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Don't Re-Nig racist bumper sticker
Hate bumpersticker. (Via)
Join me for all this week's hateful excitement, below the fold!

To: M. Moulitsas, the moron king of Dailykos

Dear moron, I hope you enjoy the sight of Obama destroying the American economy and the American family. Obama is a foreign threat to our country, and its traitors like you who made it all possible. Obama's targets include dcapitalism, Christianity and the military. Note that no prseident has ever cut the defence budget more than obama. Also no president has ever before declared open war on Chrisitianity. Obama has made it impossible to invest or to hire workers with his communist Obamacare plan, widely ridiculed by economist. Obama promised the soviets that he would destroy our nuclear capability and therefore our ability to defend against invasion.

You are one of the reasons America is being destroyed and you should feel shame and responsibility. I'm non-partisan myself so this not a democrat vs republcian issue. You could have nominated a democrat who is not a islamist commie, you chose not to. You could have went with someone like Ben Nelson or Evan Bayh, who are liberal, but not communist. Even Hillary, though extremely far left still respects our country and would have acted to defend it. But you had to choose a muslim (not legally, but in fact) who hates this country and the western world and is setting us up to be destroyde. You are either too stupid to realise Obama's evil or too evil to care. I'm betting on stupid since your blog makes no sense. The communist era is over and its time you understood it. replace Obama now, or you will lose the election.

You can be legally Muslim?
Manuscript documenting a Hate Crime by the KKK and the Italian Mafia

Please e-mail the e-mail address of a specific author who I can send this document to.


I know this guy edscan...
You are an antisemite

Your blog is truly disgusting. In every diary involving Israel or "Palestine", most of your esteemed readers seem to support terrorism over democracy. You have no shortage of cheerleaders for Hamas and Hizbullah, yet you have very few defenders of Israel's liberal democracy. Palestinians are savages who enjoy the murder of jewish children more than the lives of their own children. Supporting palestinians over Israel is like supporting the mexican drug cartels over the FBI. You are despicable.

And then we had the horrible events in France, where your precious muslim friends shot to death innocent children and a schoolteacher. This is what happens you don't stand up to the murderous fascist cult that is islam. This is a direct result of us having a president who can barely conceal his hatred of Israel and who is blatantly antisemitic (and please note that the shooter has said that he acted in support of palestinians). The islamist thugs know that Obama will stand with them and against Israel when the shit hits the fan, so they are emboldened to execute more and more strikes like the one in France.

I would at least give you points for honesty if you stopped saying "I support Israel but... (insert long list of complaints, including such outrageous crimes like Israel existing in the first place)" and started saying "I hate Israel and..."

You, your readers and Obama are all filthy antisemitic scum worthy of Hitler himself. I hope you get blown up by a palestinian terrorist, because the irony would be hilarious. Heil Hitler, right?

Hmmm, I wonder if Israelis agree with you?
[A] majority (54%) of Israeli Jews polled in 2011 expressed a favorable view of the U.S. President while 39% expressed negative views.
I guess not. They must be antisemitic scum worthy of Hitler too.

Are you proud that you have silenced edscan?

Is your "bias" showing?

When the Nazis "have" the United States",
will you then be happy ?


No, I will not be happy when the Nazis "have" the United States. Glad we got that cleared up!

One of my goals has been achieved.....
without my help.
The sane World has awakened.
Rush has been "found out".
Only the "Oil Maggots" will remain.
It will work just like the old cream separator.
Slowly at first.... and then they will all leave.
The "Hard Core" Nazis will remain.
That's good !
We can then identify them.
And ignore them.
Yes, he still has his wealth.
That was not his goal.
Out of the mouths of babes comes words of
Out of this "old Man's mouth" came words of
hate and deception.
Good riddance.

Amazing all the things we'll manage to do without your help.


Unemployment never paid so well! Daily Kos audience statistics:
Daily Kos household income chart: Affluent

Dear Daily Joke,

Do all  intellectuals, comrades of academia, pussy reporters, political parasites, jackass journalists, holders of the so-called golden paradigm suffer from delusions of grandeur or secular stupidity?  I mean I read your stuff and you gotta be kiddin.  At least your consistent, like a full fledged perpetual moron.

By the way, why is it that the males of your cerebral species always seem to just barely have enough testosterone to keep a couple a giblets in the trunk? Is it the sight of the giant dykes you idiots always appoint to some security position every time your bitches get power? Or have your pseudo females assumed the dominant roll because they notice the lack of sack or that the "who else is gonna do it" scenario seems to be in effect. Either way, that's pretty pathetic. But what is scary is that you idiots are totally oblivious to your own incredible stupidity.

The Marxist-Leninist goat humpin Arab in the White House is done, gone. You can go back to playing with your farm animals. LOL

Perhaps you can help me ... why are Republicans losing the female vote again?

This week's hate mail is

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31%679 votes

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