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Call him a thief.  Call him a parasite.  Both words apply equally well to a rich man who pays a lower tax rate than his own former employees - the people who generated his wealth in the first place.  Because he refuses to pay his share of the public expenditure, the American people are forced to pay for Mitt Romney's lavish lifestyle - paying him to be rich, because according to him and his party of arrogant criminals, having money is a public service unto itself.  And if you dare to say anything about it, then you are a "class warrior" - you engage in class warfare if you dare to claim that you are not obligated to pay for Mitt Romney's car elevator with tax money denied to children who lack healthcare - another proud and cherished legacy of the Republican Party.  These people measure their "freedom" in the suffering of others, so it's only natural they measure their success in the stolen wealth of others.


Let me be clear about something that may not be commonly understood: Paying less than one's fair share of taxes does not mean that one is merely contributing to a substandard degree - one way or another, everyone else has to make up the difference, so in essence it's not even a contribution so much as a net loss to the public.  In other words, a theft.  It would be theft even if Romney were only paying less than his financial peers, let alone people whose income is a hundred times lower.  And it would be a theft even if everyone at his level paid a progressive rate that still isn't large enough to meet the externalized costs they impose on the public, because eventually everyone else has to pay for that shortfall in interest rates, austerity measures, and other Marie Antoinette policies designed to make the American people pay rich people to be rich.  But it isn't enough for Romney that we pay for his wealthy existence - he thinks we should pay him even more by reducing what little he already gives back to society, and in exchange we should receive fewer services from our government.  

Basically, he thinks our job as taxpayers is to sacrifice our national interest and basic human needs in order to feed his petty desires, like this entire country is nothing more than his personal ATM.  And so far, that's exactly how he has been able to treat it, thanks to the tax policies of his party.  Thanks to Republicans, the American people have to basically pay their own employers for the privilege of making them rich, and meanwhile absorb all the externalized costs and expenses of doing business that they themselves see an ever-decreasing share of benefits from.  And even that isn't enough for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party: The fact that they pay anything at all in taxes is too much for them - the recognition that they owe anything to the United States of America is too great an imposition on their egos.  They demand to be liberated from all obligation while being granted 100% of the benefits.  

And Mitt Romney, while he's at it, wants to be President of the United States and draw a public pension and paycheck on top of all the taxes he never pays.  He wants to swear to uphold and defend a Constitution he views as a meaningless piece of paper, preside over a nation he considers little more than an opportune venue to bilk people of their money, and then use it to obliterate what little remains of American government that doesn't exist solely to serve people like himself at everyone else's expense.

So I ask Republicans everywhere who pay higher than 13.9% in taxes: You lose your minds at the thought of pennies from your tax check going to other people's disabled children, so do you care that it goes to buying a member of the ultra-wealthy more toys?  Are you proud to have contributed to Mitt Romney's mansions, like a good medieval peasant happy to serve his Master?  Or do you cherish your deranged hatred of everyone with less money than you, and everyone of a different race than you, so greatly that you would rather be a slave and cling to your psychosis than be free and make common cause with people who, in their infinite graciousness, still call you fellow Americans despite your record of incessantly and deliberately harming this nation?

I say this to the GOP: Every single person in your party who has yet come close to winning your presidential nomination in this election season has been an insult to this country in some extreme way: Bigoted lunatics, comically ignorant nutcases, cross-waving taliban freak shows, at least one certifiable sociopath, and now after all the circus antics, the best you can come up with is a man basically living in palaces on the public dole and still manages to complain that America doesn't give him enough.  You rub it in Americans' faces how little regard you hold them and their families in, and how your smallest whim means more to you than their very lives.  Well, please continue doing that - please keep being you.  Don't ever change.  Like we do everything else for you, just leave the change to us and we'll get it done right proper.  

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