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How does one put it bluntly? Former senator Chris Dodd exemplifies everything that is wrong in America. Forget his cheap sell out and hypocrisy with his personal (and very profitable)  "favored son" loans from Countrywide. All that tells us is that this creep has a price, and a rather cheap one, too.  Churchill's famous offer to Lady Astor comes to mind. A whore, regardless of his price, is a whore. Her. His. Whatever.

Dodd's actions in the senate, pretending to take the high road, while personally gaining from what amounts to a bribe, proved Dodd's true worth. As a result of his corrupt history, guess what happened?  And guess what he says about SOPA today.

The MPAA represents one of the scummiest, corrupt, and devious groups outside of DC. It was only a matter of time until they found themselves a leader, a new cheat executive who met their corrupt qualifications. His name? Senator Chris Dodd. His price? A base salary of 1.5 Million, not counting bonuses and other bennies.

To fully understand how corrupt and devious this former presidential candidate is, all you have to do is read his recent statements about SOPA. by the way, MPAA profits have never been higher. It is the driving force to shove SOPA down our throats, thanks in great part to their unindicted criminal CEO, chris Dodd.

.   “It’s an outrageous and false comparison. Hollywood is pro-Internet. We stand with those who strongly oppose foreign governments that would unilaterally block websites and thus deny the free flow of information and speech. So I want to make it clear right at the outset that our fight against content theft is not a fight against technology. It is a fight against criminals.”

"Contrary to piracy apologists, the operators of these fraudulent sites aren’t overzealous film buffs or political activists making a statement about freedom of information,” Dodd said. “They are criminals, plain and simple: they don’t innovate, they don’t adhere to manufacturing standards, and they certainly don’t pay taxes on the proceeds from their scams.”

To put some light of reality on the situation, let's peak back and see what MPAA and RIAA did as recently as 3 years ago.

.The behavior of the RIAA/MPAA during the last decade has been nothing short of a schoolyard bully who has the teacher in his pocket. It’s not just the consumers who’ve had enough of the Industry’s nonsense, the ISP’s and even the actors and musicians who just ten years ago claimed they were being robbed are now standing up to call out the associations for their wonton disregard for their own customer-base. It’s important that it be stressed that it was not only the outlandish number of people that had been sued that brought this about, but several cases in which the RIAA, chiefly, managed to cross the line in such a way that the public could not help but demand action. Here we take a look at some of those most ridiculous suits they filed that they immediately regretted, as well as some associated lunacy that could affect you

It is so fitting that Dodd and the MPAA found each other. Like Bonnie and Clyde. What is not surprising is that this ass actually felt that he could run for president and win. If the price was right.

Mr Dodd? Go Cheney yourself.

Please add your own doddisms here.

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