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This week it became clear there are things more important to the Susan G. Komen Foundation--the fundraising giant that each year during breast cancer awareness month virtually swathes the United States in pink, a la Christo--than ensuring women are able to access exams for early detection of breast cancer.  In a word: Politics.

Written by Editor-in-Chief Jodi Jacobson for RH Reality Check. This diary is cross-posted; commenters wishing to engage directly with the author should do so at the original post.


This week it became clear there are things more important to  the Susan G. Komen Foundation--the fundraising giant that each year  during breast cancer awareness month virtually swathes the United States  in pink, a la Christo--than ensuring women are able to access exams for  early detection of breast cancer.

What could be more important to an organization ostensibly dedicated to the elimination of breast cancer? Answer: The politics and personal agendas  of the organization's senior staff and board, both of which have been infiltrated by right-wing ideologues and both of which were  instrumental in a decision to deny further support from Komen affiliates  to Planned Parenthood clinics that provide breast exams. In fact, it is now clear that Komen has been infiltrated at various  levels by anti-choicers willing to actually sacrifice women to breast  cancer to satisfy their own agendas.

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood doctors and  nurses provide nearly  750,000 breast cancer screenings annually,  offering risk assessments,  breast exams, breast health information and  education, and diagnostic  and surgical referrals. Over the past five years, Planned Parenthood health centers have  conducted nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams with funds from Komen,  out   of a total of more than four million clinical breast exams  performed nationwide by Planned Parenthood clinics. Komen  grants also supported more than 6,400   out of 70,000 mammogram  referrals made by Planned Parenthood. 

A large share of the clients served at Planned Parenthood clinics are low-income African-American and Latina women. The National Cancer Institute identifies lack of access to early and effective screening for breast cancer (and hence lack of early treatment) as a primary reason that African American and Latina women die of breast cancer at higher rates than the general population. In fact, Komen itself recognized these links in a 2011 statement on its relationship with Planned Parenthood:

While Komen Affiliates provide funds to pay for screening,  education and treatment programs in dozens of communities, in some  areas, the only place that poor, uninsured or under-insured women can  receive these services are through programs run by Planned Parenthood.

Komen further stated:

These facilities serve rural women, poor women, Native American women, women of color, and the un- and under-insured. As part of our financial arrangements, we monitor our grantees twice a  year to be sure they are spending the money in line with our agreements, and we are assured that Planned Parenthood uses these funds only for breast health education, screening and treatment programs.

As long as there is a need for health care for these women,  Komen Affiliates will continue to fund the facilities that meet that  need.

But apparently those women no longer matter as Komen's support has now been withdrawn. Last month, the national office of the Komen Foundation, which maintains tight control over its state affiliates, sent a memo barring those affiliates from using money they had raised at the local level to partner with Planned Parenthood clinics in improving access to breast exams.

Why? Not science, not evidence, not concern for women.

Politics and personal ambition, pure and simple.

It's no secret that anti-choice legislators at the state and national level have made Planned Parenthood the central focus of their anti-woman agenda, spending well over half of entire legislative sessions in some states focused on cutting funding and limiting access to reproductive health services.  At the national level, the ongoing witch hunt aimed at PPFA has taken many forms, one of which includes a Congressional inquiry launched by House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Chairman Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.).  Stearns sent a letter to PPFA in late September 2011 asking for an avalanche of documents to "investigate" whether PPFA has used federal funds to provide abortion services.

In a letter protesting the move, Democrats Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Diana DeGette (D-CO) called the inquiry a politically-motivated waste of time and taxpayer money, stating:

“Planned Parenthood is being singled out as part of a Republican vendetta against an organization that provides family planning and other medical care to low-income women and men. … The HHS Inspector General and state Medicaid programs regularly audit Planned Parenthood … These audits have not identified any pattern of misuse of federal funds, illegal activity, or other abuse that would justify a broad and invasive congressional investigation.

Wasteful or not, any Congressperson can start such an inquiry, even for specious reasons. This is not equivalent to a legal "investigation" of an organization.

What does Stearns have to do with Komen? Anti-choice groups have long targeted Komen for its partnership with Planned Parenthood, in part by haranguing the organization and listing them as targets of various protests and boycotts, and in part by touting the medically-disproven and specious claims about abortion and breast cancer. A group known as Life Decisions International (LDI), the website of which is "," has long had Komen on its boycott list.

These efforts hardly appear to have affected Komen's bottom line since the foundation's total gross revenue in 2010 was nearly $421 million, only several hundred thousand dollars of which were granted over the past five years by Komen's state affiliates to local Planned Parenthood partners for education, screening, and referrals.  Moreover, as a large and well-known organization (albeit one criticized for its work on many levels) Komen appeared to stay above the ideological mud-pit of the anti-choice movement.

