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It was a quiet Saturday afternoon around la hacienda K.  Spousal unit was taking advantage of a little break in the weather to do a last bit of yard work before winter, and I was a bit at sixes and sevens due to the major kitchen remodel in progress:

All of the contents of out kitchen is gone, down to the studs, pending receipt of the new cabinets.  As for that which had previously been in the kitchen?  Well, it's stacked up on the back porch, jamming up the living room and creating an obstacle course throughout the bedroom.  In short, it's everywhere.  And when I tripped over a box of canned goods the other night, I had the nerve to cry to the heavens about the inconvenience.

So it had been the selfish desire for a little floor space back, and nothing more, that prompted me to put a little posting on Craigslist the other night, announcing that the sinktop and cabinet from the bathroom (which were perfectly functional, but no longer fashionable, or even attractive) were available for free to whoever would take them.  And I must admit, I was more than a bit surprised when I had five or six responses within the first hour.  Was there really such a pent up demand for thirty year-old vanities?  Who knew?  And how guilty I felt telling requestors 2-6 that lucky couple #1 had shown up the first possible moment and gladly hauled off what we considered refuse ("No one" assured my husband, "Will want that.") - and how happy, when they also volunteered to take the ceiling fan, with thirty years of kitchen grime accumulated on the blades that had been suspended, unreachable, from my ceiling.

But flash forward with me again, beyond the squiggle-thingy to this afternoon.

I still have nothing in the kitchen, and still can't find anything I own for all the cr@p taking up space in the house.  what to do, what do to?  

Aha!  perhaps instead of posting an add, first I can cruise the "wanted" section, and see if anyone is looking for the things we need to divest ourselves of - the cabinets, lighting fixtures, sink, and a country kitchen full of unnecessary kitsch.  So I logged on and went looking for the "wanteds".  

It's an odd assortment of things that folks need.  Lots of vehicles, and particular parts for particular makes and models.  Plastic pant/skift hangers.  A small kiln for making beads.  Saltwater fish, a camper/trailer, a kids' drum set.  And there it was:

Uniform pants needed

Am in need of size 12 boys school uniform pants,I lost my job and can't offord to buy him any right now so if anyone can help it would be apperciated.only need a couple to get him thru till I can buy him some.plz call XXXXXXX

and another

In need of winter clothes

my baby needs clothes and winter items
she wears size 12 months in clothes
and size 3 in shoes
anything would really help
also inneed of baby blankets and bottles

and another

Please help

Time is running out,our indoor benifit yard sale still needs items to sale to help my stepson who has cancer and no insurance,the sale is Dec.17, Please we need all the help we can. If you have anything you would like to donate. please call XXXXXXX if no answer please leave message and I will get back to you. Nothing to big or to small. Thanks for reading and God bless.

Well it didn't take long until it seemed as if every other posting was evidence of a family in genuine distress:

Boys Clothes and Toys - $1

Looking for Clothes and toys for Christmas money is hard right now but still want to try to put something under the tree for them. Clothes has to run size 10 pants, Large shirts, shoes 3 kids..........Kids 3T shoes 10T.......and 12 months shoes 2 baby. Toy pretty much good as long as they are clean. Thanks and god bless

Then this truly painful one:

Need kids Coats n Clothing

Hi, we are recent home fire victims. I have children ages: 9(boy), 9 (boy), 8 (boy), 3(disabled daughter), and 2 boy. They do not have any winter clothes. Will tak hand me downs, as long as they are washed. Please give us ur unwanted school uniforms, shoes, coats, and hats. Churches please help!! Desperate. Can pick up any items, be blessed.

i need test strips

I need test strips for my acue check avive meter. im single mom and can't afford the strips. my sugar shot up today and only have 5 strips left please help. i would be so blessed

Test strips!!?? Are you F*cking kidding me?  You're in diabetic crisis in a society in which you have to beg for test strips??!!

any christmas tree - $5

Hi. My name is XXXXXX . I am looking for anyone that has a christmas tree to give away for free or sell for like 5 dollars . It can be any size big or small . I want a christmas tree so my daughter has one for her presents for christmas . I can not afford right now . Money is tight this month cause I have her christmas and birthday . If you can help just please email me . Thank you

I wish I could tell you that I found an extra couple of hundred dollars laying around in those used cabinets, and immediately was able to turn it into holiday cheer for some of those folks.  I didn't.  But there is some stuff around here that can be repurposed a whole lot better, and maybe I can find a gift card for the price of some uniform pants, or some gently used kids' things at the goodwill Sunday special sale.  I can always say I'm getting rid of stuff we had from when the grandbabies used to stay with us.  They won't know I don't have grandbabies.

All I know for sure is that the next time I stub my toe, I'd best remember to ask the Almighty to nevermind me.

Originally posted to Three Star Kossacks on Sat Dec 03, 2011 at 04:35 PM PST.

Also republished by J Town, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Southern Liberal Living DK Version.

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