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    In this - Part II of the Mitt Romney Chronicles - we changed directions to a subject matter; which was slated for a later time (Part X). That is the nationally significant issue that Mitt Romney's campaign (for they are pointing fingers "EveryWhere" on who the "true" culprit is.) - is benefiting from malum prohibitum (wrong prohibited). Every single day we see, hear and know of events that Romney's campaign is reaping illicit rewards from electoral process rigging.

     Now, I am sure you are saying it is the GOP'r stealing from the GOP - who gives a hoot. My response is "I DO" and So Should YOU. Given the history of Bush v Gore (have we NOT learned anything. Plus the fact that everything about Mitt Romney appears to be White Collar Robber Baron in the extreme. We - The American People - should be screaming for this crap to Stop NOW!

        Our grand master of thought, Meteor Blades, possed an interesting question on our behavior last night that is spot on here also. Though it was upon "global warming" - it is a spectrum wide reflection and I sincerely understand the issue(s).  I take liberty with his comment and do Not intend to mislead you. MB is not likely to address this Mitt Romney thievery issue. Everyone does not seem to care about Mitt Romney's Robber Baronesque Ruthless ways. No one gives as crap that Romney and Bain has stolen billions thus far. How strange it is, that Meteor Blades can be so enlighted on Global Warming and so obtuse to an immediate (and imminent) threat to Obama's Presidency. until it is too late and that is a Serious Problem, given the fact that Meteor Blades reflected (Here) (and I insert/pose my Romney items in [brackets]) - where Meteor Blades stated (apropos) -  specifically;

"While there are many on the left....

                ....who are strong proponents of acting wisely regarding climate change [defeating Romney],  -- that I [MB] have found a very large cohort [wonder who MB means] who view['s] environmentalism [Romney "rigging" elections] in general -- to be a relatively low priority.

      What Meteor Blades is saying is - This is a  DAM important issue [Global Warming] - and it frustrates him that those he holds in high esteem (venerated); refuse to give the subject matter its proper place upon the priority chain of affairs important. He is 100% correc, our planet must be protected 1st and foremost - or we will All DIE. I feel his pain on the Global Warming issue and also on Mitt Romney's election thievery.


 Mitt Romney is stealing the election and it is the Numero Uno Priority

      To appease our Lord of this Realm - I will say that Meteor Blades is Spot ON. The issue of Global Warming is a World Wide Disaster happening right in front of our eyes EveryWhere. Just this morning on ABC Good Morning (at 2:45 a.m. Pacific) - they were talking about all the strange [UN Natural] occurences going on in the world. Lady Bugs are coming out early, flowers are budding a month early - Is the World Telling us something? The answer is Yes - It Is - and but a few like Meteor Blades, on our Progressive side, seem to give a hoot. If a farmer does not watch his fields, weeds will grow and kill, thieves will come in and steal. This results in the axiomatic doom that everyone starves.

      If we do not start fixing the Global disaster imminent - all humans may die!


  Why is it, that No One seems to care,
                                       To REALLY Care
                                                            - what is going on in the world?

       The same frustration that Meteor Blades is feeling on the apathy and laxity pertaining to the Global Warming issue, we are currently (have been for a decade) experiencing of the Mitt Romney White Collar Above the Law issues.

      This frustrates me in the Mitt Romney issues too. I have been warning this DailyKos realm since my arrival here (BTW - due to MB converting me to THINK) and no one really seems to give a damn.

      Everyone is citing Polls,
                the fact that most incumbants never lose
                                                    and yadda, yidda - Pooh Pooh.

                                      Bull CRAP!.

       Believe what you want to believe. Stick your head in the clouds, bury it in the sand, go take a vacation upon an unchartered Island - and then PRAY no pirate comes and robs or kills you. That's right - PIRATES. Those Arrrgh ye Matey scoundrels that we all use to think only existed 200 years ago - or - in a Johnny Depp movie.

        Take your "theory" that there's No Such thing as Modern Day Pirates and tell that to the people we here are killed and yachts stolen outside of Somalia. But don't stop there. While everyone may argue that it only happens there in Somalia - they too - would be wrong. As denoted in a "Shocking Facts" article - it states;


While the political upheaval in Somalia does provide an ideal, lawless hideout for pirates, the fact is pirates are often found in many places around the globe. Some areas most frequented by pirates include the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the waters of Indonesia and Singapore

      Now that we have addressed the fact that Pirates of the Sea are not a thing of the past and a possible "Global" issue. Let me tell you what's on my mind.


Mitt Romney is a PIRATE of the Election process

       We have been telling everyone, the Department of Justice, the SEC, the Office of Special Counsel, the OGE, FBI, Public Integrity Section, Senators, Congressman, the Presidents Corporate Fraud Task Force and the Department of Justice's Public Corruption Unit - about the "Organized Criminal Empire" of Mitt Romney/ Bain and their secret lawyers for a Decade.

