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    While driving down SR 60 in Vero Beach during rush hour the other day, I passed this huge monster truck driven by a dude wearing a big cowboy hat.  So what you ask?
     Well, after I passed him not really thinking much about it, but certainly noticing the size of his truck and cowboy hat, I looked in my rearview mirror to see him recklessly speeding up and bobbing and weaving through traffic.  I thought:  "Wow.  This man is driving like a madman."
     As I drove along, and I must admit I was going faster than the 45 mph speed limit myself, I noticed him closing the gap and started to get the vibe that he was trying to catch up with me.  
     Ultimately he caught me, passed me and jumped in my lane right in front of me...cutting me off just before we got to a red light.  I was very upset that this reckless idiot had cut me off like that.  And then I noticed him glaring at me in his rearview mirror while we were stopped at the light.  I'm thinking, "This guy is a nut case."  Then everything became crystal clear when I saw all of the anti-Obama bumper stickers on the back of his monster truck, among them: "2012: The End of an Error"  and "Somewhere a Village is Missing Its Idiot," which featured a picture of President Obama in a turban.
     What set him off?  Apparently he saw the bumper sticker on the back of my car that reads:  "Seen the 2012 GOP Candidates?  LOL." The "O" in "LOL" being replaced by the Obama logo (see attached photo).
     At any rate, when the light turned green he sped off, apparently feeling satisfied that he'd shown me and put me in my place.  All I could do was laugh.  I didn't try to catch him or escalate this encounter any farther.  Like my grandfather used to say, "Give a fool his space."

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