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Looks like I wasn't the only one really impressed with last weeks CBS 60min. Report on the Homeless in Florida and the two youngsters who were mainly profiled in the report. They didn't talk to the father, they lost their mother when very young, but you could tell by their responses what their father has pasted on, being a tradesman as a carpenter, with needed developed common sense and critical thought to perform a trade any trade, those gifts to his children and they've grown up with those and the life changing situation they now exist in developing same for them now.

This was a quick report updating that 60min report, CBS doesn't have it but I found a short writeup from a local source.

Stetson University offers free ride to 2 homeless Seminole students

December 02, 2011 - Two homeless Seminole County children who captured the hearts of TV viewers nationwide with their optimism and sincerity are receiving an all-expenses-paid trip — to college.

Stetson President Wendy Libby said she has been bombarded by email from alumni, employees and others asking how the college can help 15-year-old Arielle Metzger, who was wearing a green-and-gray Stetson T-shirt for part of the broadcast, and her brother Austin, 13. read more>>> {much more good news within}

In last nights very short CBS report they mentioned that a few other schools have contacted the kids with offers in furthering their education as well. Sadly nothing about job offers for their father which would help them right now. But here's hoping this brother carpenter and tradesman will come up with some soon. Companies say they're in desperate need of skilled trades people, anyone who does one trade has the ability to learn others quickly, they have the tools in the experience within, do others and they do like other trades in construction, those can also be transferred into other industries as well. You don't learn anything above the basics in any classroom, not in experience trades needs. So those who complain about not finding aren't looking hard or really don't even understand what innovative workers do and can do.

This is what I posted shortly after the initial 60min report:

This is one very intelligent young lady, I suspect her brother is as well even though a bit shy, that knows what she would like for her life. Sadly her and so many others probably will be blocked from reaching those goals with the way some are fighting to destroy what this country once was heading to and especially in education,for education isn't perceived as life learning but by a very expensive piece of paper, just having is enough not if one is actually educated, and the expense is growing, as they seek to keep the masses out of the higher education industry and maintain that for their own or the few chosen by them!!

At another time, not to far back, I would say she would attain her goals as would others with their dreams, now not so!

Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars

November 27, 2011 - More than 16 million children are now living in poverty and, for many of them, a proper home is elusive. Some cash-strapped families stay with relatives; others move into motels or homeless shelters. But, as Scott Pelley reports, sometimes those options run out, leaving an even more desperate choice: living in their cars. 60 Minutes returns to Florida, home to one third of America's homeless families, to find out what life is like for the epidemic's youngest survivors.

The following is a script of "Hard Times Generation" which aired on Nov. 27, 2011. Scott Pelley is correspondent, Bob Anderson and Nicole Young, producers. read more>>>

Florida fights for homeless families November 28, 2011

Schools in Seminole County, Fla., invited homeless families in an event organized by the community to hear about the services available to help them get back on their feet. Scott Pelley reports. more>>>

Originally posted to jimstaro on Sat Dec 03, 2011 at 06:07 AM PST.

Also republished by DKOMA, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Street Prophets , and Pink Clubhouse.

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