AG Eric Holder's Mistake


Yep, it is true, akin to Madoff case, we have been barking, begging, yelling, writing and Blogging about Mitt Romney's criminal empire for more than 10 years. Last time around, during the 2008 election process - no one took us seriously.

      However, Mitt Romney's team learned that the infflexible sword of truth - hurts. He, Mitt Romney, failed to get any early Iowa state win. That, combined with the fact that everyone hated George Bush and Obama was most certainly a change - did complete the "Yes We Can" endeavor. What did not change is the fact that there are rogue elements within our federal government. There are also criminal, seditious, public, servants within the Department of Justice. We reached out to Eric Holder's office about the crime and they responded in a way that sent a message - they don't care. It was a mistake to do so. It is also a MISTAKE for the Department of Justice to stand by idle, when election crimes are transpiring right out in the open.

Romney's 2012 Presidential Campaign Speciousness - The Piracy

       What has transpired, is the fact that Mitt Romney's camp realized they had to adjust and adjust they did - exceptionally. They adapted their strategy to win at all costs. Knowing that Romney has many issues that are likely too hard to overcome by conventional means. Thus, if playing by the rules is not going to work. Then you simply don't play by the [legitimate] Rules.

       It is a fact that they (Romney/ Bain and associated parties) have been enjoying, for a decade now, the Department of Justice's "Get out of Jail Free Card. They have Above the Law status. This can serve the Mitt Romney's POTUS endeavor well. If they can test their Above the Law ability during the campaign process, if the American people, DOJ and Obama camp are to lax in protecting the Law. They can then see if anyone "Really" cares if they Break the Law. If no one screams or yells about it - then Breaking the Law, rejecting all ethics Codes and committing Piracy upon the open sea of the Electoral process is what they will do.

       Now you may be saying that - Laser Haas - you got it All wrong. Mitt Romney cannot be a Pirate, that takes an ocean or sea.

       eeeaaannnnttttt. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Dong.

       What do we have for our contestants? Do not pass go (to your common sense) - Do not collect any money. Go straight to jail. The fact of the matter is, Piracy, as defined by Wikipedia as an act of robbery or criminality whereas;

The term can include acts committed on land, in the air, or in other major bodies of water or on a shore. It does not normally include crimes committed against persons traveling on the same vessel as the perpetrator (e.g. one passenger stealing from others on the same vessel). The term has been used to refer to raids across land borders by non-state agents
 Merriam Webster's online dictionary states that a Pirateis "one who commits the act of Piracy".

   Webster's also states that;


  a: the unauthorized use of another's production, invention,
       or conception especially in infringement of a copyright

      b: the illicit accessing of broadcast signals

      Mitt Romney's campaign is a "Non State Agent" that is both flagrantly and blatantly defying the Law, stealing an intangible, yet very significant item. The Election.

       So, once again, we are back where we started. I have taken this bunch of banter to argue the point that Mitt Romney is a Pirate of the Electoral Process. Now you want to see the evidence; well here it is!


Evidence of Mitt Romney's campaign Piracy of the Electoral process


     1. Iowa Controversy.

        Mitt Romney, much different than his very poor showing (at a personal cost of estimated $30 million) in Iowa 2008 - was "Declared" a winner buy a mere eighty votes over Santorum. Then, surreptitiously, it was announced that votes were lost, over counts, under counts and areas were NOT counted. They have a whole year to prepare for this, The Most Important Election in the Country. Yet, things went wrong - for everyone BUT - Mitt Romney. Though CBS and others reported that Mitt Romney most likely did not win Iowa. It is over and in the bank now. As stated by CBS News;

MItt Romney Might Not Actually have won Iowa --

In the early hours of January 4, Romney was declared the winner of the Iowa caucuses by just eight votes: He took 30,015 to 30,007 for runner-up Rick Santorum. Iowa GOP officials said there would not be a recount, and the results were largely treated as settled.

But as Byron York of the Washington Examiner noted Monday, the results were not actually final. The caucus night results were based on phone calls into the state party. But officials also filled out written records of the vote totals, which they had two weeks to mail into the state party. It is based on those documents - not the phone calls - that the results are certified.


    As per the Washington Examiner article - on January 16, 2012 -  'it's Too late now"
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- It's conventional wisdom in Republican circles here in South Carolina that if Mitt Romney wins the state's primary this Saturday -- having already won in Iowa and New Hampshire -- he'll be the GOP presidential nominee.

No one maintains that Romney decisively won the caucuses. But the political conversation requires a winner for each contest, and in recent days the impression has set in that Romney won Iowa; as his campaign says, "a win's a win." Indeed, Romney's Iowa "victory" has become part of the argument for declaring Romney the winner of the Republican race overall.

It should have been Halted at that very moment. A lawsuit should have been initiated by Newt, Santorum or Paul - and/ or All 3 of them. But it didn't happen and Romney has now taken the candy from the baby - the 1st bite - and devoured the run with glee.

    2.  Maine Romney Debacle

          You are really going to luv this one. Mitt Romney was "declared" the winner, even before all the votes had been tallied. Some counties were tossed (purportedly due to inclement weather) and Ron Paul cried foul.

