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    I apologize for not having written here lately. I've been hauling a LED streetlight around trying to clue my city in about how to save $24 million a year and maybe REOPEN children's centers.
     Some good news is that with the pasage of the Civil Marriage Rights act in the House of Delegates things look very promising for the state of Maryland to become the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. This is a bi-partisan vote as a few Republicans have switched their votes since meeting with same-sex couples. Governor O'Malley waits to sign it.
     Now all I hear is this (Not Again!) brouhaha over whether women themselves will be able to control their reproductive health or will it revert back to the state. Apparantly there are a significant number of women who seemingly wany EveryWoman's sex lives to be tightly controlled. Why would any woman have this opinion condemning all females back to sexual ignorance and slavery? Well, I have a theory, which I would like to offer to the medical community and the World at large, a new syndrome called the "Queen Bee Syndrome", which I will refer to as QBS in this article.

    Historically speaking, it seems that in the struggle for civil rights, many in the very groups winning such rights would benefit the most from are the very ones who resist change with a desparation bordering on mania. One example was Booker T. Washington's notion that segregation might be a good temporary solution except for the "talented tenth" until the other just starting ninety percent should be able to get an education inpeace without having to get nervous over the hostile stares of white people. You know what happened. Instead of this separation improving all blacks learning Jim Crow tried it's best to deny everyone altogether including the "talented tenth"!
    We come now to the phenomenon of powerful women like Palin, or Bachman, or Mrs. Santorum pushing as hard as they can to deny every American woman any reproductive choice altogether under the name of "religious freedom". At least this is the present item being talked about in the culture. A few decades ago it was the Equal Rights Amendmant. That never was passed thanks to these woman-hating women.
     I submit that all these woman-hating women are suffering a psychological condition I call QBS. This is a phenomenon whereby someone who has attained some high position despite social handicaps suddenly turns around and tries to restrict anyone else from that caste not only from surpassing it, but even to accomplish the same achievement!
    QBS is apparant in cases of large numbers of mothers that really hate their daughters and play endless mind games to prevent said daughters from breaking out into anything like a wider world. It is the only high rankng woman in an organization that does her best to prevent other professional women from promotion. It is Queen Victoria refusing to discuss suffrage for women. Why?
    I offer a very old example (before remotes). When Mary Wollstancraft published her 1792 book "A Vindication of the Rights of Women", almost immediatly she was opposed by scholar Hannah More. Citing the Bible, fear of losing attractiveness, and fear of gender-identity confusion she was instrumental in postponing serious women's rights issues for almost three generations. Yet she was a scholar, read Greek and Latin, and was a popular novelist? Why would she deny her fellow female Brits the same delights?
     Because Hannah More considered her self "special". Whenever she could go to social gatherings surrounded by exciting smart men like Doctor Johnson, William Wilberforce, and David Hume as the only woman there she could become the Queen Bee, the only female intellectual "God" would allow.
     Now there is only One Queen Bee in any hive. The Queen Bee rules, all other females are only drones.
     Look at some of these retroactive women! See the hard glint behind their eyes when they talk of ripping away all women's health care! Except for themselves. They need all the best benefits so they can do their duty in keeping all the drones in their place and have all the most exciting men to themselves. Honestly, do some of their photo shoots make them look like pictures of three-week old corpses with their decayed death-grins?
    This is QBS. These are the professional women-hating-women. If every girl had the same access to basic health as the QBs then some of them might becaome truly brilliant beyond the QBs own limits. Then the QB wouldn't be so "special".
   I hope this helps to explain the puzzling sight of women against birth control.f course ALL mothers do not hate their daughters. About 15% do.
   Last note: As Mormons insist of "baptizing" famous dead people to become "Mormons" Dan Savage (Savage Love) can put you onto a website that can "baptize" famous dead Mormons into full practising members of the LGBT community. I'm going there next. So long.

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