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Link is here. Expect LO to lead with this tonight, and be in full snarling attack pit bull mode. I'm going to keep it short and sweet for the following reasons:

1) Duh. This was no surprise to me. Especially since the CBC demanded an investigation last week.

2) Duh. The facts of what happened are really pretty clear cut. I mean, it's just blazing mid-day Sun on Mercury stupid (and Troubador can probably tell you exactly how hot that is, and maybe even how stupid in correlation) that charges have not been filed.

2a) Something is going on in Sanford regarding Zimmerman we don't know about yet, and it's going to be juicy.

3) LO and Charles Blow have done an outstanding job covering this. If they were state prosecutors, you would have never needed the DOJ-this investigation would have been over a long time ago.

3a) I also hear Anderson Cooper has done excellent work as well, but haven't seen any of it yet.

If you have read my posts, you know I have long said that Zimmerman should fear more the DOJ than the State of Florida. Reason is if he is convicted of civil rights violations, he'll not only serve a longer sentence, but he'll serve 85-90% of it.

UPDATE 1a PDT 4/3:

First, thanks to whomever edited my tags, I appreciate that. The tags offered are significantly more comprehensive than what I originally offered.

Second, this is my first time on the rec list, but it's really about the message and not the messenger. But thanks again for reading and caring about getting justice for Trayvon.

LO did lead off with the FBI parallel investigation story, but there's not really a whole lot to report about it right now. He did discuss Zimmerman's father's potential influence on getting him released. My take was that Zimmerman's father probably didn't have to introduce himself as a retired judge, I'm sure the local authorities already knew this very well.

Finally, I'd like to thank sweeper for correcting me on the issue of what percentage of their sentence do Florida inmates serve. It's a different ballgame there than out west. While California, apparently like Florida are now more focused on punishment than rehabilitation, many crimes in CA, the convict serves a small percentage of the sentence. What's really outrageous about this is that the ratio of money spent on incarcerating people as opposed to educating them is now 3:2. No wonder why the State of California is broke, it would rather use its resources to lock up citizens than educate them and give them a fair chance in life. But, this goes on all over the country now.

In closing, the FBI has made a major step today in ensuring there will be justice for Trayvon. I really do believe that both state and Federal charges against George Zimmerman are inevitable. I'm not worrying about that. Again, I am much more interested in what happens when both the Sanford PD and the State Attorney's office (specifically Norm Wolfinger) are investigated by both the Federal and state authorities for their conduct.

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