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Thus we begin our journey. Mitt the pitts is a wannabe POTUS and all his pals that have been protecting his organized criminal empire of Bain are now all hoping to join the likes of Karl Rove and John Ashcroft with massive paydays. As we go on this journey, the chance that they will take me out grows larger with each and every day we get closer to November. It is my hope, that if they succeed, some of you will carry on the case and I am here to provide you the evidence - all within public docket records.




       I, Steve Haas, more commonly known as "Laser Haas" do testify Under PENALTY of PERJURY, this, the 29th day of March 2012 - that;

       Bain Capital, managed and owned by Mitt Romney in 2001 - did conspire with Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, the MNAT law firm in DE (that works for both Goldman Sachs and Bain) to dump the public company of eToys and Steal the Federal estate thereof clean. There's proof of more than one-hundred (100) crimes committed in this case, including, but not limited to, Perjury, Collusion, Intimidation of Victim/ Witness, MisPrison of a Felony, Bankruptcy Fraud, SEC Fraud, Federal Corruption and Racketeering.

                                                                         s Steve "LASER" Haas
                                                                         100% sole Owner of "CLI"

                                                                         The Federal Court Approved    


         Any 1L student can prosecute this case. The fact is the evidence is almost all within the public docket records. We even have confessions to lying more than thirty-five (35) times, while under oath and even confessions that many were left to deceive the court "intentionally". So that you understand this issue (for those who want to do as I have and learn about the LAW) - just read about the book written of a Wall Street Lawyer put in prison for Bankruptcy Fraud (yes, there actually was 1). It is about John Gellene from the NY firm of Milbank and Tweed. The crime Gellene committed was also committed here in the eToys case - as well as 100 more.

   Professor Nancy Rappaport's Review

  Georgetown University review of John Gellene case

  My Favorite - Lou Jones Breakfast  - but I can't find the link. Google has made it where I have to link to them  1st (and hope you get it) - but I will download the PDF and post it online. It is a fantastic review against the many arguments attorneys would use to find fault with Gellene being arrested.

If you don't know the Law - Study it Dummy

     The LAW is our friend. I am living proof. If you look and see what using it has accomplished thus far, you will be amazed. We have closed Law firms, forced them to promote judges to higher courts and even used it to help stop a corrupt US Attorney, from being promoted to the federal bench. And I was label retarded in school.

Wouldn't you love to know something about the Law, next time you talk to a Lawyer?

        Scholars and decent men have worked with our Constitution to protect us. What has happened in the interim, we have gotten lazy, due to our great wealth. Yes, we have great wealth, even though I have lost everything and my kids and grand kids are suffering and I am homeless; my kids and their kids still eat, learn and have the hope of living in peace.

       Due to the fact that I realized attorney's at law are not always geniuses, I began to study the Law online and at the Department of Justice website.We helped put Tom Petters and friends in jail, Marc Dreier and more - simply by studying the LAW on the Department of Justice website. The United States Attorney's Manual ("USAM") is online (here). So is the United States Trustee Manual ("USTM"). But the most relative Codes are in this part of the USAM - Section 9-41.000

     One of the ones that I like most (and they try to ignore most) - is the Code that commands a judge to Notify & Refer crimes. It is 18 U.S.C. § 3057(a). and this is what it says in the USAM;

9-41.010  Report of Violations of Bankruptcy Fraud

Section 3057(a) of Title 18, United States Code, requires a judge, receiver or trustee having reasonable grounds for believing that any violation of laws of the United States relating to insolvent debtors, receiverships or reorganization plans has been committed, to report all the facts and circumstances to the appropriate United States Attorney (USA). Upon receipt of this report, the USA determines whether an investigation should be commenced; and upon completion of this investigation, the USA decides whether criminal action is warranted. A report by a judge, receiver or trustee of possible violations is not a condition precedent to the initiation of an investigation.

   Please take note - there's NO discretion for a judge - it states verbatim "requires" that a judge or trustee are "require[d]" to - (must) report all the facts and circumstances. Now, if this 1 law alone, had been applied, we would not be talking today.

