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I want to thank my vet advocate buddies and veteran supporting Kossacks.  I was just informed that The White House has made inquiries with the St Pete Regional Office and the State of Florida regarding veteran care and my husband's care.   The gentleman informed me that on the 16th of March the White House got involved with this case and on behalf of Florida veterans.   The counselor said that he had known of congressional inquiry and other political inquiry on behalf of constiuents but never heard of the White House directly specifically getting involved with a specific complaint and making an inquiry.  We made a difference and I hope that something will start moving in a positive direction for the care of our most valuable resource.  The main office at the 800 # sent an inquiry to contact me directly regarding the WH initiative and I will update as soon as I get some answers.  I want to thank Hal Donahue and the Radio program along with angleajean for their participation and love for veterans and appreciate all the help and support.   I also appreciate all numbers, contacts and forms made available to me.  I sent the interview directly in an email along with all of your comments and diary.  The counselor spoke to my husband directly and said he wanted him to know The White House was involved in his case and sorry to hear about the way things had gone on behalf of the VA.  He informed me that I possibly would be talking to the President in regard to this matter of VA care in the State of Florida.
Just one mis managed case is too many.  He was reading me the status of what is now
happening and that they are having to respond directly to the White House.
I said I thanked God and my friends and President Obama .   I contacted Hal and he said we could hope things move quickly for the good.   I trust but will continue to verify.   Never ever think a collective effort does not make a difference.  It does.

Originally posted to Vetwife on Wed Mar 21, 2012 at 12:18 PM PDT.

Also republished by Military Community Members of Daily Kos.

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