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Just a suggestion for a quick bit of cyber activism on the Facebook and Twitter pages of a now infamous Arizona State Senator who wants to give employers the power to fire women for using birth control pills.

Check out this wingnutty Senator's Facebook page, for such deliciously righteous comments as

I am AMAZED that I have to fight this fight in this day and age. It is STUPID and EXHAUSTING. I have decided to take a break from any kind of intelligent conversation on this subject - just for today only - because I am TIRED of this craziness. Christina Molander Pasterz - you are a complete whack-a-do and you should get your head examined. Debbie Lesko - you are a MORON. I'll be making donations to Planned Parenthood in both of your names.
the bill you have authored supposedly defends religious freedom, but do those who do not belong to your religion, it represents big-brother-esque oppression. you should be ashamed of yourself.
Well, the American Taliban is alive and well in Arizona I see... or is Tealiban more apt?

and for the poster who said "leftist heathen communists" - if you think all lefties are heathen communists then i suggest you turn off the Faux Noise and get an actual education. you seem to have some definition issues...

Well, let's take a look at the GOP's to-do list. Piss off African Americans: check. Piss off Latinos: check. Piss off the LGBT community: check. Piss off the poor: check. Piss off the elderly: check. Piss off women: check. Good luck at election time, Debbie.
You are an embarrassment to intelligent, independent women everywhere. I could add so much more about the repugnance of your position but I am sure the many other posters will cover that ground. In keeping with your hatred of women who don't toe the male supremacy line, shouldn't you be barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen somewhere? Or does the irony of what you are doing escape you?
It seems as if we travel further back in time each day. I honestly cannot believe this piece of legislation exists, although given the current political climate, I'm not that surprised. While I see no inherent problem with religious tolerance, where do we draw the line. Please, explain how this would not be an invasion of my privacy? What right does anyone have to expect me to disclose why I take prescription birth control?! If an employer chooses to provide health care coverage, they have done their part, and I do mine by paying the premiums. The specific medications I am prescribed and for what purpose is clearly no one's business, but a medical doctor.
Are there not enough things to do in your office, Debbie? Couldn't your time be better spent helping the citizens of Arizona, instead of galvanizing them against you?
Her Twitter page is also full of insightful comments

On Facebook, the last posting from Lesko herself was from back in December, reacting to the "war on Christmas" (seems like she gets some of her talking points from O'Reilly and Fox). So, she probably doesn't bother to check with Facebook very often. So, if you are on Facebook, stop by her page for a visit and leave a message; it is likely to stay there for a while

Originally posted to Randian on Wed Mar 14, 2012 at 10:44 AM PDT.

Also republished by Baja Arizona Kossacks.

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