     Remember, I've informed you - that any first year law student can successfully prosecute this case. The problem is not doing a proper prosecution, the dilemma is that one must first find a NON Corrupt Prosecutor. It has become so systemic and incestuous, the scheming to help fleece us. So much so that many people within the Department of Justice have joined the corruption. The Judicial Canon's of Conduct state that a judge must refer an attorney or judge who defy the Law, to the authorities.

 When's the last time you've ever seen a judge tell someone to arrest another judge?

     Do you believe there are more than just a few judges breaking the law?

                                             I rest my case!



      We have been telling these stories for nearly a decade. Like most of you, we wanted to believe in the good faith of our federal employees. Most are good, law abiding citizens. But you must remember and understand. If the top is bad, then everything below is either rotten or ostracized. To give you and example in Capone or George Bush's case there are Frank Nitti and Cheney. Do you ever think about the U.S Marshal or bar tenders employed under them. NO - because it does not matter. If the top is corrupt, the bottom does not count.

      I am telling you and have been telling you - Romney is going to steal the POTUS.

      Yeah, I know, you say BS, it can't happen, too many of us are going to vote for Obama. That would be forgetting how much money is behind Romney, that would be forgetting Karl Rove, that would be forgetting

                                  BUSH v GORE

       But, don't take my word for it. I am not the only person out there warning you that they will do Anything it Takes - to Steal the POTUS. There are many who are aware - just how far these people will go - so I give you none other than

Senator John Kerry

    For he said in an email today
   When I was the Democratic nominee for president in one of the closest and toughest elections in history, a group of billionaires did something unprecedented:

They wrote million-dollar checks to fund lies about my service on what were called "Swift Boats" in Vietnam -- and in so doing, they turned the boats my crewmates and I served on into a new political shorthand for the most vicious smears imaginable: "swiftboating."

I wish like hell that the term was retired from the American political lexicon, and returned to its real meaning.

But guess what: Bob Perry, the deep-pocketed funder of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," just gave $3 million to Mitt Romney's Super PAC.

One man. Three million dollars. And that's just the start.

I know all too clearly that these guys will do or say anything to win. They'll stop at nothing. But forewarned is forearmed. Their multi-million dollar smear tactics were new in 2004; in 2012 we know their playbook, and shame on us if we don't tear it into shreds. Join me and we will stop the "swiftboating" of President Obama.

Senator Kerry has NO idea how tough the battle will be.

     The above email was a note sent out from Senator Kerry but paid for by "Obama for America. I fear that they are still under estimating the enemy. Can everyone not see that Mitt Romney is rigging the election against his own party. Iowa, Maine and Michigan? We pointed out this stuff last time and it had complications of corruption large then and was too fresh. With Bush in power - the press did not assist Romney at that time. So he has adjusted, he made sure - come hell or hi water - that he was declared winner - again and again. The GOP love him for his power and corruption. That Really makes him their man.

     We all tend to count upon what we call the main stream media to inform us. This is so silly. We all know that they are mostly bought and paid for. Even Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher are not able to bring this story to you. This is because Romeny, Bain and his partner in crime own or have heavy influence over msm. Sachs owns part of the NY Times, Bain owns many retail ad dollars like Staples, Toys R Us and their stations of Clear Channel and more. Someone must break that story. Just like someone had to break the Casey Anthony story and the Trayvon Martin story. When we Blog the Truth - it hurts them.

      But, right now, Mitt Romney is not hurting. He is riding high. In the very beginning he and his nefarious pirates were well aware that they had exposure in the Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz and eToys cases. So they have lied to you. Romney has been putting out in the press - over and over - that he quit Bain and all their interest in 1999. He is LYING.

      Also, that Newt Gingrish movie is a Red Herring. His people and other media's were talking to me. Then, all of sudden, Newt Gingrich pays big money for the King of Bain movie. They tell you some about Bain, Stage Stores (VERY important) and Kay Bee Toys.


        What they did not mention in Newt's King of Bain movie - is that it came from a Mitt Romney advisor. (Do you understand what is going on now).

