include the use of less than lethal weapons...members of the press are obligated to clear the street"

Police in full possession of the intersection of 1st & Main.

Poilce seconds after wading into the crowd on the edge of the sidewalk with batons.

UPDATE (& recap) 7:10 AM

At 6:10 AM, LAPD suddenly began leaving the area as morning's light dawned. Crowds of occupiers cheered from the sidewalks.

Commander Smith announced that four people were arrested for failure to disperse.
"We'll see as the day goes on if the crowd that was here last night remains tonight...."

So, to recap. After recieving notice of eviction beginning at 12:01 AM this morning, one or two thousand supporters arrive to reinforce the camp. The protest spills onto ithe street. Over 100 police arrive to push protestors out of the street, having first announced that only people who refused to leave the street & return to the park would be arrested. Supporters returned to the park & sidewalk. Then after a brief flash of violence by a handful of police, LAPD left.

LAPD left...& left City Hall Park in OLA's possession for yet another day (if a "Portland" isn't pulled). There is an injunction hearing at 8:30 this morning.

Occupy Philiadelphia also passed a tense night, & survived it despite yesterday's eviction deadline passing at 5 PM.  

Originally posted to MBismo Vencerá on Sun Nov 27, 2011 at 10:49 PM PST.

Also republished by California politics.

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