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The last 21 days, and yes, it has only been three weeks since the subscription "list" diaries flowered into being, have been filled with amazement, delight, and profound thankfulness for what this community has done.

And selfishly, what you have all created, has helped keep me going through some difficult times in what's known as the "real world." Though how anything could be more "real" than the hearts touched by the generosity, and caring of this community, is beyond me.

Initially, this was going to be a party diary, a countdown the remaining names on the list, while we count down the hours, and minutes, to New Years, diary.


And it will still be that. We're going to keep on moving mountains, and touching lives, by checking more names off the wish list. I hope you're all ready to spin some tunes, and have some fun.  Pooties and woozles are always welcome.


But if you don't mind, I'd like to share some thoughts first. I've been reading "Thank You!" diaries, and comments, written by some of those who have been given subscriptions. What is profoundly clear, is that as lovely and helpful as the subscriptions may be, there has been something even more important going on.

You've all touched hearts, and let people know they mattered. They want to pay that kindness forward.

It's been a tough year, starting with the loss of my brother. More recently, there have been a lot of layoffs at work and the mood there is generally dispirited (though I'm still employed). And there are other things I won't go into right now.

If I were more prominent, it might not have been such a shock, but I'm definitely a small fish in large pond kind of creature.  So yes, you surprised me.  Surprised and delighted me.

Thank you, whoever you are, for your great kindness and generosity.  I may not know your identity and won't, unless you tell me, but you have all my thanks.  I'll do my best to live up to the trust the honor you've given me implies.

Have a wonderful holiday and new year.  And again, thank you.

I don't know what to say... there was no message, it just happened.

There are no ads!

Somebody wake me up... am I dreaming....

I couldn't believe that someone would do this for me.  
I cried, jumped for joy, and did the happy dance...

Secret Santa, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.
The life time gift subscription is a life line that I will treasure.  

I will jump over dogs to pay it forward...

Whoever you are that gave me this, you have blown me away!  I had intended to get a life time subscription this week, today actually, but this feels soo much better.  And I will be paying this forward!

Due to the current state of the economy, my wife and I didn't even exchange gifts this year, which is fine, after all, we still have our health, so materialism is secondary in our lives right now.

This gift certainly made my holiday. I thank from the very bottom of my heart both the person who nominated me and especially the generous person who dug deep into his or her pocket for this wonderful gift.

I cannot do so now, but I promise to pay this forward in some way during the coming year.

Once again, THANK YOU, to my anonymous benefactor.

 One of my favorite metaphors for how we can go through life, is "seed planting."  It refers to those small, and sometimes, not so small things that we do each day.  A word, a helping hand, a gentle touch, that can make a difference to someone.  Something that can grow and flower in unexpected ways, and in unforeseen times.

This is what my friends, family really, in Mojo Friday, did a year ago. There's a few of us who hang out in the diary all week long. We rarely discuss what's happening on the GOS. It's a quiet place, where we share laughter and sorrows, music and stories.  We have supported one another through some very difficult times. They are the ones who bought me the computer, and life time subscription a year ago. As I shared in this diary 21 days ago, without them I would not be here. The old computer could not, would not, load dk4.

I've been thinking a great deal about what has happened since that diary was posted. The people I've met, and now can't consider life without. nomandates, Erich, Clem, jayden, betson08, Cedwyn, Yasuragi, Susan from 29, tmservo433, and our own indefatigable Nurse Kelley.  She's been collecting small donations, paying for subscriptions, and keeping us updated, while recovering from shoulder surgery. Our Secret Santas, and gift givers. elfling and our tech team, whacking newly discovered bugs in the system into the ether, so we could keep rolling. Kos, MB, Patriot Daily Clearinghouse News, and everyone who wrote diaries, comments of support, and who contacted us through the dkos messaging system.

I've been thinking about a gift, given a year ago, and how that giving was the seed for this community's out pouring of caring and generosity. Kos asked me to share the story of what my Mojo Family had done, and all of you created something truly extraordinary. Hundreds of hearts, and lives have been touched. Hundreds. You've all grown something marvelous. You've all payed that gift from a year ago, forward into something I could not have imagined.


And it will not end at midnight. Yes, the subscription drive will be over as 2011 ends. But the paying forward of so much generosity has just begun. The hearts you've all touched will be reaching out with their own acts of kindness. Who knows what will bloom in the future from these short 21 days? What is certain, is that wonders will be created, even in the darkest of times. All of you have proven that again, and again.


I've said this repeatedly over the last three weeks, and it remains a fundamental truth. I can not thank all of you enough.


Now, let's get this Counting Down the List, and the Hours to New Year's Eve party going!


