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Look, don't go there but this is a classic. I've copied the "best" bit

The contraception controversy is only the beginning of Obamacare’s tyrannical reach into our personal lives. It is not enough to for certain groups to be given “accommodations,” based on their national influence, campaign contributions or friends in high places. The next group of Americans whose freedoms are taken away may not be large enough to get their concerns on the nightly news, but their rights must be defended with equal zeal. That’s why I will fight this week for a vote on full repeal of Obamacare. To protect all Americans’ religious freedom, and every other kind, the only acceptable “reform” is for ObamaCare — the entire law – to be repealed.
They really haven't got it yet, now have they?

The argument

Freedom  = Sex without protection.

Then complain bitterly about abortion,  single moms, welfare, Cadillacs and the color pink.

Because we are having a little puritanical moment we would like to throw your health care under the bus, causing more unwanted pregnancies than ever before, then refuse you access to a doctor.

Aren't we fucking great?

Bloody insane, pathologically so, if you ask me.

The people that are so intent on social programming are screaming.... tyranny?

Good grief, pass me the smelling salts.

For Christ's sake MSM get your act together and call these sociopaths on their inconsistencies.

You will bear that child or else the government will come down on you like a ton of bricks doesn't exactly mesh with the idea of small government.

Government is only bad when it refuses to implement their bigotry without limit.

Either they have no inkling of the effect of their rhetoric or they just don't bloody care, but either way they are a danger to others. It is in effect bordering on criminal, they are intent on ruining so many lives.

Does puritanism have a role in our society, I do wish there was somewhere else to sail to, because I'm beginning to understand why the puritans were sent on their way awhile back.

Message from the GOP

"Health care fuck you, if you think you are suffering now, you haven't even begun to comprehend what we intend to do."

Religious freedom my ass.

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