Last fall, however, things began to change. LDI began quiety telling other anti-choice groups that it had "won" the battle with Komen and await public announcement of a policy change.

And suddenly, Cliff Stearns inquiry became a reason for the Komen national office to change what state affiliates could do with their funds. Komen's board recently approved a new policy stating that affliates can only provide grant funds to other organizations if:

• The applicant is not currently debarred from the receipt of federal or state funding.

• No key personnel of applicant or any of its affiliates has been  convicted of fraud or a crime involving any other financial or  administrative impropriety within the last year.

• The applicant or any of its affiliates is not currently under a local,  state or federal formal investigation for financial or administrative  impropriety or fraud. ("Affiliate" means any entities that control, are  controlled by, or are under the same control as applicant or independent  entities operating under the same name or brand as applicant.)

While the policy ostensibly affects "any" organization to which Komen affiliates might grant money, the memo sent to state affiliates specifically targets Planned Parenthood.

"Currently, however, various   authorities at both the state and   federal levels are conducting   investigations involving [Planned Parenthood] and some of its local   chapters, and the organization is   barred from receiving government   funding in numerous states. Under    these  new criteria, Planned Parenthood will be ineligible to receive    new  funding from Komen until these investigations are complete and    these  issues are resolved."

But there are no "authorities" investigating Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood is not barred from receiving federal government funding in any state.  No mature organization concerned about the health and well-being of women at risk of breast cancer would have created a policy targeting another respected organization with a record of saving untold lives.

So why the shift? First, Komen last year hired Karen Handel, a former Georgia anti-choice gubernatorial candidate and Sarah Palin acolyte who promised as part of her platform to defund Planned Parenthood and other vital health services.  Handel, who lost her race but is said to have future political ambitions, is now Senior Vice President for Policy at Komen. She was originally endorsed in her race by and received money from current GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney, with whom some sources suggest she remains closely allied. Romney, in turn, has suddently become more anti-choice than thou and has promised a federal personhood amendment as well as to defund Planned Parenthood.

Second, sitting on Komen's Advocacy Alliance Board isJane Abraham, the General Chairman of the virulently anti-choice and anti-science Susan B. Anthony List and of its Political Action Committee.  Among other involvements, Abraham helps direct the Nuturing Network, a global network of crisis pregnancy centers known for spreading ideology, misinformation and lies to women facing unintended pregnancy.  Also on the board of Nuturing Network is Maureen Scalia, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

That Komen--an organization ostensibly dedicated to scientific exploration of cures for breast cancer--has invited on its advocacy board women so closely allied with organizations that blatantly ignore science and medicine and spread outright lies to other women about their health and welfare speaks volumes about Komen's ethical principles as an organization.

While anti-choicers including those on Komen's board have spread lies about links between abortion and breast cancer, Komen's steps will ensure that more women who might have been screened will be now lack access to early detection and treatment and may die from breast cancer. This is in keeping with a general approach of the anti-choice movement: Decry abortion, for example, but limit funding for contraceptive education and supplies which can prevent the unintended pregnancies that lead to abortion.  Decry the plight of minority women, but make their access to care increasingly limited.  It is a venal and disgusting tactic that I would have thought well beneath the Komen Foundation no matter other issues.

But Komen as an organization now appears so little able to stand the truth that it is deleting comments from its website protesting the policy change. And this is not the first time Komen has come under firefor misinformation or questionable affiliations. Some point to concerns about Komen's influence in a recent Institute of Medicine report playing down environmental factors in breast cancer, and its close affiliation with many companies that manufacture products using cancer-causing agents.

Given these and other links, it may be no surprise that Komen's own memo to its affiliates spreads lies about Planned Parenthood, nor that Komen's actions belie its own claims to care about racial, ethnic and income disparities in access to breast cancer screenings.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control on disparities in access to care noted that women without insurance (38.2  percent) and women without a usual source of health care (36.2 percent) were least likely to be screened for cancer and that such disparities remained stark among Latina, African-American, and Native American women.

In response, Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, founder and CEO of Komen, said: “This gap in care for uninsured and low-income women is  particularly troubling and one we have been working very hard to fill at  Susan G. Komen. It’s clear that we have far more work  to do for women who have no resources, no insurance, and no steady  source of healthcare. They need our help the most.”

Not sure how she explains the foundation's recent decision to those women who otherwise would have gotten that screening along with other health care at Planned Parenthood clinics.

Originally posted to RH Reality Check on Wed Feb 01, 2012 at 08:30 AM PST.

Also republished by Pro Choice, Abortion, and Kos Georgia.

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