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Rick Perry has won Texas Monthly's annual snarky award, the Bum Steer of the Year.  According to Texas Monthly, the Bum Steer Award is given to people or events that get Texas into the state it is in. Given the state's budget nightmares Rick Perry is more than deserving of this year's award.

You see, ever since our Governor hit the Presidential campaign trail the people of Texas are learning about a man they never knew.  Mr. Perry rarely if ever mingles with average everyday folks, except when he is campaigning. The Governor must be very busy doing deals with his fat cat cronies, or raising money for his campaigns or he is participating in other kinds of interesting activities.

So while the Governor has been campaigning out of Texas and because he is under intense media scrutiny we are learning that the Governor is not necessarily the same man he says he is. And this is why so many of us literally laughed out loud when we learned about the award yesterday.  

But this recent news is nothing really when compared to other developments in Texas that few outside of the state know about. Indeed many within the state don't know it either. But they will pretty soon.

No, the most recent development has nothing to do with Rick Perry's mortifying debate flubs or his hypocritical aversion to lobbyists at the federal level while he can't live with out them in Texas. Especially lobbyists like Mike Toomey.

No, the news is quite shocking, really.

Someone in Texas has written a book about Rick Perry's secret life. If it is true folks are right in thinking Rick Perry is not the man he says he is.

I met the author, a former state representative, Glen Maxey at a Democratic fundraiser in 2008 in Houston. Mr. Maxey probably knows more about Austin politicians and Texas politics than anyone. He is also a very nice and funny guy.  

It has been over 7 years since Governor Rick Perry called a press conference in Austin to respond to rumors posted on this blog regarding purported homosexual acts with his then Secretary of State. What was once considered to be a flash in the pan story in the dog days of summer has finally been revealed as just the tip of the iceberg of evidence now being presented for the American public to judge in a book released today by one of this site's registered users, former Texas State Representative Glen Maxey.

For those who are not familiar, Glen Maxey was the first openly gay state representative in the history of Texas. On June 23, a national reporter happened to call Maxey to ask about past rumors of past homosexual relationships. Curious, Maxey send messages to several long-time LGBT insiders and Texas politicos. Within hours he received independent stories about an alleged gay hustler who supposedly had had a relationship with Perry. That began an all-consuming five month investigation by Maxey into rumors and stories about Perry's alleged past homosexual relationships.

There is more to this story.

Stuffed Suits Editor's note: It is the responsibility of the mainstream press to investigate and discover information about the presidential candidates including sordid items that would reflect on their characters.  Unfortunately for our country, the establishment U.S. press has shown a strange unwillingness or inability to turn up such stories with certain people.  It was the National Enquirer--of all papers!--that scooped the mainstream press on the John Edwards story.  The mainstream press in the U.S. was scooped repeatedly by the U.K. press on stories about Bill Clinton's dalliances.  Although there are certainly ongoing investigations by the press on this and other issues concerning Rick Perry, Robert Morrow seems to have an access to the story that others do not or are unwilling to pursue.

The following article by Robert Morrow is therefore presented here as what it is: one man's investigation into the potential of "bimbo eruptions" and the like if Governor Rick Perry of Texas is the GOP nominee for president.  This particular investigation is relevant and necessary due to the pious and sanctimonious nature of Rick Perry's campaign so far.

Readers should know, however, that the author Robert Murrow is a known mudslinger and conspiracy theorist who has said the most outrageous things. But the Stuffed Suit editor has a valid point about the unwillingness of the mainstream media to reveal a politician's character flaws.

Remember: Rick Perry held a national prayer rally as a way of introducing himself and paving the way for his eventual announcement as a candidate for president.  Rick Perry has, by his very behavior, invited a very close and scrupulous study of his personal past.  If there are bad things about his character, now, very early in the campaign, is the time for him to be examined for major faults that might later crack open and destroy the hopes for a GOP win against Obama in 2012.

Robert Morrow, a citizen activist out of Texas and, admittedly, someone who is familiar with the seedier aspects of life in Austin and the surrounding area, has stumbled onto multiple accounts of Governor Rick Perry's "other life" and has made it his mission to get to the truth of the matter.  This is an ongoing investigation and rather than be content to just present what he has heard so far, Robert is still actively pursuing multiple leads.  He recently ran a full page ad in a Texas paper asking for those who know to come forward--which may not be an easy thing to do for those who may be involved in illegal activities to support themselves.  This fear may be an even bigger factor when opposing someone as rich and powerful as the current governor of Texas.

Robert Morrow has invited anyone who wants to discuss his article and the specifics of the allegations therein to call him at (512) 306-1510 between the hours of 11am and 11pm or to email him at Morrow321@aol.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Please do so if you have any doubts about anything he has written.

In the meantime, Morrow is presenting what evidence he has discovered so far as a result of his inquiries.  Much of what is presented below is a direct result of his recent efforts.  It is his hope that others will be inspired to come forward as well.  Please read the following accounts keeping in mind that this is an ongoing investigation.

Head back to Texas Rick.  You have some explaining to do.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Houston mayor Bill White was not joking when he said that Rick Perry is in it for himself.  Can you imagine how differently decisions would have been made in 2011 when Rick Perry and his right wing Republicans slashed and burned every budget while kicking the deficit can down the road to 2013? Imagine how many teachers, state workers and firefighters would not be out of work today. Imagine how many schools would have been left off of Rick Perry's chopping block.  Things could have been handled altogether differently.  Bill White would not have been afraid to raise taxes, especially on the fat cats that control Rick Perry and the state.  

Texas lawmakers have sold their souls to lobbyists while they ignore the interests and needs of their constituents.  

Meanwhile back at the global ranch, life moves on.

Folks get it that most politicians are clowns and tools for their fat cat donors and puppet masters. Some are worst than others. Rick Perry, as we know, is among the worst.

We are fed up. We have had enough.  

Check it out on a livestream.

Occupy Houston.

Cross posted on Texas Kaos.

Occupy Austin.

Occupy Dallas.

Occupy San Antonio.

Occupy Corpus Christi

Occupy El Paso

Occupy Midland.

Throw the bums out.

And whatever you do, think twice before voting for a so-called centrist independent third party candidate.

Originally posted to Libby Shaw on Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 01:01 PM PST.

Also republished by TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans.

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