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Above, you see Marc Mutty, in a clip from the documentary film, Question 1, by Joe Fox. Mutty successfully lead the campaign in 2009 to convince voters to repeal the marriage equality passed by the Maine legislature. It is a naked declaration of the lack of ethnics and moral bankruptcy that powers the anti-gay industry. He admits their ads are filled with "hyperbole" that is "not entirely accurate." But it's what they have to do to win.

Mutty: "One of the problems I have—I know we have to do what we have to do is slam people over the head, not only with a two-by-four, but with a two-by-four with nails sticking out of it. And it's just, it's, unfortunately, I think it's a lousy approach but it's the only thing we got, and that's the way campaigns work. And we use a lot of hyperbole, and I think that's always dangerous. You know, we say things like "Teachers will be forced to…" You know that's not a completely accurate statement, and we all know it isn't, you know."

Woman: "No, we don't say that."

Mutty: "Let's look back at our ads and see what we say. And I think we use hyperbole to a point where it's like…. jeez…"

Mutty, a devout Catholic, actually does seem to be genuinely struggling with the conflict the Ninth Commandment presents to his desire to win the campaign.

Of course, he's right. This hyperbole is dangerous. The entire reason they tie the issue of consenting adults entering into a government sanctioned relationship with children is to play  on a deeply engrained belief that there is link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

It also plays on the idea that homosexuality is contagious. If children learn of homosexuality, they will choose to become gay. Only by keeping children ignorant of homosexuality can you avert the possibility of them turning gay.

It's pure nonsense.

But much of what people do believe about many things is nonsense. Try to engage half the country on the failed strategy of Reaganomics and see how much nonsense is wildly believed.

And as Mutty himself admits, it's the only thing they got: smear gay people as a great danger children.

Question 1 (Joe Fox)
I've seen this documentary in it's entirety, and it's very, very good. The filmmaker got unfettered access to both the "Yes on 1" and "No on 1" campaigns. The frankness that organizers present for the camera is surprising. And the "no" campaign comes across much better. But they aren't engaged in any trickery or over the top hyperbole. Their goals are straight-forward and honest, they'd like loving committed couples to obtain the right to marry, nothing more, nothing less. There is no nefarious plan to indoctrinate the children or influence the school curriculum. The "Yes' campaign can only win if the change the subject, and obfuscate and confuse the question in voter's minds. And they did.

We've certainly had a very eye-opening couple of days about the despicable manner in which the anti-gay crowd operates. This film is another piece of the public education effort. And once again, the education will come from the anti-gay's own mouths, as they merely speak their truth. Or rather express their contempt for telling the truth.

Another tidbit found in National Organization for Marriage's secret strategy documents was the recognition that they were outgunned in pop culture:

"Hollywood with its cultural biases is far bigger than we can hope to be. We recognize this.
Fortunately they have a plan to counter it by seeking out "non-cognitive" and "non-intellectual elites." NOM says:
But we also recognize the opportunity - the disproportionate potential impact of proactively seeking to gather and connect a community of artists, athletes, writers, beauty queens and other glamorous non-cognitive elites across national boundaries. (This is applying the Witherspoon and IAV model to non-intellectual elites.)"
I guess they have sort of a reverse IQ test to see who they buddy up to. I wonder if this naked contempt for the intellect of their spokespeople will inhibit future celebrities from associating with NOM? That would be a shame.

I guess Kirk Cameron, Stephen Baldwin and Carrie "Miss Opposite Marriage" Prejean passed their "non-intellectual" elites test. How proud they must be.

This film demonstrates even when the camera is not focused on celebrities, the antis don't fair much better.

Let's get this film in theaters

Now, the opportunity has presented itself that we can get this film into theaters. Landmark Theaters has expressed interest in screening the film, but they want to hear from people that there is interest in the film.

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog has launched an action to lobby Landmark to pick it up for distribution. The details are:

So here's how you can help:
1. Email Landmark Theatres:
All you need to do is send a quick email to Landmark, telling them you'd like them to show "Question One," the documentary about the marriage equality battle in Maine, in their theaters, and that of course you'll go the show and tell your friends about it.  Use this email address:  The film's directors will then hand deliver the emails to a Landmark executive.  If you want, put your home town in the subject line of the email, so that the geographic diversity of interest is clear on its face just by looking at the subject lines.

2. Tweet this post.

3. Share this post on Facebook.

The gmail inbox will serve as something of a ballot box. The powers that be, currently in the decision making process of whether to distribute the film, will consider how many letters of support they get. So please take a moment to type one out.

Here is my letter:

Dear Landmark,

I'm writing concerning the documentary "Question 1." I strongly encourage you to make it available through your outlets. I have seen it myself already and it is a fine, entertaining, and educational film that will be a credit your chain's image. I am sure people will enjoy and talk about it.

With five marriage ballot fights on the horizon in the next six months, I'm confident interest in this film will be high. I am also certain you can depend on Netroots progressive blogosphere to stoke awareness of this film. And if you're really lucky, the Christian right will condemn the decision and announce a boycott. Similar actions have turned into quite a boon for JC Penney and Starbucks in that last few months.

I do hope your chain embraces the opportunity to offer an interesting, timely and educational film to your customers. I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

Scott Wooledge
Brooklyn, NY

PS. your Landmark Sunshine Cinema in East Village is one of my favorite theaters in NYC. I'll be happy to see the film again, and bring a friend or two.

Let's remember, we're political junkies. The disclosures of NOM's racial strategy machinations may have seemed like politics as usual. But to the ordinary "low-information" voters such peeks behind the curtain can be very eye-opening and influence the prism through wich they view these campaigns. Let's open some eyes at the multiplex.

Originally posted to Milk Men And Women on Thu Mar 29, 2012 at 09:16 AM PDT.

Also republished by Angry Gays and LGBT Kos Community.

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