          More importantly, Ron Paul was told that the votes that were not counted, would be counted on Saturday. But that didn't happen true to form either. Resultantly, everything went haywire and so many cry's of foul transpired that a Tea Party guy (Andrew Ian Dodge) actually QUIT the Republican Party - citing "caucus fiasco". As reported by Politico - 'Andrew said he has no faith in a [fair] Republican Primary;

The liberal blog Dirigo Blue has Dodge explaining his reasons:

"I have no faith that the Maine Republicans can run a fair primary. The fact that Charlie Webster is still chair shows a complete disconnect between what Republican activists want and what the Party leadership does. I can no longer be part of a party that is either inept or corrupt.

The Tea Party was meant to get more people engaged in politics, not drive them away."

   Charlie Webster - the GOP Chair, defends his various decisions (all giving Romney the win) - See this YouTube here;

    Charlie Webster then said he has all the votes BUT - the won't be Released! As a result of the nefarious dealings, Charlie Webster, the GOP Chair in Maine, said he received over 1800 emails and some "death threats".

    There's a FaceBook page entitled "Charlie Websters Resignation"

     But the Maine GOP Committee has voted to Keep CharlieWebster.

   3. Michigan smish-again - Santorum loses a delegate and Romney WINS.

     Romney and Santorum were "tied" 15 - 15 with the Michigan delegates. But the Chariman GOP  (Robert Schostak) of Michigan (a self professed, Romney, supporter) stated - that "everyone must of misunderstood our previous memo, that the "At Large" delegates would be given to 1 person.

      Yet, MSNBC intervied Schostak prior to the debacle and MSNBC says what is being said to them now is hogwash. Here is the interview verbatim;

Schostak said:

"We start off with, after the penalty, 30 voting delegates. Okay? Each district-congressional district - you can win individually. So you have 14 districts you can win two delegates. That takes you to 28. Okay? The two at-large that remain, provided the individual candidate won at least 15 percent of the statewide vote - okay so with four candidates that's likely to happen. Then they get awarded proportionally, those delegates, and then rounded to the nearest decimal point so there won't be any half delegates or quarter delegates."
Furthermore, the MSNBC quotes Santorum stating Romney' Thuggery:
"There’s just no way this is happening. We’ve all heard rumors that Mitt Romney was furious that he spent a fortune in his home state, had all the political establishment connections and could only tie Rick Santorum.  But we never thought the Romney campaign would try to rig the outcome of an election by changing the rules after the vote.

Santorum concluded - that;

This kind of back room dealing political thuggery just cannot
                                                   and should not happen in America."

    There's also a audio recording of MSNBC's interview with Schostak (here).

   4. The Virgin Islands Ron Paul Screaming FOUL Play.

     Ron Paul has the right to scream out loud. Every other state, who ever won the most popular votes - got the delegates. Yet, in the Virgin Islands, Ron Paul got the most popular votes but only ONE delegate. Mitt Romney inexplicably received 3 delegates with a fourth 1 pledged to him for later.

    Now, before you think we are all done, here's a tidbit from Mitt Romney's past. In 2002, Mitt Romney ran to be Governor of Massachusetts. He was actually living in Utah, paid his taxes there and had his drivers license in Utah. Mass. Law states that Romney had to be a full resident for 7 years, to be eligible to run. The Democrat Party of Massachusetts contested Mitt Romney's eligibility and failed. Mitt Romney then became the Governor of Massachusetts. Wikipedia details the issue thus;

Massachusetts Democratic Party officials contested Romney's eligibility to run for governor, citing residency issues involving Romney's time in Utah as president of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee.[119] In June 2002, the Massachusetts State Ballot Law Commission unanimously ruled that Romney was eligible to run.
    Will Mitt Romney steal the Presidency of the United States. I don't know for sure. No one does, until the November 2012 election. However, he is most obviously, getting a good trial run at rigging the election. Like someone stealing a patent issue - the intangible - Mitt Romney's campaign is stealing the 2012 GOP President Race nod. If he wins more than 1/2 of the next 2 weeks, it is basically over. Everyone who said Romney was dead in Mississippi and Alamba, are about to eat their words. Romney may take both states.

      Regardless of your bias vs me, or the idea that Romney can steal anything, is it not prudent to defend President Obama from facing the possibility. We can stop Mitt Romney now - just get 1 - Just ONE - main stream media to tell the "REAL" stories on Bain and Mitt Romney. If he is exposed, for being Above the Law, benefiting from Federal Fraud. He will be toast.


     The powers that be have not been protecting Mitt Romneys Piracy, his Organized Criminal Empire, for a decade. With federal public servants breaking the Law and ethics Code & Rules more often than this nefarious GOP Chairman's.

They have come to far to let a simple technicality of who got the most votes stop him.

       If I am wrong, despite the evidence, that Piracy is over - you can bark at me.

                 If you are wrong, that he cannot do it - I have to bark at EveryOne.

                                         By then it will be TOO LATE..

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