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So I wandered over there this evening, and logged in to see what might be going on with Susan G. Komen Foundation. Well, it looks like some now-former supporters found Guidestar just like I did. The Personal Reviews section, which I honestly did not know existed before today, exploded in the last two days, and brought SGK's rating down to one star out of five. Not very good for such a "high class" organization!

Over the squiggle and into the comments...

From some of the comments, it looks like people have been uncomfortable with SGK's marketing, suppression of science research, and pushing small groups around over copyright and trademark. This Planned Parenthood thing has just finally pushed them over the edge.

I'm done with the Komen Foundation. The fact they have cut off funding of breast exams in Planned Parenthood facilities shows a disregard for women. No more money, not even pocket change. I'll now donate to Planned Parenthood.

They are losing their passionate supporters:

I have participated in seven Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks, walking 420 miles and raising over $20K. Now that it's cutting off funds to Planned Parenthood -- funds used for vital breast exams for low-income women who have few other options for gynecological care --I am finished with     this organization. Caving in to political pressure by anti-choice groups contradicts the Komen's Foundation alleged mission statement. My money and time will go to Planned Parenthood and other organizations truly looking out for women's interests rather than those of political organizations, religious organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

They have lost Republicans:

I used to donate to SGK but since they defunded planned parenthood i no longer will. I am a Republican and I still think what they did was work against the cure not for it.

People will support true breast cancer research:

Former volunteer. Won't participate again in fundraising or supporting other fundraisers. Pulling support out from under low-income women for political reasons is unconscionable. I will find other organizations that use my time and money with more true commitment to ending cancer.

The SGK era could be over:

I have been a supporter of the Komen Foundation since the 1990's. Nancy Brinker and I are both University of Illinois alumna. Our paths have crossed in several venues. I wish the Komen Foundation had the courage to stand up for women's health. That was the original mission of this wonderful, nonpolitical organization. It has lost its way. And unfortunately, it has lost all its courage. I think Planned Parenthood will benefit financially from this event. That is the good news. The bad news is a good organization has changed its core mission by failing to be honest about its changing its mission and engaging in politics. It will ultimately be a bad decision for Ms. Brinker. Look at the Avon Foundation and their Avon Walk, if you wish to fight those horrible disease with your donations. I will.

All in all, I think this will be a disaster for SGK. I looked through 11 pages of comments and did not see a single positive one. SGK seem to have become a foundation of, by and for the 1%. The 99% aren't buying it any more.

5:00 AM PT: Thank you for the recommends! I posted and went to bed, then woke up atop the list. I'll join the discussion after I get some coffee in me.

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