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I'll make a deal with you. As soon as you let me spend 12 hours pulling a soccer ball through your penis (while encouraging you to breathe through the pain) I'll promise to try really hard to care what you think about my right to choose how often and when I get pregnant.

As soon as you let some tech squish your balls between 2 metal plates that are at a truly awkward height and shoot some radiation into them, I'll promise to try really really hard to believe you have a clue about women's health care in this country.

As soon as you invite a group of women on your program to discuss women's health care issues, and the day you let one of those women complete a sentence I'll promise to try really hard to think of you as a serious person with serious concerns.

As soon as you get it that this is a health issue not a religious issue, I'll start taking you seriously as an intelligent human being.

Here's some religious freedom for you to mull. I'm not Catholic. I find 0 Bible verses criticizing birth control use, and 0 Bible verses telling women it's imperative that they have as many babies as possible or God will be pissed. My religion is more concerned with providing for the needs of those already born and suffering, and with respecting the planet we're blessed to live on.

What gives you or any Catholic or Mormon or Evangelical male the right to tell me when and how often to get pregnant?

Mostly we used to hospitalize people who claimed God was speaking to them. Maybe it's time to start thinking along those lines again?

11:10 PM PT: Gotta go to bed - who knew this would make the rec list?  Thank you everybody!  

Originally posted to I love OCD on Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 08:38 PM PST.

Also republished by Permanent Glory.

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