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Roger Groux's widow is not amused. (Screenshot from O'Keefe video)

James O'Keefe is quickly becoming the least popular person in New Hampshire. Town officials there have called for his arrest and prosecution for voter fraud, stemming from the stunt he engineered during Tuesday's primary there, attempting to demonstrate that voter fraud existed by conspiring with colleagues to commit voter fraud.

Now, the collateral damage of his actions is emerging.

A grieving New Hampshire widow said she was stunned to learn her beloved husband’s identity was used for a political gotcha — just 10 days after his death.

“That’s awful,” Rachel Groux said. “Why should they use his name? They shouldn’t use anybody’s name—alive or deceased.”

Activist filmmaker James O’Keefe secretly recorded video showing his operative using Roger Groux’s name and address to obtain a Republican ballot at Manchester polls Tuesday. The U.S. Navy veteran died Dec. 31 at an assisted living home. His family held funeral services Monday, his widow said. “Oh my God, I know what he would say, ‘Call the cops, call the police,’ ” Rachel Groux said.

Indeed. It could happen, since what he had his minions do is indeed a felony. The state's attorney general's office is investigating the incidents.

Update: Sign our petition, calling on Attorney General Delaney and U.S. Attorney Kacavas to investigate O'Keefe.

Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Fri Jan 13, 2012 at 11:04 AM PST.

Also republished by Take New Hampshire Forward! and Daily Kos.

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