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I'm with Bob Johnson on this one - thanks a lot, whoever decided to give me a lifetime subscription . . .

Sheesh, I poke my head up for ONE DAY here at the Great Orange Satan and what happens? Someone lays a $100 guilt trip on me, literally forcing me to pay it forward instead of returning to my cave to study my belly button lint.


What kind of person would do such a thing? Who's the wise guy, anyhow? My only clue was the cryptic message attached to the "donotreply" anonymous email notifying me of my thoroughly unexpected gift:

I'm old. And I appreciate you.

Which tells me a couple of things: Number 1, I don't know this person. How can I be sure? Simple: I don't know anyone on DKos who's old ("old," of course, being anyone more than 40 years older than me). So there's that. And Number 2, I'm guessing this person, bless his/her heart, obviously doesn't know me personally, but nonetheless has a soft spot for strays, mongrels, and misfit toys.

Oh, and Number 3: It wouldn't surprise me a bit if this person has a background that includes either nuns or hallah, because the guilt trip that they have sent me on feels awfully familiar to this lapsed Catholic (right, Bob?).

So, all of that being said, to my anonymous benefactor, whoever you are: Thank you, dammit. Your generosity is humbling and inspiring and will now - grrrrrr - force me to pay it forward in kind.

Sometimes this place can be sooo challenging . . .


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