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Some updates on the tragic killing of a Dem campaign manager's cat in Arkansas:

First, as many have inquired, the Russellville police have opened up an investigation.  As far as assigning guilt or speculating who may have done it, even jokingly, let's just let the police do their jobs on that point.

Secondly, there are some conservative trollsout therewho are suggesting in various threads that this is a hoax or even that Jake Burris (my friend) killed his own child's cat.  First, to those on the tubes suggesting this is a hoax, allow me to direct you to the pic of dead cat with the word 'LIBERAL' written on it.  And let me assure you, I had the task of going through a series of gruesome pics to decide which was the least graphic.  Not something I want to ever have to do again.  Beyond that, I've talked to Jake several times over the last couple of days, and he's watching his kids like a hawk and fearing for their safety.  To suggest he would do something like this as a publicity stunt is lower than low.

Today the Humane Society announced they were offering an award for any information that could be provided on the case.  Up to $2500 for information that leads to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

Ken Aden, the congressional candidate Jake works for, was on CNN briefly this morning, talking about the situation.  He's handling this like a statesman, quickly stating that he does not believe his opponent or his campaign have anything to do with this and stressing that this does not represent his district.

At Blue Arkansas, we're attempting to get a moneybomb off the ground for Ken's campaign to show that this kind of intimidation and violence won't work anywhere in America.  Our efforts aren't connected to the campaign-to this point I haven't spoken to Ken or anyone else on his staff about this and they may not even be aware we're doing it yet.  This isn't about politics as usual-it's about taking a stand and showing we're not putting up with this crap anymore.  So please, contribute to Aden for Congress and send that message loud and clear.

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