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Just because I wanted to know for myself if what I was hearing about Rush Limbaugh losing advertisers was true or not, I have been listening for what ads were on his show this week, and where they came from.

He is carried on several media outlets. It differs in its online versus live air version - even in the same market. Probably even versus the iTunes App version as well.

While I have been checking in one medium, I decided today to try two at once.

Air versus Internet. Both WABC.

The total you see above is for both mediums combined.

The Air spots were typically longer, often for a full minute. The Internet spots possibly only thirty seconds or less, so there would be more of them.

However, an unusual element which was not part of the other shows this week could be heard online.

Total silence.

In some cases, over a minute.

What I could call 'paid air' came to 24. I would not call all the 'non-profits' as true Ad Council spots. CreditFairy and American Petroleum Institute/Oil Express Helpline don't quite seem like non-profits.

Here is what I observed.

1 12:04PM AIR - Planet Fitness
* 1205 ONLINE - silence until 1207

1208 Alexandra Petri, Washington Post story, about whether AshleyMadison has bought time. He denies this. He got mad she put her "b-i-itchy opinion" in the piece.

Paraphrase - "So I wanted to set this straight. We didn't lose advertisers. You (his audience) are not jerks. You in this audience are among those who make this country work. AshleyMadison is not a "on board."

Also claims Associated Press is biased for Obama.

2 1222 ONLINE - American Heart Association / Hands Only CPR/AdCouncil
3 1222 AIR - Lear Capital
4 1223 ONLINE - Good Goes / Save the children/AdCouncil
5 1223 AIR - Blue Heron Woods
6 1223 ONLINE - Good Goes AdCouncil
7 1224 ONLINE - UNCF /AdCouncil
8 1225 ONLINE - AHOQ /AdCouncil
9 1225 AIR - FBI's Internet Complaint Center/AdCouncil
10 1226 ONLINE - Big Brothers, Big Sisters

- 1227 MUSIC BED - Paul McCartney - "Coming Up"

11 1231 AIR - Palisade Jewelers  
12 1232 AIR - Holy Name Cemetery
13 1233 AIR - Corporate Tax Network
14 1233 AIR - Equity Now
15 1233 ONLINE - American Heart Association / Hands Only CPR/AdCouncil
16 1234 ONLINE - Ready NYC/AdCouncil
17 1234 ONLINE - Feeding America/AdCouncil

18 1248 AIR - Jim Nance / Insparity Business Performance Advisors
19 1249 ONLINE - UNCF/AdCouncil
20 1249 AIR - Robert Steinberg LawFirm    
21 1249 ONLINE - Charles the Carpet  

22 1250 AIR - Winning America / Newt Gingrich  
23 1250 ONLINE - American Heart Association / Hands Only CPR/AdCouncil
24 1251 AIR - American Bullion Gold    
25 1251 ONLINE -  ONLINE - Barasa/AdCouncil
26 1252 ONLINE - American Petroleum Institute/Oil Express Helpline
27 1252  ONLINE - Save the children/AdCouncil

- 1252 MUSIC BED - Stones "Satisfaction"

28 1256 AIR - Winning America (Newt Gingrich)
29 1256 ONLINE - American Heart Association / Hands Only CPR
30 1256 AIR - Bronx VA Hospital/Alzheimers
31 1256 ONLINE - Ready New York/AdCouncil
32 1258 AIR - Dental Savings Club    
33 1258 ONLINE -Feeding America/AdCouncil
34 1258 ONLINE - Big Brothers, Big Sisters/AdCouncil

* 1259 ONLINE - silence    

35 1259 AIR - NJ Center For Prostate Cancer

* 100 ONLINE - silence to 101
   100 AIR - ABC News.

36 103 AIR - National Guard/AdCouncil
37 103 ONLINE - Ready NY/AdCouncil
38 103 AIR - American Petroleum Institute/Oil Express Helpline

* 103 ONLINE - silence

39 104 AIR - Kars For Kids

* 104 ONLINE - silence

40 104 ONLINE - UNCF/AdCouncil
41 104 ONLINE - Charles the carpet king
42 105 ONLINE - American Heart Association / Hands Only CPR/AdCouncil
43 105 AIR - Anti-Democrat ad  
44 106 ONLINE - Good Goes / Save the children/AdCouncil
45 106 AIR - RTK Environmental

46 106 ONLINE - AdCouncil
47 107 ONLINE - Netflix - Online Only
48 107 ONLINE - Good Goes / Save the children/AdCouncil

49 123 AIR - Lear Capital
50 124 AIR - The New York Times
51 125 ONLINE - Constant Contact
52 125 AIR - CreditFairy
53 125  ONLINE - ReadyNYC/AdCouncil
54 125  ONLINE - American Heart Association / Hands Only CPR

- 126 MUSIC BED - The Who - "Squeeze Box" (And he even sang along..)

55 126 ONLINE - Big Brothers, Big Sisters/AdCouncil

Update 317PM. Thanks for the recs and q's too!

The list shows a few things. The Terrestrial (Air) Broadcast ads differ from the Online ads. There are more paid Air ads to non-paid Air ads. Some paid Air ads appear to be lobbying groups rather than actual non-profits. (Though they may have 501c3 anyway...)

Here is the Alexandra Petri piece that Limbaugh is upset about...

Rush Limbaugh’s show targets jerks, judging from the latest ads

From all their protestations, it would seem to come as a total surprise to Limbaugh advertisers that, for the past 20-odd years, Rush has been yelling strange, intemperate things into the airwaves. Like the opposite of ad space on Limbaugh’s program, I find this hard to buy.
And thanks to Bill Schmalfeldt for his additional information on Ms. Petri!

Updated 622PM. Alexandra Petri responded to Rush Limbaugh.

Sorry, Rush Limbaugh: A response from the writer he called ‘b-i-itchy’

It’s been one of those mornings, the kind of morning when Rush Limbaugh denounces you on the air and calls your writing “b-i-itchy” and your pieces “snarky, lying, full-of-holes.” As ways to start the day, I prefer coffee. In fact, I prefer root canals. But no one offered me a choice in the matter.

Originally posted to kravitz on Thu Mar 08, 2012 at 11:35 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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