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For those of you going through WPITW withdrawal, let it not be said I don't know my audience! 'D

Let's get SPARKy for the first day of February - Rabbit...Rabbit...RABBIT! :D If this guy really wanted to look menacing, he should've picked an alternate mode of transportation. "It was a dark & stormy lake" - maybe. Finally, if this delivery item is more than 30 minutes late, is it free? I'm asking for a friend I assure you! ;D

Let's Countdown...

Many thanks to David Shuster for pinch - hitting for Keith tonight! According to a tweet this afternoon, Keith should be back on Monday. :)

#5 "Mitt Hits the Fan" AKA "Make Mine Mitt" AKA "Race for the Cash" - Mittens cleaned the other MENSA members' clocks in yesterday's FL primary. He celebrated his victory this morning by telling CNN that the poor had a safety net, so he didn't need to worry about them. He claims to worry about "middle income Americans." I imagine he has absolutely no concept of "middle income." There's a caucus in NV this weekend. I wonder if the Chicken Lady or Ms. 2nd Amendment Remedy will show up? Newt insisted last night that he ain't goin' anywhere any time soon - GOOD. :) President Obama has over $140 million in his campaign coffers; the GOBP could rival that thanks to Citizens United. Nia Malika Henderson gets post - game analysis of the FL primary. The Mittens folk are quite happy with all the angry ads in FL & the way they were able to get under Newt's skin. Newt didn't do so hot in debates, either. Not caring about the very poor is part of his campaign script? OK then! *&^%$#@! There's no indication that he's interested in elevating the fortunes of the poor or thinking they actually work very hard for little in return. The "Show Me Your Papers" state's primary is at the end of the month. Oh, can you just imagine the MENSA gatherings there?! Joe Williams is on deck to show us the money. :) The Obama administration is on track to raise more money than in 2008 but are still wanting & seeking small - amount donors. The fundraising efforts will really ramp up once the GOBP has a nominee. The couple of SuperPACs that are actually in President Obama's corner could give an influx of cash if the other SuperPACs ramp up their machine. I asked the other night if the NV casino dude would continue to bank roll Newt's campaign if he lost FL. Newt lost yesterday pretty badly!

#4 "Key to Success" AKA "House Party" - Recent polls have indicated a desire for the Dems to regain the House in 2012. That's all well & good unless the Dems lose the Senate. The Keystone pipeline could be a tricky issue for Dems because it seems the American people support the idea. I hope it's just due to ignorance. Josh Fox was arrested trying to film a hearing about fracking. ABC was denied access. Rep. Steve Israel is talking Dem fortunes this year. I have a feeling a lot of people don't fully understand what the Keystone pipeline's all about. Hell, I'll admit to having just a vague idea of the oogy implications if it goes through. Enough states where the pipeline will run through don't seem to want the mother, so that's good enough for me. Dems need to take 25 seats to gain control in November. Ya' know, call me a cynic, but the Dems & this White House weren't exactly barn burners on "progressive" issues until it was basically too late when they DID control Congress & the White House. Why will anything be different if they win in 2012? Sure, President Obama doesn't have to worry about another election, but those Congress critters want to keep THEIR jobs.

"Time Marches On!" - AUGH! Rodent!! Ugh...even a snoring rodent. Get that mother! A bull dog tried real hard to get in a box.  Another doggie was really into a ping - pong game!

#3 "Labor Pains" - Yea, my fair state officially became a "right to work" state at approximately 2:45 this afternoon when Not - My - Man Mitch signed the legislation. The local NPR station had audio of activities outside the state Senate today, and it was SOMETHING. I have a feeling anti - "right to work" sentiment will feature prominently in the "Super Bowl village" downtown because it's already happened when it wasn't even law yet. What's in the plan for the "Show Me Your Papers" state might be even worse; ALL collective bargaining might be on the chopping block there. This lovely legislation came from a place called the "Goldwater Institute", and they are affiliated with ALEC. Tim Dickinson gets labor duty. If the Dems play their political cards right, all this union - busting $hit could work to their advantage in November; it remains to be seen whether they will or not. All this union busting will not only weaken Dem support, but it will also reward corporations because they'll be able to squeeze their employees for more without having to pay for it.

#2 "Matzo Matter with Newt?" - Newt is truly like a child experiencing the "terrible 2s," yes? He doesn't call Mittens last night, and, apparently, his speech last night was rather bizarre. However, he did find the time to make sure robocalls went out to say that Mittens didn't want old Jewish people to get kosher food. Mittens didn't even get mentioned by name? THAT'S mature! Newt's never called?! Wow. 

#1 "Race for the Door" AKA "Dangerous Cure Cuts" - I was truly saddened by the news earlier that the Susan Komen Foundation was withdrawing its grants to Planned Parenthood. When Keith Olbermann's Mom died, one of the charities he suggested donating to was Komen. He tweeted his sadness, disappointment, and his anger earlier today. Apparently, according to NPR, 1 of the new Komen VPs is a right - wing nutjob with a long history of wanting to put the kibosh on Planned Parenthood. Komen insists their reasons aren't political. HA! David Shuster confirmed what I heard on NPR. Ain't that just the most sucky??!! Liz Winstead gets women's health duty - or lack thereof. This lovely GA lady got $aint $arah from Wasilla's blessing?! Oh bloody hell... Planned Parenthood has gotten an influx of donations today; Liz ain't real concerned about the Komen folk.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Feb 01, 2012 at 06:07 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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