The continuing list of members who could benefit from receiving a lifetime subscription, which costs $100, before the end of this year:


Danish Brethren
Villanova Rhodes

Here's the amazing list of over 500 individuals who have received gift subscriptions:


2thanks ▪ 3goldens ▪  4mygirls ▪ 9thkvius ▪ 2020adam ▪ (5)

a gilas girl ▪ A Siegel ▪ agent99 ▪ aaraujo ▪ Abe Frohman ▪ AbraCrabcakeya ▪ Actbriniel ▪ andrewj54 ▪ Agathena ▪ Ahiannie ▪ Aji ▪ akmk ▪ Alexandra Lynch ▪ Alfonso Nevarez ▪ Alice in Florida ▪ allergywoman ▪ Alma ▪ Amor Y Risa ▪ angelajean ▪ angrybird ▪ anotherdemocrat ▪ Anton Bursch ▪ AoT ▪ arizonablue ▪ Armando ▪ asterkitty ▪ Auntie Neo Kwan ▪ Avenging Angel ▪ (28)

barkingcat ▪ BarackStarObama ▪ beach babe in fl ▪ begone ▪ BentLiberal ▪ betson08 ▪ bevomav ▪ BigAlinWashSt ▪ BIGGOVY ▪ bigjacbigjacbigjac ▪  bigrivergal ▪ bink ▪ Bionic ▪ blue aadvark ▪ BlueInARedState ▪ BlueJessamine ▪ blueness ▪ blue jersey mom ▪ bkamr ▪ blueyedace2  ▪  blueoregon ▪ boatsie ▪ Bob Johnson ▪ Bob Love ▪ Bob Sloan ▪ BOHICA ▪ boran2 ▪  Brit ▪ Brooke in Seattle ▪ Brown Thrasher ▪ Bronte17 ▪ Brubs ▪ BruceMcF ▪ BruinKid ▪ buddabelly ▪ Bud Fields ▪ bumblebums ▪ Burned ▪ bwren ▪ bvljac ▪ (39)

cacamp ▪ cai ▪ CalNM ▪ CanyonWren ▪ Carnacki ▪ carolanne ▪ carolita ▪ Cassiodorus ▪ catilinus ▪ CayceP ▪ cfk ▪ Chacounne ▪ Charles CurtisStanley ▪ Charlotte Lucas ▪ chaunceydevega ▪ ChemBob ▪ chicago minx ▪ Chitown Kev ▪ Christian Dem in NC ▪ chmood ▪ CityLightsLover ▪ clammyc ▪ Clio2 ▪ Clytemnestra ▪ CodeTalker ▪ Colorado is the Shiznit ▪ ColoTim ▪ commonmass ▪ CoolOnion ▪ Cordelia Lear ▪ cosmic debris ▪ cskendrick ▪ CuriousBoston ▪ cv lurking gf ▪ (34)

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farmerchuck ▪ FarWestGirl ▪ ferment ▪ figbash ▪ FindingMyVoice ▪ FishOutofWater ▪ flumptytail ▪ fly ▪ FogCityJohn ▪ freedomsfriend ▪ Frederick Clarkson ▪ FrugalGranny ▪ (12)

Gary Norton ▪ gchaucer2 ▪ Geenius at Wrok ▪ GenXangster ▪ ginmar ▪ gizmo59 ▪ gjohnsit ▪ glbTVET ▪ glendaw271 ▪ glorificus ▪ gmoke ▪ Gooserock ▪ Got a Grip ▪ gramofsam1 ▪ greenbird ▪ GreyHawk ▪ grog ▪ Groucho Marxist ▪ GrumpyOldGeek ▪ gulfgal98 ▪ (20)

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The deadline for purchasing lifetime subscriptions is midnight on December 31, 2011 (Pacific time).


If a subscription is purchased after the deadline, please don't worry. The technology is already in place to make lifetime subs go away at midnight pacific time, there's no way the code changes can be up before next Friday 1/5 or so.

All purchases will be honored. But it would be best to make them before the midnight pacific time cut off, in order to eliminate any delays in confirming the purchase of subscriptions.  Thank you.

Small Donor's Pool:
You can still donate amounts under $100 through the Small Donor Pool. The random donations collected through this drive will be pooled to purchase lifetime subscriptions for those on the list. You can make a small donation by going to and selecting the 'send money' option on the left. Type in as the destination. If you are making good on a pledge thread, please include a note for Nurse Kelley. You will receive an e-mail notification that your donation was completed. When the lifetime subscription drive ends an anonymous donor has offered to pony up the remaining amount necessary to purchase one last subscription.

For all of you still waiting for a gift subscription, Bugsby has captured how so many of us feel. We're all rooting for you.


I want to say to those who are still waiting, please don't feel that we care less about you.  I've donated as much as I can, but I'm still hanging around because I'm rooting for you and I keep checking back, reading the list, hoping to see "gifted" after your name.  

    So please, while you wait, know that your name there in orange evokes the heart-felt good wishes of everyone here.  We may be tapped out but we haven't left, we're still with you.  

    Check it out, we're up there in the gallery, cheering you on with cowbells and vuvuzelas.  The guy over there in the Red Sox t-shirt , that's me  :0)

Updates: For those of you having a hard time loading or moving through this diary, Clem has a trimmed down list diary

This diary is really slowing down. For those of you who want to celebrate the New Year, and the end of the subscription drive, come on over to the party diary that nomandates requested.  It seems only fitting. :)

Originally posted to Onomastic on Sat Dec 31, 2011 at 12:19 PM PST.

Also republished by J Town, WYFP?, Cranky Users, Kos Katalogue, PWB Peeps, Barriers and Bridges, and ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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