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Most people have seen what the Zimmerman spokes people are saying:

- "George was out of breath and barely conscious"
~ George's brother to Piers Morgan on March 29, 2012
- "If George was banged one more time he would be wearing diapers for the rest of his life and being spoon fed by his brother"
~ George's brother to Piers Morgan on March 29, 2012
- Trayvon saw the gun and said to George "You will die tonight" then grabbed the gun but George got the gun and shot Trayvon in the chest.
~VA Supreme Court Magistrate Robert Zimmerman (George's dad) to local Fox News.
- Trayvon was beating George's head on the sidewalk
~Joe Oliver, Distant Acquaintance of George's
    Basically, Zimmerman spokes people are saying George suffered so much physical damage from being beaten to ... what ... an inch of his life, that he killed Trayvon before Trayvon killed him with Zimmerman's gun.

     Yet, with all the severe beating George allegedly took from Trayvon, the Police Report states:

"Zimmerman was placed in the rear of my police vehicle and was given First Aid by SFD [Rescue 38] ... At no point did I question Zimmerman about the incident that had taken place. Once Zimmerman was cleared by SFD he was transported to Sanford Police Department."
     The back seat of a police squad car! WHAT!

     So, police at the scene of the murder and Sanford Fire Department Rescue 38 thought George's injuries did not require him be put in an ambulance for treatment, rather, his injuries only required first aid in the back seat of a cop car and then "cleared" him for any: concussion, swelling or bleeding of the brain, whiplash, broken nose and no bandage to cover alleged open head wound.

Talk to any EMT and they will tell you that if they have a subject who has had their head beat on a sidewalk, especially to the point of bleeding from the head, the EMT will:

- inspect the head for swelling
- clean wound and BANDAGE wound
- extend bandage 1 inch beyond edges of wound
- check heart rate for sign of concussion (which is severe brain injury)
- check reflexes
- Put a cervical collar on patient prior and take to hospital to test for Whiplash
- take subject to hospital for CT-Scan of the head to see if brain is swelling and/or bleeding of the brain.
    None of that was done to George Zimmerman in the back seat of the police squad car.  In fact, from looking at Police Surveillance video, SFD and police would have let George leave the scene with open head wounds ... open head wounds! COME ON!

    Trained EMT and Fire Dept Rescue Units know that having your head beat repeatedly on a sidewalk could cause: bleeding and swelling of the brain, whiplash, brain stem injury, broken vertebra and a host of other severe injuries.

    Any EMT worth their salt will also tell you that the alleged broken nose would have required more than "first aid" in the back seat of a police car.  For a broken nose the SFD would have:

- packed the nostrils with gauze
- put ice pack over the nose to keep swelling down
- transport patient to hospital for x-rays to determine if nose is broken
    Sometimes a person can refuse medical treatment by an EMT and/or Fire Department Rescue Unit and the person can just leave a scene and go home.

     However, when you just murdered a person, and you claim you just had your head bashed in so you were "out of breath and barely conscious" and you think you have a broken nose, as Zimmerman claims, you don't get to deny medical care as the police are responsible to make sure that you don't die from swelling of the brain while they are questioning you at the police station.

    Therefore, Zimmerman could not have denied medical care and he could not have refused going to the hospital for x-ray of the nose and CT-Scan of the brain.

      Let me reiterate, police do not want the person they are questioning to die from brain injury ... therefore, if his wounds were as severe as he claims, at the very least, the SFD would have taken him to the hospital for x-rays and CT-Scan and George would not have been able to refuse going to the hospital as he was in custody of the Sanford Police.  

     It makes me wonder if Zimmerman told the SFD about his head getting bashed on the sidewalk to the point of being "out of breath and barely conscious" because apparently the trained SFD thought Zimmerman's wounds were so superficial that they only required first aid in the back seat of a police car without so much as a bandage covering an alleged bleeding head wound.

     What are the odds the trained SFD would let George be taken to the police department with an open head wound?

     Meanwhile, as George was getting first aid in the back seat of a police car for superficial injuries,
... an unarmed 17 year old boy lay face-down, dead in a pool of blood with skittles and a can of ice tea.


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