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[I posted this three weeks ago, but keeping up with Willard's incessant lies is a task, believe me. So what follows is the updated version:]

Huzzah! Following in the footsteps of Avenging Angel, who has done yeoman's work in exposing the stinking pile of mendacious horse manure that is Mitt Romney, I have been working to gather all of Willard's grotesque falsehoods into one central blog. I don't carry advertising on it, and I have not "monetized" it in any way. It's strictly a labor of love/hate. It can be found here. You see, I loathe and despise liars. I'm almost 60. I've been following politics since I was 12 (yes, a misspent youth).  I vividly remember such world-class prevaricators as Richard Nixon. But for the life of me, I have never seen a more brazen liar than Romney running for president in my entire life. By God, I won't stand for it, not without a fight. Hey, I'm just one little person. But just as a few hundred thousand small fires can make a conflagration, a few hundred thousand dedicated truth-tellers can out Mitt Romney for the lying, unprincipled, morally bankrupt sociopath that he is. So, with this conviction in mind, here are Romney's lies all exposed:

Here is Romney lying about his own first name:

Here is Romney lying about defense spending and falsely claiming Obama has made "huge" cuts in the defense budget:

Here is Romney's staff gloating about his TV ad lying about Obama and the economy:

Here is Romney's outrageous lie that Obama has increased the national debt more than all other presidents combined:

Here is Romney's lie about his plans to give huge tax cuts to people like himself:

Here is Romney's infuriating lie about President Obama's so-called "Apology Tour":

Here is Romney's lie about his father and Martin Luther King:

Here is Romney's astonishing, brazen lie that President Obama is responsible for ALL the job losses in the recession:

Here is Romney caught lying by Rachel Maddow about his "Obama made the recession worse" remarks:

Here is Romney lying about the activities of his SuperPac in Iowa:

Here is Romney's shockingly brazen lie that President Obama's objective is "equal outcomes" for all people:

Here's Romney in full, lying sociopath mode after his win in New Hampshire:

Here is Romney lying about his record on gay rights:

Here is Romney lying about the President's healthcare law:

Here is Romney's lie about the President's so-called policy of "appeasement":

Here is how Romney's lies fit into a general pattern of sociopathy:

Here is Romney lying right to David Corn's face about something Romney said that Corn heard PERSONALLY:

Here is Romney lying about President Obama's trade policies:

Here is Romney lying about the "savings" that would come from repealing the healthcare law:

Here is a CONSERVATIVE commentator talking about the tissue of pathetic lies that is Mitt Romney's stump speech:

Here is Romney AGAIN lying about Obama's defense policy:

Here is Romney lying about his "regular guy" status, including his AMAZING lie that he has feared getting a "pink slip" notice himself:

Here is Romney claiming that anyone who questions his business tactics is "attacking the free enterprise system":

Here is Jon Stewart nailing Romney's lies and deceptions about the tax code:

Here is Romney's lie about President Obama having "raised" the corporate tax rate:

Here is Romney claiming he pays a 50%(!!) tax rate:

Here is Romney's lie about President Obama and rocket attacks against Israel:

Here are Romney's lies about his "job creator" record:

Here is Romney's BLATANT lie that Gingrich "outspent him" in South Carolina:

Here is Romney's lie about President Obama's record on regulations, a lie of ASTONISHING magnitude:

Here is Romney lying about social programs that aid the poor:

Here is Romney lying about his "blind trust":

Here is Romney attempting to take credit for an auto bailout he OPPOSED:

Here is Romney lying about his intentions for Social Security and Medicare:

Here's Romney lying about the birth control ruling:

Here's an item about the vicious, lying, right-wing hitman that Romney has hired to spread lies about Willard's opponents:

Here's Romney CONTINUING to tell the lie that "Obama made the recession worse":

Here's Romney calling himself "moderate" and "progressive" in 2002:

Here's Romney lying about his position on climate change:

Here's Romney lying about his "Mexican" background and his jobs record:

Here's Romney lying about Medicare:

Here's Romney trying to rewrite the history of the auto bailout AGAIN:

Here's Romney lying about defense policy in general and the Navy in particular:

Here is Romney's lying claim that he has never changed his position on immigration:

Here is Romney's incredibly vicious lie that President Obama has "fought against religion":

Here is Romney lying about sanctions on Iran:

Here is Romney's fictional account of his time as governor of Massachusetts:

Here are Romney's INCREDIBLE lies about his record on abortion rights:

Here's Romney lying about his own "memories":

Here's Romney caught lying, on videotape:

Here's Romney's lie about President Obama being a "crony capitalist":

Here's Romney lying about Obama and Iran--AGAIN:

Here's Romney's utterly dishonest taxation and budgetary proposals:

Here's Romney lying about Obama and Medicare AGAIN:

I simply have gathered Romney's lies together, for the most part. (Sometimes I find news items myself and highlight them.) Steve Benen, Andrew Sullivan, a lot of you good folks here on DKos, the good folks at Balloon Juice, and many others have rooted them out.  I wanted to give you a ready resource for making these things go viral, as widely as possible.

I hope this helps.

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