       They had exposure, and had to quash it before the primaries began. So they "touched" the issues, in the same way that a cop giving Al Capone a traffic ticket would "touch" his organized criminal empire.

        Within the King of Bain movie is the "touching" of  of some of the players from both Kay Bee and SSI (Stage Stores). Those two cases are connects to three. the missing case that I speak of, is eToys.

Very Important Key Players

        Bain did not own Stage Stores - Mitt Romney did (800,000 shares). At Stage Stores was Barry Gold, working for Directors and 2 of those directors were Jack Bush (from Dallas TX) and Michael Glazer. Barry Gold then hired Paul Traub in Stage Stores, then Paul Traub hired Barry Gold in eToys. Bain bought Kay Bee Toys in late 2000 and Paul Traub with law firm - then made Barry Gold (secretly and illegally) President/ CEO of eToys. Then, they all fired me - while selling the assets for Zero/ Nada/ Zilch to Bain/ Kay Bee / Michael Glazer.

        When they did so, they lied to a federal Chief Justice (MFW) and submitted more than thirty-five (35) false affidavits to the court. It took me nearly 5 years to find proof. But I did - and it was by their own hand that I found the Smoking Gun. They were getting away with it for so long, so many times - they got sloppy. Our new evidence forced them to confess and got the story (1/100th) reported into the Wall Street Journal. To show you how good a job the WSJ did on the story (after 5 years) - they told only 1/100th, gave credits to the wrong people for the wrong things and even spelled my name wrong. (See Pittsburgh Post-Gazette copy of WSJ July 25, 2005 [here]).



        Just recently, Meteor Blades made two (2) quotes that continue to make me marvel at the guy. The 1st one stated something to the effect that the mindset of intellectuals have the ability to obfuscate by their haughtier. I am trying to find it and will post. It is the 2nd one that is most germane.

       No one can please everyone all the time. Unfortunately, I have a knack of finding those who are never pleased with me from the outset. They don't know me - they just don't like me. That's fine. I've been the bottom of the social heap all my life, why should my twilight be any different. I forgive you. However, if you are not drawing attention to these cases - simply because you'd rather see me continue to suffer - will that's plain dumb.

     Chances are my good life is done. Even if this case ever gets prosecuted, judges will be in control of what money I get back from the crooks. As it just so happens, I have my own little Richard Fine moments and a judge told me - unless you play it their way and be nice - you will never get paid. I say to him what I say to anybody that would sit still on evidence - simply because. You have a chance here to talk down corrupt attorneys. You have a chance here to take down corrupt federal officials. You have a chance here to do, even if it is only 1/100,000th as much - something like in the Trayvon Martin case.

       Our Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Tribune, WaPo etc, etc - are NOT the main stream media. They are DYING a slow - agonizing death. We - YOU and I - we're the ones that can make a difference. All you have to do is get involved. This story is HUGE. Hell, you don't even have to EVER mention my name. Or do like some trolls here and say bad stuff about me - just cause you feel like it.

       But - IF - You don't get the word out about this. Don't come crying to me when Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bain own the world and U.S. They have already destroyed me. I am homeless every other month. You are not being asked to help Laser Haas. You are being asked to help your country, stop corruption and make DAMN sure that Mitt Romney's thieving days are over. You can be part of something special. I am inviting you on board the train of their destruction. They have already elevated me to their plateau. They under estimated me, thinking I would take a bribe. Then they believed I would just go away.

      Now they are counting on you to just go away and let them win!

       I warned you - and so has Meteor Blades. He pointed this out to us.

                                 qui tacet consentire videtur

       The Latin translates to

Thus, silence gives consent. Sometimes accompanied by the proviso "ubi loqui debuit ac potuit", that is, "when he ought to have spoken and was able to".
   But, I like the movie version

           Don't start nuttin
                    won't be nuttin

      Senator John Kerry thinks he knows what Mitt Romney will do to win.

                         I hope we don't find out the hard way!

They Believe they are Too Big To Jail


What do you say, you wanna be able to have a beer celebration some day after Thanksgiving and know you helped sting Romney/ Bain/ Goldman Sachs

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