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Enough! All of you! Gawd dammit!

I've been around Dkos for over 5 years now, through the Primary Wars and the Obama Wars and I've got to say this is really getting fucking ridiculous. Yeah, that's right - I am usually pretty polite even in arguments, but there are no better words for it. Fucking ridiculous!

If you haven't hide-rated me yet, follow me below the kosquiggle...

I am a critic. During the past couple years, I have been called and/or seen other critics called, amongst other things: haters, racists, traitors, night riders, white privileged, cockroaches, paterollers, right wing trolls, Republicans, emoprogs, and a host of other terms used pejoratively. I guess the new pejorative on the block is Paulbots or Paulites.

So when I see a vocal group of extremely pro-Obama supporters start accusing or inferring that decent long term kossacks, like David Mizner, slinkerwink, LaEscapee and others are supporting or endorsing Ron Paul simply because Paul may have a couple thoughts with which they agree, well, that's where I scream KNOCK IT FUCKING OFF!

For those of you with any rational thought left, you know damn well that none of these folks are going to support Ron Paul - you know it. They have written year after year about their political beliefs and you know damn well that most of what Ron Paul stands for sickens them. Surely you are smart enough to know this.

And then I see on the rec list this very afternoon, a diary - by a Front Pager nonetheless - calling all TUs for a donut patrol to nab all those Paul supporters that are running all over this site now.

Listen, this site has over 330K registered users and logs more than 200 diaries (yes, I said diaries) and 2K comments a day. Of course there are going to be a few who come in specifically to rabble rouse, and there will always be a few trolls here and there, but THOSE FOLKS ARE NOT RUNNING RAMPANT ON THIS SITE NOW FCOL! And almost none of them are going to be folks that have been taking part in the discourse here for years and are fairly known kossacks.

So here's the deal: we don't have a site that's overrun with Paulites here. There are gonna be a few and by the time most of us see them, they will have been dealt with already. In order to try to prevent another major pie fight in the Obama Wars, I present these tips for your consideration:

If you start out in the hiddens, then that should be your first clue that those Paulites have ALREADY BEEN MODERATED. The most that needs to be done with them is a note to admin to let them know. It doesn't need a comment on it, and it certainly doesn't need a damn dairy about it.

All it takes is 2 HRs to hide a comment without any uprates. then it's 3:1 HR:uprate to keep a comment hidden. There is no need to pile on. There are far too many people around here nowadays that throw tons of HRs. They can find any nitpicking thing to justify it. And there's certainly no need to go hunting for places to use your stockpile. We have enough problems without a bunch of trigger happy TUs. We don't need a bunch of folks actively searching for places to unload their HRs. Like I said, most of the time, a couple people will come across it and take care of it. And we certainly don't need folks ginnin' up the acrimony by calling for a withchunt!

Finally, most kossacks who have been active posters for years are not going to all of the sudden become Paulites, or racists, or night riders, or traitors, or Republicans, or any of the other creative names you can come up with. So stop with the name calling simply because they have a different opinion than yours.


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