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WABC monitoring, on the Ides of March.

Also includes a trip through Don Imus.

Today, Rush Limbaugh did a ninety minute ad for a new sponsor. While bashing the alternative fuel research of one that dropped him.

Other advertisers, do beware the wrath of a Limbaugh scorned.

And the SiriusXM rumour? Well, during the intro he said: "As long as I'm here, it doesn't matter where here is."

Don Imus had Matt Taibbi on the phone this morning.

"I've been getting hate mail. Why are you having Matt Taibbi on your show? And I said Shut Up!"

Imus asked Taibbi about "The eXile," a Russian newspaper still around. It was about some of the publication's content - which he used to edit - that some accused him of being a misogynist.

MT - "Genuine misogyny is certainly an ugly thing, but I don't think that's what i was doing."

Bill Maher and Imus working together came up as well. Imus brought up the rift between Taibbi and Breitbart. "I don't think a lot of people knew what he did to you," noted Imus about a release of private email accounts and other information about Taibbi.

The conversation winded through Greg Smith, the ex-Goldman Sachs employee. "There's evidence of everything he said."

Eventually they got to Rush. Imus considers Rush's attack and non apology as "one of the most gutless things I've ever seen anybody do." However, Elizabeth Hasselbeck had a point that when conservative women are called the 'c' word, no one speaks up. Matt agreed that no one should be able to do that.

Yesterday's Rolling Stone piece about Bank Of America got a few comments about what is already in the piece, which is a great read. Endless lawsuits, bid rigging, sideways bailouts. Fleecing everybody in sight. FYI,  Imus is a Chase / WellsFargo customer, he admitted. But wishes he could get the husband of a Bank Of America bigwig - Mike Barnicle (Boston based pundit) on his show.

"Oil is proof that god loves us."

British Petroleum (ahem, "BP")  is a new sponsor of Rush Limbaugh. Thus, he did an hour plus advertorial for them. (That's when the ad is buried in the content of the story, yet seems like a coincidence. All in the delivery.) His first hour was about Obama, oil, the strategic reserves, and drilling. To underscore, he brought up an old Texaco ad on how drilling is safe and wonderful.

Later, he revisited the oil issue. Brought up a 2011 case. "A lot of oil companies after BP oil spill asked to go back to drilling. Obama would not grant the rights to drill." He had the audacity to say there was 'nothing in it for me.' Besides BP sponsoring this show now, that is.

"The idea that Obama is Mr. Drill, our last best hope of getting oil freely circulating to reduce price is an absolute lie."

And the idea that Limbaugh wants his listeners to forget about the blatant self-interest is relevant.

About the audio heard in a clip from Obama's speech at a community college, "The god reverb is back. Obama is god. Yay,Obama, yay. " So you see, the mere presence of Obama drives Limbaugh totally nutty.

After the first hour, reporters tweeted that Jay Carney said there will be no release of the strategic reserves. Which laid a massive turd on the last sixty minutes.

So he doubled down. Went into a rant on how it will happen closer to the election as a trick.

A competitor to BP, ExxonMobil, has been working on the possibility of algae as a source of alternative fuel. So Rush went on a rant about algae. I hope ExxonMobil took note too.

Here, in fact, is what ExxonMobil is up to.

ExxonMobil has been engaged in a long-term effort to examine the potential of next generation and renewable fuels.  After considerable study, we have concluded that biofuels from photosynthetic algae have potential benefits and advantages.
In other words, Rush Limbaugh is attacking ExxonMobil. Perhaps for dropping him a sponsor.

Later, he brought up a piece of 'proof' written by a known conservative group that Senator Ed Markey pointed out is known to distort the truth. Which is why he used it.

Markey, on the Limbaugh-cited Institute for Energy Research.

Earlier this week, the Institute for Energy Research posted an entry on their website that stated “production on federal lands is decreasing significantly…oil and natural gas production on federal lands has fallen by over 40 percent since 2000”. The Heritage Foundation, meeting this week in Pennsylvania for their annual retreat, used their blog to erroneously state, “Oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down by more than 40 percent compared to 10 years ago” based on the incomplete EIA data. The Natural Resources Committee Majority staff also echoed the erroneous information with an alert yesterday.
He's become Paula Dean.

Today's sample below. WABC AM 770 New York Radio Aircast.

46 spots. 4 NEW Paid. 3 Lobbyist. 2 PSA. 11 Promo. 33 Paid Spots. Many repeats in same 90 minutes.

1202 "Missing" ABC Television  (new)
1202 Guitar Center
1203 Equity Now
1204 Quietess
1205 Small Business Authority ($)
1206 BP Gasoline  (new)
1206 The Empire State Building  (new)  (local)

1229 LifeLock
1220 Robert Steinberg, Mesothiolioma  (local)
1220 Hoover's
1221 WABC Promo
1221 Paul Miller Auto Group (new)  (local)
1222 Grey Defense
1223 WABC Promo

1231 The New York Times
1232 American Bullion
1233 FBI AntiFraud / WABC
1234 WABC Promo

1248 WABC Promo
1248 Total Transformation
1249 Amberin
1250 WABC Promo
1250 Geraldo Rivera For Certa Pro

1255 WABC Promo
1255 Fujitsu General
1256 WABC Promo
1257 Doctors WIthout Borders - PSA
1257 WABC Promo

1259 Adopt US Kids - PSA

102 I Contact
103 AccuQuote
103 Equity Now
104 Indian Point  ($)
105 John Batchelor for Conservative Tours
106 Silver Star Motors (new) (local)
106 RTK Environmental

120 WABC Promo
120 Hoovers
121 Working For America / Newt Gingrich  (yes, Rush was bashing Newt for staying in the race yesterday.) ($)
121 WABC Promo
121 Paul Miller Auto Group (local)
122 Grey Defense

132 RTK Environmental
132 American Bullion
133 FBI This Week / WABC
134 WABC Promo

See you tomorrow.

By the way, it would make sense Premiere or Limbaugh are insured against potential losses for what happens in cases like this. Anyone who might know, do tell.

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