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Holy cow!  Walker has already spent $2 million bucks to air ads to improve his image in the state.  He's raised over $5 million so far and has the ability (thanks for the phony recall filed earlier this month) to raise unlimited funds.  The RW Americans for Prosperity and MacIver Institute have spent about $1.1 million on ad time through Monday according to the Journal-Sentinal article.  Ads in support of the recall have cost roughly $700,000.

His fourth one is out now and unbelievably shameless.

... the governor is taking this opportunity to try to refurbish his image, using his ads to project a tone of warmth and togetherness after the searing conflict of 2011.

Ahhhh, the searing conflict that he created with his extremist legislation, ignoring our laws and State Constitution, and steamrolling over the democratic process?  I also love the "after the ... conflict" part.  Like it's a thing of the past.  Over.  Kaput.  Done.  Finshed.  Move along, nothing to see here.

He wishes.

He can't sweep 2011 under the rug and begin with a fresh slate on January 1, but he's trying to do just that with all the money he's got from his masters - the people he truly serves, like the Kochs.  And he'll have all the money he wants.

He's got a new one out now and it's unbelievably shameless.  It's the fourth Save My Ass ad Walker has aired since the recalls began December 17th.  The ad campaign started shortly after new polls indicated that Scott Walkers disapproval rating over 50%.  The ads campaign has intensified every time a new signature total for the recall has been released by the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

It's been hard to predict for political observers in Wisconsin.

“Lots of things about Wisconsin in the last couple of years have been uncharted waters, and this is another one,” CMAG’s Ken Goldstein, a political scientist who studies campaigns, says of the opening phase of the recall ad wars.

“In a year when you’re going to have massive amounts of advertising, they’re trying to move Walker’s numbers before things start to freeze up,” Goldstein says of the governor’s ad blitz. “This advertising is trying to get Walker to a better starting place, before he knows who his opponent is.”

Democrats scoff at the healing image projected in the Walker ads and say they expect to be heavily outspent on TV.

“I don’t have a lot of people who can write me $250,000 checks,” says state Democratic chair Mike Tate.

And in another article, the ad is not being well received and healily quotes opponents.

Join me below the cheese doodle to review all 4 of his entries in Walkers OMG, They Didn't Just Accept It And Go Away And Now They're After My Job millions of dollars ad-a-thon.  If you've already kept up with the first 3, drop down to #4 (and hang on to your lunch and sense of irony).

His first one was done by a "School Board Member, which I debunked here.  In short, School Board member who just loves her some Scott Walker Budget was just elected last year in (wait for it ..... blood red Waukesha County where she ran on a platform of getting rid of teachers unions).  Of course, none of that reality is on here Totally Love Walker video performance:

This ad is no longer running.

Here's Number Two, debunked here.  Yes, she's a real, live teacher.  She works for a Kenosha choice (private school that receives taxpayer money - no income cap now thanks to Walker so we're paying for millionaires kids private schools) school and is a longtime Republican activist and Walker supporter.  Of course, nothing but love comes out in the ad:

This ad is no longer running.

Number Three, discussed and debunked herenicely by We Party Patriots features a "small businessman" whose business actually grew from a few hundred thousand dollars per year to more than $5 million a year under Governor Jim Doyles, specializes in outsourcing jobs to China.  By all means, enjoy watching him talk about his "small business" with divisions elsewhere:

This ad has not been run in the past couple of days.

And here's the newest attempt to lure the unsuspecting public into thinking Walker might be an OK guy.  Hang onto your lunch - he's bringing the family into this one.

This is likely the first time billionaire loving Snotty Walker has ever thought about soup kitchens much less been in one.  The video was shot at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, a religiously based homeless shelter that had to expand in the 1980s (thanks, Reagan)to accomodate a new population of the homeless:  women.  They are expanding now to accomodate a new population of the homeless:  families.

Of course, his message is to "put aside our differences" for the holidays which he doesn't even say himself (he'd probably choke on the words).  Instead, he leaves that political dirty work to his wife.

"In this season of peace, our hope is that we can put our differences aside and move forward together," Tonette Walker says, surrounded by her family.

He doesn't realize, though, that there really are no new differences in Wisconsin except for the ones he, himself, has created along with his monied interest supporting, ALEC legislation promoting, no taxes on the rich or corporate believing, Koch Brothers loving, peel away from everyone else political cronies.  

If Walker really wanted to give Wisconsin residents a Christmas gift, he should reverse some of his policies that are costing jobs and hurting children, families and seniors, said Michael Browne, a spokesman for Democratic Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller.

Amen to that.

Donations can be made to the Wisconsin Democratic Party or the grassroots organization doing the recall, United Wisconsin, a coalition of unions, community groups and individuals.

Holiday blessings to all Kossacks.

Update:  A big H/T to bruns who pointed out an ad I haven't seen:

Bruns went on to debunk the ad:

Although the elementary school Knutson teaches at did not see layoffs, the Monona Grove School District did reduce its staff by about 11 full-time positions. Some were eliminated through attrition but four of those people lost their jobs or had hours reduced.

Gerlach (district superintendent) said high school class sizes were increased and, in some cases, more than 30 students are being taught in one class. Middle and elementary school class sizes also increased by several students, and Gerlach said the district is now up against its self-imposed maximum class sizes at almost all levels.


Gerlach said the district saved about a $1 million from Wisconsin Act 10 changes to increase teacher contributions to their pensions and health care, but the district ended up with a $1.7 million deficit from other state budget cuts.

"The numbers in Monona Grove clearly don't work," said Gerlach at the Nov. 10 news conference. "We made significant cuts in terms of programs, laying off teachers, and we've closed a building. Next year, quite frankly, will be brutal."

Full comment here.  Many thanks.

Originally posted to Puddytat on Fri Dec 23, 2011 at 09:52 AM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Badger State Progressive.

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