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If you're a silly sci - fi geek or even a non - silly sci - fi geek, I cannot recommend Paul highly enough; I think I may have to own this mother eventually. :D

Let's get SPARKy for my last Monday at work before 2 weeks off. :D Getting through the next 4 days will be the tricky part. I can't decide if Beat - o - File lil' 'ol me wants this item or not. I'm not sure the Cookie Monster would survive the joy of this "journey!"

I guess all kitties tend to get their little heads caught in things - even when the little heads ain't so little! Finally, we'll end tonight's edition of SPARK with this drool - inducer. :D

Let's Countdown!

And, Mr. Keith just loves loves LOVES to keep us guessing on his attire, facial hair, lack thereof, etc. Tonight? No suit jacket but a tie & sans peach fuzz. Here endeth the Vanity Fair portion of tonight's diary. ;D

#5 "Occupy Day 87" AKA "Occupy the Ports" - Ports got occupied today; Goldman Sachs did, too. Ports along the "left coast" & in Houston saw action. Unlike the port action last month, today's events did not receive "official" union support. Houston cops dropped a tent over protestors who had joined themselves together with PVC pipe. Uh, did I miss something; why was that so disturbing? Kari Koch is an Occupy Portland organizer; she feels today's port efforts were a success. Well, doesn't she kind of have to say that? And, she's not related to the Kochtopus, is she?! Goldman Sachs has their mitts in some of the ports targeted today. There's Scott Olsen back at Occupy Oakland! :D Logan Price discussed the evolution of Occupy efforts from physical occupation of space to protest efforts & actions throughout the country. He's with the OWS Action Committee; the NYPD made life "interesting" for protestors at Goldman Sachs today. Well, at least folk didn't get showered with pepper spray. Apparently, at least today, it was illegal to live - stream what happened & to Tweet about it. That's a little totalitarian, ain't it? Some protestors will probably take the holidays off, but the movement ain't going anywhere, me thinks. ;D

#4 "10 Grand Old Party" AKA "Grand Old Parody" - So, there was another MENSA meeting this past weekend - another on a Saturday night no less! And, Mittens placed a wager to the tune of $10K with Governor Secession. Well, to cut Mittens an infinitesimal amount of slack, I'd be willing to wager Governor Secession could cover that. ;D The whole bet was about health insurance mandates. The DNC came up with ads already, other GOBP candidates have made quite the fuss about it, etc. So, Mittens kind of stepped in it; AND, he stepped in it again. A gay service member SCHOOLED Mittens on DADT. An "unnamed senior ad" said something not nice about Mittens; said "unnamed aid" was Newtie himself. There's quite the cat fight brewing between Mittens & Newt - HA! :D Newt also "signed" the IA "marriage pledge." PAGING DR. FREUD!! Governor Secession was folksy again in IA. Did y'all know Solyndra's a country? Again...FOLKSY! :D Sam Stein gets GOBP duty. Keith asked a great first question. Since when do the GOBP NOT like wealth?! "Typical" GOBP would've demanded that Mittens' bet be way more than $10K. Newt's commanding quite the serious coin, too, for speeches, diamonds, etc. Newt's converted to Catholicism? Huh, they follow the same 10 Commandments other "Christians" do, so he's still sparked up that coveting neighbor's wives & stuff commandment AND being faithful AND...well, you know. Mr. Sam called Governor Secession "a dumber George W. Bush"?! There is no such thing; I'll rate their dumbness fairly equally, thank you very much! These MENSA meetings are ratings winners?! Ugh...well, people rubber - neck at car wrecks, too.

"Time Marches On!" - Oh Keith, did you HAVE TO remind us of Bush VS. Gore?! *&^%$#@! The blue bird of paradise can whistle some tune I've never heard of. A hallway volleyball game got out of hand. AND, that hallway looked an awfully lot like a dorm hallway, so, since it's finals week or approaching finals week at many institutions of "higher education," these students were probably just blowing off a little steam. :) Wiener dogs had a little race on some ice.

#3 "Razing Arizona" AKA "Justices on Injustice" - The "Show Me Your Papers" state's "show me your papers" immigration law will be in front of SCOTUS next year, and Justice Kagen's already recused herself. So, for y'all out there who aren't the SCOTUS wonk I am, if by some miracle of nature there's a tie in the decision, the lower court ruling will stand. HOWEVER, I'm afraid that just won't happen unless a couple of "justices" decide to retire, or the Grim Reaper retires them. TX efforts at "redistricting" will also get SCOTUS time. Well, next term's gonna be a hoot! Elizabeth Wydra gets SCOTUS duty. All this immigration stuff is a "federalism" issue. I would think it would be a "who has standing" issue, too. It's absolutely a "balance of power" issue between state governments & federal governments, and THAT'S why I'd like for a couple of "justices" to be retired some way or another. She doesn't think this issue will break down along "political" lines. I'd beg to differ; look at Citizens United! And, I was correct about the SCOTUS unlikely event of a tie! I am so smart! I am so smart!! I am so smart!!! :D

WPITW - Some FAUX news dude gerryrigged the unemployment numbers. Keith, it's no longer news when FAUX News sparks something up; it's news when they get something right! Lonesome Rhodes now has an enemy in the bastard Breitbart? $hit! Who do you root for in a game of losers?! The MENSA meeting crowds continue to cheer the most "lovely" subjects; this past weekend, it was child labor laws.

#1 "The Lowe's Road" AKA "Low Lowe's Morals" - Xenophobic groups are telling companies to boycott ads on a television show about American Muslims because American Muslims aren't portrayed scary enough; Lowe's caved, but Lowe's is seeing some "feed back!" :D Russell Simons stepped up to buy the ad time! :D Maysoon Zayid gets this lovely duty; she should go to town! She doesn't like Pam Gellar - and for good reason.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 06:17 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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